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  • Trail of Obsession

    by Valerie Brandy
    Zoe doesn’t trust men easily. So when she heads to the remote backwoods of Yosemite on a horse tour with her new boyfriend— Mike— it’s a major step in their relationship. But when a stalker with a connection to Mike’s past follows them through the wilderness, killing members of their party, the trip suddenly becomes a game of survival. As new information about Mike’s past is revealed, Zoe begins to wonder if she can really trust the man she dared to brave the wild with. Just when Zoe is ready... more
  • Stranger Danger

    by Donna Huston Murray
    Longing for the closeness they had while she was recovering from Hodgkin’s disease, ex-cop Lauren Beck drives cross-country to visit him and his new wife, Ana. Getting mugged on their doorstep is worrisome. Learning that Ana has disappeared—devastating! Several young girls have also gone missing, prompting the haunting memory of an abducted child Lauren was too late to save. For her father’s sake—and her own—the young ex-cop would love to help any way she can. Yet she has scarcely begun befo... more
  • Ybor City Blues

    Cornelia Pettijohn boarded the train, but so did three gangsters. Instead of a quiet trip back to Colorado, Cornelia is kidnapped at gunpoint and pressured into solving the murder of a beautiful young blues singer. No matter how carefully Cornelia explains that she is not a detective, her reputation for solving crimes has convinced the gangsters she can get pal, Chago, out of a jam.
  • Let Me See Them

    by R.A. Valletta
    A horrific double murder at a luxury seaside estate leads San Diego homicide detectives Kate Delgado and Jack Langton on a cat-and-mouse chase to find the killer. Multiple suspects emerge, but solid alibis, dual identities, and inconsistent DNA evidence challenge the detectives throughout their investigation. As dark secrets from the detectives' pasts come to light and they close in on the killer, might their own lives now be in jeopardy?
  • Debunked

    by Beth Perry
    TV Executive Craig Herbert is confronted by a menacing agent that works in the shadows, one that has used the popular "Debunker's Challenge" reality television series to carry out an agenda of evil.
  • Imprinted

    by Elizabeth Charles

    A home invasion at Tessa Schroeder's 18th birthday party ends in the tragic accidental death of her boyfriend, Chris. Her OCD intensifies and she enters therapy for PTSD.

    Dealing with intense grief and issues with her narcissistic mother, Tessa is vulnerable to the advances of her parents' college friend, David. She can't help but be drawn in by his humor and kindness so much like Chris's. They begin a rocky relationship.

    When Tessa eventually uncovers the unimagin... more

  • Two Dead Billionaires

    by Luke Patrick Sheldon
    Det. Hekla Fritzdóttir is investigating the case of her life: the gruesome murder of an American billionaire in Iceland’s most luxurious hotel. But the young detective’s work leads her to places that powerful forces inside and outside her department don’t want her to go—and to a dangerous conspiracy that threatens her life. As the pressure mounts, she realizes that one of the few people she can trust is the prime suspect’s ex-boyfriend, a washed-up, suicidal former FBI whistleblower who do... more
  • Blood and Mascara

    by Colin Krainin
    Washington, DC, 1997: A city stumbling toward recovery after a decade of violence, drugs, AIDS, and exodus. Bronze Goldberg—a soft-boiled private detective in a hard-boiled world—scrapes out a living stalking the steps of cheating spouses while bearing the trauma of the past like an open wound. But his latest assignment, surveilling the indiscretions of a stunning femme fatale, has entangled him in the murder of an up-and-coming congressman and made him the target of an unstoppable assassin. Me... more
  • Lawyers, Dogs, and Money

    by Tracy Carter

    Veronica and her devoted Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Leda, are back on the case in this second book in the Veronica Kildare K-9 Mystery Series, pivoting from breathtaking wilderness rescues of missing persons into investigation mode. 

    Veronica possesses a natural affinity for training dogs—and a passion for locating missing people. As "Lawyers, Dogs, and Money" unfolds, Veronica trains peanut allergy alert and prison contraband sniffing dogs—and joins her search... more


    by Andrew Bridgeman
    Five days before the presidential inauguration, rookie Special Agent Emma Noble is tasked with her first assignment—informing a shy young man from Boston that he is the victim of the most infamous kidnapping of the past century. Ben Danvers is not the child of a quiet Vermont couple. His birth mother is a wealthy politician soon to be sworn in as the U.S. vice president. Stunned by the realization that his life is a lie, Ben runs from the D.C. spotlight, searching for answers about the woman ... more
  • That Was Then

    by M.K. Tod
    When journalist Andrea Larson learns that the man who raped her is running for Governor of Massachusetts, she is driven to expose him. With the help of her identical twin sister, Andrea secures a job on Brad Greiner’s campaign. People who hide in the shadows soon begin to threaten both women. Brad Greiner lives in the rarefied world of wealth and global business elites. Determined that nothing from his past will derail his political ambitions, he unleashes a trusted friend to eliminate any th... more
  • Collective Vengeance

    by Joseph Stanley
    Discover Dark Secrets and High Stakes in This Gripping Thriller that Dares You to Look Away! In the heart of New York, Samantha Mieras, a seasoned private equity specialist, collaborates with Jack Gallagher, a pardoned felon, on a dangerous quest for vengeance. The catalyst? A haunting demand made twenty-seven years ago, shrouded in secrets, deception, and the dark corridors of judicial power. Step into the pulse-pounding world of Collective Vengeance, where Joseph Stanley weaves a tapestr... more
  • Boomerang

    by S. Jennifer Paulson
    Her husband's death shattered her world. But it's what he left behind that just might destroy her. Taryn Metcalf is a 33-year-old journalist whose life is turned upside down when her husband is tragically killed. But just when she thinks things couldn't get any worse, she stumbles upon a shocking letter from her late husband, confessing to a heinous crime he committed over a decade ago. Grief-stricken and determined to uncover the truth, Taryn takes on a new identity and befriends the woma... more
  • All Our Yesterdays

    by Forest Bowman

    Living well is not always the best revenge. Sometimes getting even in grand style is better. Adam Richter, an undersized fourteen-year-old orphan is sent to live on a farm where he is mistreated by two vicious brothers who live there. He escapes, flees to his hometown, and secures an apprenticeship with a furniture mill. There he learns the trade and ultimately becomes the co-owner of the mill and a leading citizen of the town. All the while, the two brothers pester him. When they finally com... more

  • Open Secrets

    by Jack A. Ori

    The university wants to silence them. The cops want to arrest their innocent boyfriend. Can a student podcaster get a murdered classmate justice?

    Five years after an adrenalin-packed escape from a dangerous pedophile, CJ Jennings longs to use their college podcast to make a difference. But a terrified child's plea for help leads the freshman to a grisly discovery, thrusting CJ into a deadly maze of lies, manipulations, and institutional coverups.

    The victim, a... more

  • Double Blast

    by Gretchen Archer
    SMALL TOWN. BIG BOOM. Davis Way Cole returns to her hometown of Pine Apple, Alabama, to fill in for her police chief father during the bustling Memorial Day Celebration. It’ll be fun. Relaxing. And a no-brainer. After years of leading an elite security team at a billion-dollar casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, Davis has no doubt whatsoever she can run little ole Pine Apple in her sleep. She should think again. A blast from her past shows up. (With baggage.) Just before her casino-spy... more