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  • Ithaca's Soldier

    by Kelly Utt

    Rocket scientist. Ex-military hero. Fiercely devoted family man.

    When George Hartmann's past life as an Ancient Greek soldier catches up to his new life in Upstate New York, a violent break-in endangers his sons and brings the terrifying realization that centuries-old demons may be back to haunt them.

    Will George be able to protect the ones he loves and find lasting peace?

    Ithaca's Soldier is the first book in the twisty psychological thril... more

  • Power Void

    by Edward Vickery
    Professor Will Childress is immersed in a complicated, high-stakes quest. A large grant enables him to begin a research project to pursue new photovoltaics techniques that will bring low-cost electricity to the 1.2 billion people who now have no access to it in developing countries. He teams up with professors and students at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru and a solar panel manufacturer in India to invent a radical transformation of existing solar technology. Complexities of unive... more
  • Wide Window

    by Lauren dysim
    Nina and Max live their mother. When Nina goes to restroom something is wrong. A window is open. Mom says there was never a bathroom window. One day she walks to the same room and finds her mom lying on the floor. Is she dead? And How?
  • Search for the Golden Diamond of Kolimar

    by Steve Dimeo
    Nick Christmas and his young Girl Friday Randi Degrotti try to track down the famous Golden Diamond of Kolimar missing under mysterious circumstances from the estate of Wade and Adeline Huntington only to discover two other interests vying for its retrieval, an archeology couple with two avid graduate assistants versus two physicists and mysterious cohorts from an energy research company called GEOS. Finding the diamond in the least likely place, the detective and his lady sidekick witness a cl... more

    by Samuel Jimenez
    Troubled by his past, a small city detective must solve a murder on the anniversary of his wife’s death. Things begin to unravel when a girl who has been following him shows up dead and a mysterious caller threaten his understanding. He will have to rely on the little friends he has left to stop a killer's plans.
  • Beneath the Ice and Other Stories

    by Gary Earl Ross
    Overview Beneath the Ice and Other Stories by Gary Earl Ross Short stories of mystery and suspense, eroticism and wonder from the Edgar Award-winning author of Matter of Intent, Blackbird Rising, and the Gideon Rimes mysteries.
  • The Dagger

    by Pam Anders
    Twenty-four year old school teacher Kat Delaney enjoys a comfortable and nondescript life until events begin to crash down around her, beginning with the murder of her acutely secretive and over protective father. His death triggers an investigation, which raises questions as to who he really was, and who she is. Kat is determined to find the answer to her true identity, but the answer finds her before she has a chance. Kat is thrown into the violent and chilling world from which her father had... more
  • Murder on the Lake of Fire

    by Mikel J. Wilson
    At twenty-three and with a notorious case under his belt, Emory Rome has already garnered fame as a talented special agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. His career is leapfrogging over his colleagues, but the jumping stops when he’s assigned a case he fought to avoid – an eerie murder in the Smoky Mountain hometown he had abandoned. The mysterious death of a teen ice-skater once destined for the pros is soon followed by an apparent case of spontaneous human combustion. In a small to... more
  • A Study in Crimson

    by Chris Orcutt

    In this thrilling prequel to the series, readers will encounter "a younger, devil-may-care Dakota at his charming, witty and resourceful best."

    DAKOTA BEGINS... Dakota Stevens has just thrown off the shackles of the FBI and launched his own private detective agency. But it's not going well. His so-called cases are limited to tawdry divorce work, and his personal life is a shambles. In short, Dakota Stevens is a hot mess.

    <... more
  • Death Opens a Window

    by Mikel J. Wilson
    Emory Rome is back in DEATH OPENS A WINDOW, Book 2 of the Mourning Dove Mysteries and the follow-up to the national bestseller MURDER ON THE LAKE OF FIRE. As he struggles with the consequences of his last case, Emory must unravel the inexplicable death of a federal employee in a Knoxville high-rise. But while the reticent investigator is mired in a deep pool of suspects - from an old mountain witch to the powerful Tennessee Valley Authority - he misses a greater danger creeping from the shado... more
  • Col'm

    by D. Krauss
    Twenty years after Tu’an, Collier Rashkil runs an intelligence network out of an underground church in the northern Shenandoah Valley. A hundred miles or so south, Henry Price runs a smuggling ring. Neither is aware the other survived the horrific last stand of the Ghosts. Life is hard: Collier is proscribed; Henry is one step ahead of arrest and execution, yet both have a measure of contentment. But then an old enemy confronts Collier as a new enemy attacks Henry, and a war already lost threate... more
  • Tu'an

    by D. Krauss
    Five years after the events of Partholon, a juggernaut Red Army bears down on what's left of the poorly led, underequipped, and betrayed US 1st Combined Arms Division, nicknamed the Ghosts. Victory is assured; America will fall. But Sergeant Collier Rashkil and his lover, the beautiful and ruthless Major Rosa Arce, are Ghosts. And Ghosts don't die. Trapped in the swamplands of south Jersey, the Ghosts maintain a thin line of defense, their survival dependent on the intelligence Rosa and Colli... more
  • Partholon

    by D. Krauss
    The Twin Towers are still smoldering when those odd little anthrax letters show up, killing a few people here and there. Some nutcase, everyone thinks, but they're not - they're a setup, a precursor to a massive biological attack that leaves the Northeast a quarantined wasteland. Campus policeman John Rashkil, trapped inside the Zone, chooses to keep doing his job, adding judge and executioner to his resume. He builds a jury-rigged life from what he can salvage and tries to help his teenage s... more
  • On the Count of Three

    by Carolyn Arnold

    Drinking and driving may be deadly in more ways than one…

    “Taut, tense, crackling with psychological suspense and bursting with authentic detail, On the Count of Three is a tremendous thriller. Fans of Criminal Minds will love it and be left hungry for more.” –Andrew Grant, author of False Witness

    FBI Special Agent Brandon Fisher and his team join forces with Miami PD Detective K... more

  • Never Again

    by Harvey A. Schwartz

    After an atomic bomb devastates Tel Aviv, two ships filled with Israeli refugees arrive at Boston Harbor. But the U.S. bars their entrance, partly due to the more recent bombing in Damascus, which most presume was Israel’s retaliation to Tel Aviv. Tensions escalate when rocket-propelled grenades—from both ships—hit Coast Guard vessels and result in casualties. When refugees subsequently flee, U.S. President Lawrence Quaid ultimately declares them enemy combatants to be caugh... more

  • I Never Thought It Could Have Happened Book One: The Sisterhood

    by Kim Polland
    Maddison is born into a family of wealth, but with that wealth comes lies, deception, and rape. Will Maddison and Tracy escape to the life they are dreaming to have; or will they be subjected to pain. Will the lies of Tracy tear the family apart? Will a family that prays together stay together? Will a women of David's job interfere with his marriage? Will there be a happy ending for the Wright family?