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  • Naive

    by Charles Royce
    Micah Breuer, an accomplished art director living in present day New York City, comes home to find his husband Lennox lying naked on their living room floor in a pool of blood. Lennox has been brutally stabbed over 30 times but is still alive. Struggling to keep his husband breathing, Micah’s efforts end up killing him, and he is arrested for the murder. Mysterious items are found at the crime scene, some suggesting a connection to the company he works for, while others point to an elusive h... more
  • Chance - A Novel: Psychological Thriller (Sydney Jones Series Book 2) by Carolyn M. Bowen

    They took her lover. Getting him back could be the last thing she ever does… High-powered Atlanta attorney Sydney Jones never backs down from a case. So when her bodyguard and boyfriend is accused of murder, she’s determined to fight for him in court. Instead, the charges are suddenly dismissed, and he vanishes without a trace… Suspecting CIA involvement, Sydney takes on a lawsuit with Chinese Black Society ties and finds a startling connection to her missing man. But as she digs deeper, s... more
  • Where's ... Eli?

    by Alex S. Avitabile
    Al Forte's personal, business and attorney escrow accounts at Charter Bank, consisting of nearly $2M, are mysteriously emptied via online banking by someone using Al's computer. \tThe bank claims that either Al committed a self-perpetuated identity theft to steal the money, or it was stolen by cyber thieves, enabled by Al's gross carelessness. In either case, the bank disclaims any obligation to restore the stolen funds. \tAl and his semi-reformed Mafioso cousin Mick believe that something... more
  • The Rage Within: A Radha Bose Novel

    by Chandrayan Gupta
    Aditya Gokhale and Radha Bose, now co-workers in the latter’s private detective agency, face the most daunting task in their careers so far – to track down the culprit in a 17-year old kidnapping turned murder. With Aditya’s depression causing him to become more unstable by the day, and Radha’s psyche coming perilously close to shattering due to the resurfacing of a past adversary, will the two be able to put their issues aside and rise to the occasion? Will their instability bring them closer t... more
  • Birth of a Duo: A Radha Bose Novel

    by Chandrayan Gupta
    Aditya Gokhale, a cynical, clinically depressed teenager, and Radha Bose, a former soldier who quit to become a private investigator due to PTSD, end up working together. Their first case - to determine whether the death of a television actor's son was a murder or suicide. Will the unlikely partnership flourish, or will it crash and burn? Will Aditya and Radha grow closer through shared pain, or will that very pain ensure their failure?
  • Downhill Fast

    by Dana Summers
    Aging hit man Lou Braga is losing his touch. Bad luck, cloudy eyes, and clogged arteries. In the world of contract killing he's gone from top notch to cheap joke. He'd be happy to retire. But Mia, his only daughter is on Benny 'Graves' Epstein's radar. Benny would off his own mother if there was a buck in it. Sending Mia away is only part of the answer., because Benny has eyes everywhere. And now, a wise-cracking ten-year-old kid named Zero is also in Benny's crosshairs, and Lou has a soft spot ... more
  • Saving Calypso

    by D. Z. Church
    Five years ago, Calypso Swale disappeared with money stolen from her father’s safe--and her patent. A patent no one wants to see work, except the owners of Washburn Exploration, who have staked their future on it. When Calypso’s wrecked car is located, the race is on to find her, destroy her and her patent. And the man in the lead is the very reason she ran. Grieg Washburn
  • The Charleston Assassin

    by R.H. Johnson
    Two high-profile murders shatter the Old South civility of Charleston, S.C. When NYPD homicide detectives Pete Nazareth and Tara Gimble arrive in town to help investigate, they quickly find themselves in an assassin’s crosshairs. An old grudge, lost treasure, and a graveyard mystery figure prominently in this seventh novel in the series.
  • The Jericho Option

    by R.H. Johnson
    When terrorists begin striking targets on U.S. soil, black-ops company Snakeriver is tasked with eradicating the threat. The organization's top gun, former Navy SEAL Travis Delta, ordinarily takes care of business in places like Moscow, Teheran, and Riyadh, but he's fully prepared to work within America's borders if given the green light. Will Director of National Intelligence Merritt Sauer have the courage to unleash a man who believes that a bullet to the head is generally the optimal method o... more
  • Hollow-Point Diplomacy

    by R.H. Johnson
    Russia and Iran have joined forces in an effort to seize control of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and only one man is capable of making sure that doesn't happen. Travis Delta is the top gun at Snakeriver, a shadowy private company that handles assignments the U.S. government is prohibited from managing on its own. Years of battlefield experience have taught him that a skillfully placed hollow-point bullet often accomplishes what normal diplomatic channels cannot, and he has no problem sque... more
  • The Bermuda Terror: a Detective Pete Nazareth novel

    by R.H. Johnson
    Hell invades paradise in this taut thriller featuring NYPD homicide detectives Pete Nazareth and Tara Gimble. They travel to Bermuda to investigate a woman’s disappearance but soon find themselves tracking a serial killer who seems determined to rid the island of tourists. Before they’re finished, the detectives will face an ancient enemy the police academy never warned them about.
  • SMM Quick

    by SMM Quick
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  • The Heiress in Kent: Kopp Chronicles

    by Gregory Kopp
    A royal mystery that has intrigued generations on two continents is finally revealed! Amid the turbulence of a worldwide financial cataclysm threatening the British Government, a handsome Scotland Yard detective uncovers a secret plot to topple Queen Victoria from her throne! Based on a true story, this fast-paced book is set among the glitz and glamour of 19th century London, New York City and the fledgling 1860 presidential campaign of Abraham Lincoln. Enjoy the next exciting volume in the Kop... more
  • Suicide Package: Silent Awakening of a Merciless Killer (The Keys of Hades Book 1)

    by Jack Hummey

    “Key West paradise turned into hell in a stunning thriller”

    “A great thriller with a touch of supernatural.”

    “A tribute to Stephen King's early works.”

    “A book that entertains and shakes readers.”

    Maggie March is a beautiful, kind and honest woman. They should have known better than to kill John, her husband. She craves revenge and God is on her side. She can feel his strength in her soul. But is it God or is it Satan inspiring her? There are no certai... more

  • Recipe for Chaos

    by Zack Matheson
    A celebrity chef is found murdered in his Park City, Utah, restaurant. As Detective Lincoln Coulter investigates, his initial suspects are a clique of chefs known to occasionally disrupt the operations of the competition. Link also discovers that the Russian Mafia is now operating in town and the local boss is obsessed with one of the dead chef's recipes. At the same time, a series of hit-and-run murders begin occurring and the killer is a local celebrity whose murderous rampage is sparked by... more