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  • The Deadly Game

    by Lynn Sheft
    As Lauren and Michael Casey bicycle through Miami’s Coconut Grove, Michael races off while his wife is preoccupied with changing gears. When she gets up to speed, Michael is out of sight. She anticipates he will surprise her by coming up from behind and tapping her on the shoulder. It doesn’t happen. After a fruitless search, she reports him missing. Later that evening, she is mortified when she learns he was murdered. After the tragedy is broadcast, she is contacted by a man who claims to be... more
  • Alejandro's Lie

    by Bob Van Laerhoven
    Terreno, 1983, Latin America. After a dictatorship of ten years, the brutal junta, led by general Pelarón, seems to waver. Alejandro Juron, the guitarist of the famous poet and folk singer Victor Pérez who's been executed by the junta, is released from the infamous prison "The Last Supper." The underground resistance wants Alejandro to participate in its fight again. But Alejandro has changed. Consumed with guilt by the death of his friend Victor, whom he betrayed to his tormentors, Alejandro ... more
  • Chaos Above the Sand

    by Bruce Thomas
    Iran 2010. The Iranian High Council has decided that today is the day that their fighter pilots will attack. With a large group of fighter aircraft poised to cross the border into Iraq, the only thing standing in the Iranians' way is Wild Bill Eddy's four F-15C aircraft. With lighting speed, the battle rages in the sky above Iraq. Iran's desire to control the Middle East sets this fast-paced, multi-layer story in motion. Germany, May 1944. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel has s... more
  • Smoke over Owl Creek

    by Caren Hahn
    Valerie Fisher came to Owl Creek looking for a fresh beginning. What she finds could tear the small town apart. After her husband's tragic death, Val returns to her childhood home with her seven-year old daughter, hoping to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. But the sleepy logging community isn't as safe as it once was. Wildfires rage in the hills and Val is convinced that someone is prowling around her property. She looks for help from Joel, an old high school friend who's distinguish... more
  • Face the Night

    by Alan Lastufka
    Cellar, Ohio's first police sketch artist just drew the wrong face. A face with no name, with no voice, but with one hell of a secret... Adriana Krause has a talent for bringing subjects to life. Until she draws a rotting, mangled face instead of the described suspect. Shocked, she realizes she's drawn the man who haunts her nightmares. No one has seen this face before-except Adriana. With few allies on the force, Adriana is alone in her pursuit of the hellish figure from her dream... more
  • The Serpent's Star - Murial Robertson #1

    by Sarah Ickes

    In the late 1880s, Murial Robertson has the unusual job of being a part of her father’s security detail. While trying to gain public support to make Arizona a state, the Senator receives a peculiar letter threatening his life and signed by “The Serpent.”. Trying to keep her controlling father alive, Murial heads to the town of Conestone where she implores the help of her cousin, Walter, and the town’s sheriff, Jack, before her own life takes an abrupt turn.

    When ... more


    What do we do when the truth hurts too much? Fresh out of the national academy - mother of two - FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas is in over her head on her first assignment in Bestselling author Willow Rose’s breath-taking mystery.
  • The Santorini Setup

    by Becky Bohan
    Britt Evans’ working holiday on picturesque Santorini takes a perilous turn when a Greek photographer plunges from the island’s steep cliffs. The death is called an accident, but the enigmatic Susan Marcello of the American Embassy enlists Britt to discover the truth, but is it a set up that will take her life? Into the mix sails Cassie Burkhardt, a windsurfing computer engineer at the archaeological site. She finds herself falling hard for the enchanting Professor Evans… and is drawn with h... more
  • The Truth Will Set You Free

    by Lana M. Fox

    A search for her birthmother takes a young woman to a small Oregon town where she comes up against a community that will do anything to protect their secrets and past sins, including murder.

  • Dead Men Don't Snore

    by David M Cameron
    Everyone told him he needed a holiday. His life had fallen apart around him. His marriage had failed, and he had been dishonourably discharged from the military. He needed to recharge his batteries and make a new start and a break on the Costa Blanca was the opportunity to re-set his life. Two weeks of relaxing, enjoying the sun, and having a few drinks was just what the doctor ordered. It started so well. How was he to know that this was the prelude to the vacation from hell? He soon becomes en... more
  • We're Not Heroes

    by Helen Daniels
    We're Not Heroes, by Helen Daniels A friendly barbecue turns to panic when what appears to be an earthquake shatters the lives of a group of friends. Deep in the heart of the Great Southern of Western Australia, the mountains are ablaze and with little to no communication with the world outside the farm gates, the need to grasp onto something comfortable and familiar is quickly overshadowed with the need to survive. Fraught with a deep sense of foreboding, Maree struggles with the desperate ne... more
  • Split City: A Jesus Spares Mystery

    by Andy Straka
    MEET YOUR NEXT FAVORITE ALMOST HERO "I see a TV series future. A great read and a sure winner!" - Readers Favorite Murder sees double in the Catskills when former pro bowler Billy Gills finds himself summoned to the Partridgeberry County morgue to identify the body of his identical twin brother Bo. Billy is the proprietor of Split City Lanes, a classic hometown bowling alley, located in the charmingly rundown, lakeside town of Twin Strikes. Partridgeberry and Twin Strikes are peopled by ... more
  • Scattered Legacy

    by Marlene M. Bell
    Antiquities expert Annalisse Drury and tycoon Alec Zavos revel in a love affair peppered with treasure hunting, adventure, and the occasional dead body. It’s autumn when Alec arranges a getaway from them to visit is mother’s Italy birthplace—a no-drama vacation to transfer his car company to a rival. But before they can depart New York, murder makes its familiar reappearance. Accompanied by detective friend Bill Drake, Annalisse and Alec find themselves embroiled in a behind-closed-doors conspi... more
  • Maelstrom: A Victorian-era Tale of Revenge hidden under the Guise of Justice by Debbie Boek

    by Chick Lit Café

    How much injustice must one endure before being able to disregard their own actions, regardless of how heinous they may be? In the last decade of the 19th century, young Olivia Rose is unjustly committed to a lunatic asylum and only her desire for revenge sees her through until she can escape. Traveling through upstate New York, Olivia Rose plots to bring justice to those that harmed her and the ones that she loves, setting the stage, creating her plans and reeling in others to help her put t... more

  • A FInal Call

    by Eliot Parker

    Cleveland Homicide Detective Stacy Tavitt is contacted by a former college classmate who asks for help in finding her missing son, Colton. Still reeling physically and emotionally from her last investigation―which led to the disappearance of her brother--Stacy reluctantly agrees. At first, there is little reason to suspect foul play in his disappearance until he becomes the primary suspect in the murder of an ex-girlfriend. It’s a race against the clock as Stacy tries to find out what h... more

  • Can't Hide What's Inside

    by C.J. Heigelmann

    A Psychological Thriller.

    A guilt-ridden single mother kills in revenge for the accidental death of her child. But she can't stop, and she can't hide what's inside.

    The future is bright for Madison Sanders, a 27-year-old business analyst and single mother. Finally free from her abusive mother’s controlling grip, she relocates across the country and begins a new job.

    Soon after, dark troubles arise as her misogynistic male o... more