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  • Murder, Cottonwood Style, An Adventure Calls Mystery, Book Two

    by Kathy McIntosh
    Arizona’s Red Rock country beckons, and chef and tour guide Madrone Hunter’s ready for a relaxing week in Cottonwood after a tough tour shepherding and cooking for finicky clients. Her plans—explore the scenic small town of Cottonwood, AZ—fall flat as a bad soufflé when the most demanding of those clients threatens a lawsuit against her employers. When she finds the body of that cranky customer, murdered, Madrone becomes obsessed with finding the killer. Particularly since she and her recently p... more
  • Ghosted

    by Helen Currie Foster
    In this 8th mystery novel in the Alice MacDonald Greer Mystery series, Alice flies to the Aberdeen Mortuary in Scotland with her college-aged kids John and Ann to learn if newly-found wreckage from a helicopter that left an oil rig five years ago contains the remains of the kids’ father, and Alice’s husband, Jordie Greer. The three visit Jordie’s mother Gran at her Scottish farm. They discover cryptic language in Jordie’s notebook suggesting his favorite cousin, seabed geologist Jimmie Greer... more
  • Believing Her: The delicate destiny of a man’s life

    by David Colquitt
    Richard Trent is a successful advertising and marketing executive for a manufacturing business in Manchester, New Hampshire. At an after-work party given in his honor, he could not have predicted how that very night his life would begin to unravel. Young Belinda shows up as a hired gun, but the target on Richard’s back is the work of someone else. The levels of control and scheming run deep, led by a dark secret agenda—a fuse that has been years in the making. Igniting this spark will start the ... more
  • D.O.G.: Executive Order

    by Robert Barlow Jr
    As if ripped from the headlines, this pulse-pounding thriller pits two elite snipers against an entire system of corruption. When the President orders a covert mission to eliminate a terrorist leader, sniper team D.O.G. is ordered to complete the mission. But someone has other plans for team D.O.G., and now Gunnery Sergeant Zach Hinson and Sergeant First Class Jason Jones are in a battle for survival. Captivity can't contain the tenacity and skill of these well-trained snipers, and Zach and J... more
  • The Deadly Samaritan

    by Michael Geczi
    One week. Three towns. Three people. Each with surgical scissors protruding from their right arm pits. Remove the weapon, immediate death. Leave it in, opportunity – at least for a while – for some medical care. Someone had deliberate intentions. Drew McLogan, ex-TV producer with more than enough problems of his own, gets pulled into one of the cases. His presence – and questions – shake up a small New Jersey town where one of the attacks took place. Town officials, business executives,... more
  • Against Her Will

    by Cynthia Kumanchik
    All she wants is her life back. Best-selling author Mona Mason discovers her estranged niece has plotted against her. Mona fights to escape an oppressive resort where she's been held captive for weeks, only to be kidnapped by her obsessed fan.
  • Roman

    by Ryan Pote
    Who is Roman? Nobody knows—not even the Central Intelligence Agency—and that’s a big problem… After the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was dissolved four years ago by an untrusting administration, Congress granted a letter of marque and reprisal—the first since 1812—to Maiden Strategies, a company of cyber-privateers. Their mission: hack the hackers and protect America’s vulnerable internet commerce. But like everything in politics, the pendulum swings both ways. An election year ushers i... more
  • Dangerous Visions

    by Liz Hartley
    Stacie Cappella just wants a normal life. Instead, her eerily accurate—though unpredictable—gift of Second Sight, inherited from her eccentric, fortune-telling great aunt, has given her a lifetime of embarrassment, shattered friendships, and broken hearts. She does her best to keep her inconvenient hunches to herself. But even something as simple as selling wind chimes, crystals, and tarot cards at her shop, The Bell, Book and Crystal, has opened her to charges of witchcraft. Then the belliger... more
  • The Camaro Murders (The Driver Series Book 1)

    by Ian Lewis

    An otherworldly figure known as the Driver wanders between the living and the dead, tasked with gathering murdered souls. When he learns a young girl’s killer will act again, he intervenes to save a boy’s life, thereby shirking his duty. This sets the Driver on a path of revenge that culminates in the death of the killer, leaving the girl’s disappearance unsolved. Embroiled in these events is a small-town Sheriff who is haunted by the mysterious appearances of the ... more

  • Coercion

    by Philip L. Gardner
    ISBN # 978-1-7390697-0-4 A promising result from some routine medical research was an exciting outcome for Paul and Matt Berg, until they found themselves in a desperate struggle with an aging matriarch of an industrial empire in France. She wants their research as a centrepiece for the hospital that she is building as a legacy to her late husband. To force the brothers to hand over their research, she has Paul's daughter Nicky, abducted from a tournament in Beijing. When Paul and his frie... more
  • Sea of Red

    by James Bultema
    Sea of Red is an action-packed Military Thriller involving a war between China and the U.S. in their fight over Taiwan.
  • Devious Minds

    by Vineet Verma
    When you hear the word “criminal”, what comes to mind? A cold-blooded killer? A professional burglar? Perhaps someone peddling drugs? People who indulge in illegal activities everyday. But sometimes it’s just regular Joes like you and me. Men and women who do honest work, staying within the limits of the law, until one day they can’t take it anymore and they commit a crime. But what is it that makes them crack? Was there something devious always lurking under the surface, waiting to emerge? Devi... more
  • Into The Black

    by Crystal Allen

    Detective Nance Spinosa feels her hard work and perseverance have paid off when the Long Beach Police Department hires her to head their homicide division. But her first case opens a trove of local dirty secrets and she finds herself navigating a labyrinth of crime and corruption. Nance receives a tip that a series of seemingly unrelated fatalities have a connection. Certain the bizarre accidents are focused around a decades old scandal, Spinosa takes her findings to her superior. He crushes ... more

  • Lovers and Other Killers ISBN 978-1-66786-032-9

    by Penelope Karageorge
    Suspected of a savage murder, New York journalist Cass Cooper searches for a fiendishly clever and twisted killer in an odyssey that takes her from her Greenwich Village apartment to a billionaire's Park Avenue penthouse to the country retreat of an experimental group working with the new LSD. It's a compelling mystery about love, murder and addiction in all its forms notable for flawed and passionate characters engaged in a struggle for survival. While writing an article on "Cures for Catacl... more
  • Digital Assassins: Surviving Cyberterrorism and a Digital Assassination Attempt

    by Danielle Spencer
    This book documents events experienced after becoming a Whistleblower against the most powerful debt collection organization in the world. Using fictional characters and conversations, this story, based on actual events, exposes efforts to cause financial, emotional, and mental harm to me, my family, and my friends. Tactics such as privacy violations, illegal monitoring and surveillance, misuse of government records, and violation of trusted agreements with third-party banking, healthcare, credi... more
  • Naked Came the Detective

    by Glendall C. Jackson III
    In many murder mysteries, the call girl gets killed. This novella turns that tired troupe on its head. A skilled and versatile sex worker learns that one of her clients, a prominent businessman, was brutally murdered just hours after their last date. With her unique access to the upper echelon of Washington D.C. society, she embarks on an investigation that leads to a shocking discovery. Glendall C. Jackson III, an award-winning non-fiction writer, creates a vivid portrait of high-end sex work.