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  • Death on the Danube: A New Year's Murder in Budapest (Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)

    by Jennifer S. Alderson
    Who knew a New Year’s trip to Budapest could be so deadly? The tour must go on – even with a killer in their midst…
  • The Lord Chamberlain's Daughter

    by Ron Fritsch
    Who murdered Hamlet’s father? Hamlet decided the killer was his uncle Claudius. After all, as a result of the assassination, Claudius became Denmark’s king. But did Hamlet get it right? And what about those other high-ranking persons, including Hamlet and Claudius, who ended up dead? Would Ophelia, the lord chamberlain’s daughter Hamlet was in love with, know? (The Lord Chamberlain’s Daughter does not require any familiarity with Shakespeare’s Hamlet.)
  • BRoken EXIT

    by K.N. Palmer

    Terrorists have targeted the Prime Minister in a Post BREXIT Britain and Barnaby Aitken finds himself on the run, rescued from certain death by a father out with his son for the day.

    As the security services mount a rescue, the terrorists are always one step ahead.

    Will the PM see out the night or can MI5 discover who is behind the plot and get to him in time?

    An explosive and enthralling ride through political divides and the desire to stay alive.


  • SCR888

    by SCR 888
  • A Vintage Revenge

    by Lee Mossel

    A desperate plea from a seventh grade girlfriend brings Denver PI, Cortlandt Scott, back to his tiny hometown in Oregon after thirty years of estrangement from his friends, family, and community.

    Under the guise of attending a thirty year high school reunion, he investigates the murder of the richest man in town.  Unfortunately, many of his old friends turn out to be suspects in the murder.

    A newly elected sheriff, Oregon's new economy of wine and marijuana, and a forty year old s... more

  • Wired, A Jade Weekes Art Mystery

    by Judith Gaines
    Art thief for hire, Jade Weekes, gets more than a Van Gogh. She uncovers an international crime syndicate and her father's murderer. WIRED is a fast-paced international crime thriller that will have you rethinking your next museum visit.
  • Ebony Eyes: A Murder Mystery

    by Maureen Stevenson
    Seattle, Washington. Bodies are being left in the streets, posed and mutilated. Hailey Velck, PI is brought in to help catch the killer. Can they solve the case before more bodies turn up?
  • Invasion

    by Miranda Watson

    A world has been deceived, and a war has begun…

    America has been invaded and stands isolated, alone, and without allies…

    Lines have been drawn; sides have been chosen—brother against sister, father against daughter, parents against their children.

    Battles rage from the Midwest to the Great Plains as militia factions form and political frustrations turn to violence.

    The UN peacekeepers are hailed as liberators in the... more

  • Peacekeepers

    by Miranda Watson

    It isn’t the only time…

    …a US presidential election has been disputed.

    But this time, it might lead to war.

    For the first time in history, UN peacekeeping troops are amassing at the northern border. Marshall Tate has set up his new headquarters in Canada. The world watches. Tensions run high across the country.

    Will a second civil war tear the country apart?

    In the shadows and... more

  • Rigged

    by Miranda Watson

    Who has real power?

    The people in the shadows…

    …behind the presidents of the world.

    Cloaked in secrecy and loyal to their leaders, the masters of manipulation play at an entirely different level. They pull the strings and sow the seeds of division. What is their plan?

    An election approaches.

    The new US president will change the direction of the country. The world watches as the cont... more

  • Battlefield China

    by Miranda Watson

    There is only one question…

    …will China use its nukes?

    In this chess match of war, the endgame has arrived.

    Honor is important. The leader of China wants to save face, but at what cost? Despite the best diplomatic efforts, the two sides are miles apart. How serious are they at ending the conflict? Who will blink first?

    India with its nuclear power has taken a stand, and it’s with China.

    ... more

  • Battlefield Russia

    by Miranda Watson

    Is war on another front…

    …going to lead to defeat?

    Losses in the Pacific have cost the Allies.

    The stakes raise as battlefield tactics and back room diplomacy muddy the waters. Was it a mistake to engage in Russia? Will it cost the President at home? The country is divided. The casualties mount. Has the tide of war shifted from the Allies?

    As the U.S. manufacturing machine struggles to keep up with the demands, the countr... more

  • Battlefield Pacific

    by Miranda Watson

    Is it too late to stop the dominoes from falling?

    Not since the US pulled out of Vietnam has the communist threat been so real.

    Taiwan is at risk.

    If America loses its ally in the Pacific Rim, the Chinese will be one step closer to dominating all of Asia. Japan, Thailand, the Philippines—no one will be safe from their hostile takeover.

    The President must act. Force is needed, but the deployment won’t be popular. Politics ar... more

  • Elevators

    by Rose kathy
    Exactly when most by far think about lifts, they consider voyager lift types that transport explorers from floor to floor. These lifts can have additional features, also, including intensifiers to play music or announcements, sound or visual advancing, or TV appears. Express lifts are a notable assortment in raised structures: They run beginning from the most punctual stage to a sky corridor, staying away from the floors in the center.
  • Wild Cards: A novel by Stuart Stromin

    by Stuart Stromin
    Two street hustlers seek payback from a vicious mobster on one explosive night in Las Vegas.
  • It's Personal

    by Philip Bond
    Tenacious and methodical in pursuing a story, Harry’s a dismal failure in choosing the ‘right’ man until trailing the scent of corruption leads her to a life-threatening yet fortuitous encounter.