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  • Slave Song

    by Jay Koh
    Slave Song is a powerful new thriller, a fantastic tale of unlikely heroes overcoming impossible odds: A boy survives his modern-day slavery and grows up to be a fearless vigilante against it. His crusade against the corporate giants becomes deadly when billions of dollars are at stake, and a powerful drug cartel targets him for revenge. Slave Song is a breathtaking debut novel from Korean American filmmaker Jay Koh.
  • Still Waters

    by Jenna Caldwell
    When George, a high school teacher, wakes up one morning, he's surprised to find his doting wife, Henrietta, cooking breakfast for him and their three young children, Junior, Cynthia and Addie. Not because this is out of the ordinary—as far as George can tell, this is routine—but because he doesn't recognize them. Any of them. Or himself, he soon realizes. Hundreds of miles from the only home he's ever known, George tries to adapt to his new, idyllic life and navigate the unique challenges that ... more
  • Reunion: Dwayne Morrow Mystery #1 (Dwayne Morrow Mysteries)

    by Darin Miller
    Reunions are for reconnecting with old friends…and sometimes burying a few. For Dwayne Morrow, this is where it all begins. An invitation to his high school reunion prompts Dwayne Morrow to return to his small-town roots to reconnect with friends he hasn’t seen in fifteen years. Before the festivities can even begin, his best friend is found murdered in his car, and the local police show little interest in pursuing the case. A mother’s plea pulls Dwayne into a tangled web of dangerous secrets... more
  • Man on the Run

    by Charles Salzberg
    Francis Hoyt, a daunting career criminal, is on the loose. Having masterfully escaped from his court appearance, Hoyt, now a fugitive, relocates to the West Coast to lick his wounds. Meanwhile, former newspaper journalist Dakota Richards embarks on her passion project: a true crime podcast. A year into her new career, she takes a deep dive into the life of the elusive Francis Hoyt. Hoyt, arrogant and desperate to get back in the limelight, taunts Dakota, dangling the possibility of cooperating w... more
  • The Cut Off

    by Mark James Montgomery
    Cole: “Why does this town keep all the lights out at night?” Althea: “So it looks like no one’s at home.” Cole Cantwell is emotionally destitute. He was late for his father’s funeral, his girlfriend is leaving him, a blizzard is due, and he’s trying to get over the Sierras and recover what’s left of his life. Instead, he takes a cut off and crashes his car in a white-out. The hamlet of Cope is in walking distance, where he hopes to find shelter. But he has stumbled into forbidden territory.... more
  • Elena in Exile

    by Gavin Boyter
    Elena Balan should be laying low. After all, she's on the run from a horrifying mistake. A Romanian single mum, Elena arrives in London to discover that her lover, Frances, has vanished. To find her, Elena's 14-year-old daughter Ana enlists disgraced former police detective Robin Yarmouth. Although Frances' whereabouts remain a mystery, things begin looking up. Elena and Ana find an apartment, a job and a new school. Then Elena's sex worker neighbor and friend is found dead. The police are ce... more
  • Fatal Flaw

    by Warren C. Easley
    WHEN GREED RUNS RAMPANT, MURDER CAN’T BE FAR BEHIND It’s winter in the Oregon wine country, and small-town lawyer Cal Claxton deserves a respite after his last grueling case. But just as the world learns about a threatening new virus variant, a woman named Willow Daniels shows up at his office, asking Cal to represent her in the settlement of her uncle’s estate. The uncle’s death was ruled a suicide, but Willow isn’t buying it. Getting involved is against Cal’s better judgment, but how can he r... more
  • Misconduct

    by Christopher Renna
    Sixteen-year-old Jasper is finally focusing on schoolwork and his prospects of going to college. He's also looking forward to the freedom and seniority of his last two years of high school. But homework, soccer, and his strict father keep him from truly enjoying his status as a popular upperclassman. Befriended by the new algebra teacher, Jasper believes an adult finally understands him and his goals. Soon, their friendship develops into an affair. After their relationship is discovered, Jasp... more
  • The Expat Wife: A Novel

    by Courtney Hargrove
    Welcome to Switzerland in winter: Snow upon snow, everywhere to disappear, nowhere to hide... When newlyweds Rose and Wesley Blackwood move from New York City to Lucerne, Switzerland for his new job, they quickly take to expatriate life. What's not to love about this safe, cozy country known for chocolate, cheese, and scenery to die for? But when Rose's new friend Jacqueline disappears, Rose begins to see an ugly side to this beautiful country-and to her new husband. Muddled by jetlag a... more
  • Black Magic 1

    by ChiQui Thoughts
    Four teens discover that magic exists in the darkest of places including a town in the big city of New York. They also discover that sometimes you have to look at things with your third eye to see the bigger picture.
  • Regardless of the Consequences

    by Larry Lauritzen
    Sheriff Lance Tallbear’s half-blood Apache heritage leaves him struggling to find his place in a world where neither white nor Indian wants or readily accepts him. He faces the world his shaman father turned away from and acknowledges the one his shaman grandfather prays he’ll return to. Tallbear’s new case uncovers a mysterious plane wreck discovered in the Superstition Mountains that turns out to stir both his life decisions and ultimate direction. Along with his troubled FBI partner, Brad Ha... more
  • 90 Days

    by W. Michael Hewitt
    Dr. Essie Openwaters has just ninety days until nuclear annihilation. She must find the stolen plutonium and prevent the mad men from using it. But who is sending the assassins this time? Is it Rettig again? And why did friendly colleagues turn hostile? Someone among the FBI, Secret Service, and National Security Administration agents she is working with is spying on her. Billionaire psychopath Tyrone Rettig must exterminate the lovely, young Essie Openwaters. Her relentless search for the p... more
  • Far Out

    by Khaled Talib
    Screenwriter Blake Deco' s life is upended when his Hollywood movie-star wife, Goldie Saint Helen, comes out of a coma after a car accident with a makeshift identity. Her lawyers see her condition as an opportunity to swindle her.
  • Call of the Nightingale (A James Cartwright PI Mystery - Book 2)

    by Oliver Dean Spencer
    In his latest case, James Cartwright, a Detroit ex-cop, turned private eye, sets out to prove the innocence of a seventeen-year-old girl named, Alice. She’s suspected of murdering her grandfather, Professor Carmichael. However, the murder turns out to be anything but straightforward. Carmichael, a leading genetic scientist, has a dark and sinister past, dating back to the American Eugenics programs from the 1930s.
  • The Rebirth

    by V.P. Evans

    It’s been ten years since Jason and Mark last saw each other when a murder brings them together one night. Trapped in Chicago now, they must follow a secret path in the city by analyzing the works of some of the greatest minds in history to reveal the darkest scandal of all time. But each minute, their chasers are closing in, and haunting memories are coming to the surface, reminding them of the shadiest aspects of the human soul. And . . . soon, their last hope to alter the fate of the... more

  • Zone Trip

    by Kitty Turner

    Outlaw artists wage war on Big Tech to reclaim San Francisco for themselves. Fight Club meets Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow in this debut technothriller.

    It's 2032, and anarchist impresario Leo wages war on Bay Area Big Tech with his guerrilla art organization, the Chaos Order. After being arrested for sabotaging the virtual reality company HERE's property, Leo's closest followers, Evan and Lydia, take two different paths. Evan joins HERE to avoid leg... more