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  • Depths and Venom

    by C.R. Defuoco
    The story is set in New York City and within the mind of Perry Roniami. The prologue begins the story at the end. Perry has found a new appreciation for life but doesn't know how to proceed as his mind tries to make sense of everything that had just happened to him. Unfortunately for Perry, he can't escape his past. His life ends in an alley behind a pub, laying in a pool of irony. As his life slips away, he finally realizes what's been plaguing his mind for the last few years. This novel int... more
  • Book of Yeshua

    by Francis Chapman
    Book of Yeshua is the dual time-line conspiracy thriller that will make you question everything. ‘Did you ever ponder the sheer absurdity of the story told in the New Testament? That humanity’s redemption lay in the execution of God’s only son?’ Elliot Ambrose is one of the few souls on Earth who knows the truth about Yeshua of Nazareth. His determination to expose this truth throws him into conflict with an ancient and powerful foe, who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets. Ellio... more
  • Lone Star Lance

    by David Studebaker
    Danger lurks behind every spotlight in comedian David Studebaker’s laugh-out-loud debut novel. Worlds collide when Lance Ford, San Francisco’s favorite playwright and yoga instructor, finds out Emmy, his cop wife, is pregnant, quitting the force and moving them in with her conservative Catholic parents in Dallas, Texas. Upon arrival in this foreign land, Lance must contend with a slew of dangerous characters, including Emmy’s brutish older brother, a gun-toting airline magnate, a psychopathic... more
  • Feast of the Werewolf

    by Tommy Ray
    The myth of the werewolf is as vintage as man himself. Discover the journey of Judith and Tommy as they desire to harness the power of the beast. They must use every bit of courage to accomplish their goal. See how one-night changes everything.
  • Online Cupid

    by Fergus Anthony

    She's the woman of his dreams. He's the man of her worst nightmares.

    When Rose Healy kissed her daughter goodbye, and left for work, she thought it was a day like any other. But Rose never arrived at her office.

    She came to, shackled to a chair, in a room without windows, at the mercy of a man who insists they met on a dating website. He was looking for love and thought he had found it in her. He had only to buy an upgrade, a paid subscription to the site, in order to conn... more

  • The Company of Thieves

    by Fergus Anthony

    A dark tale of power, corruption, and how far some people will go to preserve their empire.

    Master thief, Jack Higgins, has just pulled off the crime of his life - he has stolen the Whitely Diamond and left irrefutable proof of the theft. That’s what he was hired to do, and that’s how he should have left it. But instead of handing it over, Jack gives the diamond to charity, and a few days later the government catch up with him. Jack is offered a deal: help catch a major inte... more

  • The Injection

    by DL Jones
    The only thing to save two old friends from death may also be what kills them. Mr. Peters is a successful business owner. Other than dealing with a recent rash of break-ins, he lives a very satisfying life. That was until a childhood friend and brilliant scientist paid him a visit. While the two friends had a troubled past, not speaking for ten years, the reunion was a happy one. That happiness quickly took a wrong turn as their lives are threatened. Now held captive, the use of an expe... more
  • Elegy to Murder

    by Priscilla Royal
    May 1283. The roads near Tyndal Priory are filled with joyful pilgrims, but not all is happy in the village and priory. Signy, the innkeeper, is quarreling with her suddenly rebellious foster son. Gytha, Crowner Ralf’s wife, is in failing health, but her hisband is hunting smugglers on the remote East Anglian coast. Brother Thomas remains aloof and depressed after the events in the last book. But Prioress Eleanor cannot offer sympathy or guidance because a pilgrim is murdered near her priory wal... more
  • The New Zealand Cartel

    by Leilani Graceffa

    Being a detective is usually a safe job. Not anymore, for her.

    Detective Blake Auley and her colleague, Matthew Torres, attend a ballroom party downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, in hopes of catching a reported drug lord.

    After Blake gets distracted during the investigation, their hopes of catching someone are eventually let down, leaving the party with empty handcuffs. Blake goes to take a quick restroom break, discovering her phone is missing.

    She immediately ... more

  • Zrada: A Carson Action Thriller

    by Lance Charnes
    A brutal betrayal leaves ex-cop Carson far inside war-torn eastern Ukraine with a suitcase full of cash and a huge target on her back. Now she has to survive the only way out.
  • The North Wind Descends

    by N.L. Holmes
    Hani doesn’t know what to make of it when the king starts honoring him, but he must still find the man who killed a foreign ambassador right under the roof of the Egyptian commissioner in Kumidi—a man whose past intersects bizarrely with Hani’s. And then, the queen of the new coregent has a special task for him which may involve dragging Hani’s nineteen-year-old daughter into court politics. He must find a way to see justice done and yet protect his family… and his conscience.
  • The Boy in the Gutter

    by John Triptych
    1947: While Los Angeles is mesmerized by the sensational Black Dahlia murder, an Asian boy’s mutilated body is found in a back alley of Chinatown. With the thoroughly corrupt LAPD unwilling to devote their already strained resources to cracking the case, it seems this grisly crime is destined to remain unsolved. Tommy “Dapper” Luoo, a Chinese American college student, has dreams of becoming a private detective. Incensed and frustrated by the police’s lack of concern, he decides to help his co... more
  • I Killed A Man In Madrid

    by Peter Viele
    In the quiet desert night, a murderer confesses to a Spanish police officer in a remote station just outside of Madrid, Spain. The cold, methodical confession unnerves the unprepared officer. The young American man has no business in this part of Spain but why has he come here to confess and who did he murder? The jarring violence gives way to a far more sinister misdeed as the plot, told in a nonlinear style, unfolds and the true nature of the crime, involving big pharmaceutical executives, a n... more
  • Psychopath's Diary Vol.I

    by Kirill Khrestinin
    It was a cold, rainy night when I came home and found a package on my front porch. The sender’s name and address were missing from the label. I opened the package and discovered inside of it a manuscript titled “Psychopath’s Diary Vol. I” I was instantly pulled into the mind of a serial killer and introduced to a reality that far surpassed any definition of normal in today’s society. “Psychopath’s Diary Vol. I” is the essence of taboo. It can only be described as a poetry of violence. A symphony... more
  • APEX

    by Tyler Michael

    A camping trip gone wrong as a mysterious stranger and an ominous competition leave three friends in a race for survival.

    Chris, Kevin and Kate wake up in a rugged wilderness far from their planned campsite. Their gear nowhere to be found, the three friends are left to make do with nothing but a pack of matches, water canteen, and strange devices displaying a fast approaching countdown fastened around their wrists.

    In their search for answers and a way home, the friends quickly di... more

  • Eminent Domain

    by Ronald R Johnson
    Carson Street is a close-knit neighborhood where everyone looks out for everyone else... until a TV production crew arrives, announcing that they must compete against each other on a new reality show called Eminent Domain. Only one house will be left standing when the show is over; all the others will be destroyed. But they don't just have each other to worry about; they must also compete against Victor's Summit, the gated community towering over them on a nearby hilltop. Mysteries abound at Vic... more