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  • Searching for Dali

    by Robert Lane
  • Lure Of the Praying Mantis

    by David Gaston
    The Praying Mantis is a woman who likes to dominate and control men. Most women would stop at that, but some want to see how far their domination could take them. Could that include murder perhaps? Certain cases that have appeared in the press would suggest that murder is definitely an option for the Praying Mantis.
  • The Fruitcake

    by Leah Orr

    The Fruitcake - A deadly twist on a popular Christmas tradition.

    Four friends, one fruitcake, and a ritzy town full of secrets . . . What could go wrong?

    When Holly Kelly moves from Miami to the lavish Laguna Palms neighborhood, seeking community and friendship—with her husband and rambunctious triplets in tow—she finds it in spades. She is soon drawn into the intimate lives of almost everyone in their beachfront cul-de-sac, especially her three new ride-or-d... more

  • Killer Dead, Victim Alive

    by Michael Geczi
    The serial killer is dead; the expected seventh victim is alive, and the Santa Monica detectives and the FBI agents are shaking their heads. “Who-done-it” meets “why-done-it.” The result: A twisty mystery, spiked with psychological and cultural implications, all playing out in sun-drenched Santa Monica. Police Detectives Mollie Granger and Greg Nichols respond to a call near the world-famous pier. A dead male, shot in the forehead at close range, is posed in the sand. He’s Keith Victor, a ... more

    by Sam Ingraffia
    Mystery writer Charlie McGinley's dream of owning a working ranch in New Mexico turns into a nightmare when he discovers a human skull buried in his front yard. Charlie and BEN FOX--HIS LONG-DEAD Navajo spirit guide--must deal with disappearing bodies, crabby cops and crazed killers, while trying to stay alive long enough to uncover the identity of the mysterious stiff and figure out who planted it in the front yard.
  • Incident at Devil's Finger: A Novel

    by Larry Witham
    On a beautiful June day, the famous performance artist Magnifica is set to jump from a helicopter and parachute down through the Red Rock Pinnacle monuments of Sedona, Arizona. What the large and excited crowd sees instead is the massive explosion and collapse of Devil’s Finger, a thousand-foot Red Rock pinnacle. \tArt sleuth Julian Peale is on the case, looking where the authorities are not—into the mysterious artworld ties to Magnifica. There’s a New York art patron, the Wall Street gambler,... more

    Patrick Grey, a single father and marketing analyst, is the only Black guy on the company directory. When his teenage son, PJ, is abducted, police dismiss it as a gang-and-drug related hit. But Patrick knows better. The only one who believes him is FBI Agent LaWanda Thompson. The crime bears a striking resemblance to one that destroyed her family, one involving human trafficking. Using typical forensic methods, the police have not uncovered any leads. But by using marketing science, Patr... more
  • The Case of the Emigrant Niece

    by David Cairns Of Finavon
    A multiple murderer on the loose, an inheritance stolen Injured at the start of the Indian mutiny in 1858, Scotsman Findo Gask finds himself in Melbourne during the fabled Gold Rush where he stumbles across the mystery of a stolen inheritance.  Captivated by the pretty heiress, together with his new idiosyncratic friend, Erroll Rait he begins to investigate for her, travelling back to London, Edinburgh, the Scottish highlands and then to Melbourne again, uncovering multiple murders before fal... more

    by Jacqueline C.N. McDonald
    HUMMING BRIDGE is the sequel to THE PAPER ROUTE “Odd is unique’s ugly cousin,” protagonist Jackie explains to her mentor, Detective Dennis Dahm. Humming Bridge is the story of the extraordinary role sight and sound play in the lives of protagonist Jackie and her “unique” Uncle Vic. Exploiting the special insights their combined extraordinary sensory abilities provide, Detective Dahm solves crimes from New York City to their hometown, Lowell, MA. Now a high-schooler, Jackie works part-t... more
  • The Scaevola Conspiracy

    by Timo Bozsolik-Torres
    Get ready for a high-octane thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Luke, an intellectually brilliant but socially awkward data scientist, lands a dream job at a prestigious Silicon Valley tech company. Teaming up with the sharp-tongued ex-hacker Ada and Clark, scion of a famous venture capitalist, their journey takes them into the heart of California's tech hub where artificial intelligence is about to change the world. But their lives take an unexpected turn when a string of myst... more
  • The Color of Sky and Stone

    by Sara Davison
    Black ops undercover agent Tane Temauri has spent his life hiding in the shadows. Then a mysterious letter falls into his hands that changes everything. Although the letter was not meant for him, somehow, on a greater, cosmic scale, it feels as though it is. But answering it will make Tane vulnerable. Can he emerge from the shadows to risk everything for a woman he has never met? If he does, more than his heart could be on the line. So could his life. And hers.
  • The Great Gimmelmans

    by Lee Matthew Goldberg
    Middle child Aaron Gimmelman watches as his family goes from a mild-mannered reform Jewish clan to having over a million dollars of stolen money stuffed in their RV's cabinets while being pursued by the FBI and loan sharks. But it wasn't always like that. His father Barry made a killing as a stockbroker, his mother Judith loved her collection of expensive hats, his older sister Steph was obsessed with pop stars, and little sister Jenny loved her stuffed possum, Seymour. After losing all their... more
  • Buried Secrets: A Psychological Suspense Novella (Mirror Estates Series)

    by S.F. Baumgartner
    Dylan Roche is shocked. The twenty-five-year-old management trainee is astonished by the visit of an attorney. After years of blissful ignorance of his heritage, he is leery of the invitation to visit his wealthy maternal grandmother. Wishing his mother was alive to advise him, Dylan sets off to investigate the family’s history, despite his feeling of foreboding. But with the sinister maniac creeping at each turn, he fears his mother’s faith in him was grossly misplaced. Will Dylan find the ... more
  • Living Secrets: A Thriller (Mirror Estates Series Book 1)

    by S.F. Baumgartner
    Lily Tso is bored and unfulfilled. Orphaned at birth, the twenty-two-year-old Hotel Guest Service Officer is overwhelmed to discover her parents are alive. But the young woman fears she’s woefully unprepared for a treacherous operation to save America and to meet her parents. Teaming up with an FBI Special Agent and a young tycoon, Lily sets out on a dangerous mission to prevent a heinous biological attack. But as unknown forces bent on thwarting her attempt, she fears time is running out for... more
  • The Sellout

    by Andrew Diamond

    Years of writing thoughtful, heartfelt literary fiction have brought Joe McElwee nothing but poverty and obscurity. Now his blockbuster formulaic thriller, full of mindless action and tired but proven tropes, has him on the verge of wealth and fame.

    Not everyone is happy though. Joe’s friend Veronica, a staunch supporter of his honest early work, criticizes him for selling out. Frustrated at his refusal to hear her concerns, she puts a curse on him, forcing him to live as a charac... more