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Food & Cooking

  • AMARU COOKS - A Touch Of Suriname Through Food & Anecdotes

    by AMARU .
    'AMARU COOKS - A Touch Of Suriname Through Food & Anecdotes' is an introduction to the Surinamese cuisine by recording artist and actor AMARU. From savory to sweet and much else in between, this cookbook will give you a head start in preparing your first or next Surinamese meal!
  • Journey in a Journal: A Personalized Cookbook for Your Cooking Journey

    by Lissa Turner
    This Journal is meant to act as your guide as you navigate easy and harder recipes along your cooking journey. The purpose is for you to try a recipe, make notes, and then make it better next time. Try your own twist and turns. A recipe does not need to be the same every single time. The wish is for you to go on a Journey that turns into many different paths for taste, presentation, and sharing. Add ingredients, substitute favorite flavors, or take out the ones you don't care for. Please experim... more
  • Through the Garden Window - Season of Harvest

    by Paula Morhardt
    SEASON OF HARVEST The first in a planned series, Through the Garden Window: Harvest Season gives you a glimpse of growing your own food and what to do with it when you do. Written by Paula Baysinger Morhardt and illustrated by Peggy McDowell, this book contains twelve essays on gardening, harvesting, and cooking for a year, from planning in the winter to putting the garden back to bed in the fall. Through the Garden Window: Harvest Season is complete with authentic recipes from the author’s gra... more
  • Christmas day

    by Sawi james
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  • My Favorite Recipes

    by Christy Henry Di Leo
    There is nothing I enjoy more than cooking for people I love. It is a very special and giving part of me. Over the years, I have come to appreciate home cooking as a part of your love extended. It nourishes, relaxes, delights, entertains, and is enjoyed by everyone!! Every loving woman in my life has had a passion for cooking and I have admired and learned from them all!! I hope you will enjoy the collection of “My Favorite Recipes” I have put together from my Mom (Nana) my family, my friends... more
  • Plants Islamabad

    by Nasir Abbas

    As a leading online nursery for indoor Plants in Islamabad, we offer verity of Indoor Plants for sale in Islamabad that are second to none. We have a huge stock of indoor plants for serving passionate Indoor Plants Lovers at a discounted price. Right now, We have top-selling Indoor Plants in stock such as Succulents and cactus, air purifiers, ferns creepers, low maintenance plants, bonsai, drought-tolerant, Flowering plants, Foliage plants, and palm-plants  https://www.plantsislamab... more

  • Take Sexual Pleasure Away From Home With Mumbai Escorts Ritu Sharma

    by Ritu Sharma
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  • Beyond the Food Court: an Anthology of Literary Cuisines

    by Luciana Erregue-Sacchi
    14 authors of diverse cultural backgrounds delve through creative non-fiction essays into their heritage cuisines. A feast for the senses and for food and culture lovers.
  • Vegetables for Breakfast from A to Z Change your breakfast, Change your life

    by Nancy Wolfson-Moche
    Vegetables for Breakfast from A to Z invites the reader to re-imagine breakfast, letter by letter, season by season. Just as breakfast kick-starts the day, this book kick-starts the way you cook and eat vegetables. In addition to quick, easy, delicious recipes for both vegetables and accompanying grain dishes, it offers insights about the most important meal of the day, facts and tips about the vegetables' nutrients, their effects on the body, including little known vegetable lore, and even a li... more

    by just cubbie
    What are the best activities in Barcelona?
  • telephony solutions in dubai

    by John Mathew
    Effective communication is a essential factor of the business.The clients and employees can communicate each other for decision making via telephone systems.Telephone system ensure seamless communication between the organisation and customers.An effective telephone communication help you to reach your clients without any interference or disturbance.Voice collaboration is the best feature of telephone systems.An effective telephony system helps to simplify business to customer communication. Mod... more
  • Cooking with Adrienne: A Story of Friendship and Food

    by Joan Harper
    This is the story of two unlikely friends who bonded over a love of good food. Adrienne spent a charmed life eating in some of the best restaurants, and most delightful dives, all over the world. She flirted her way into three star kitchens and became friends with many of the chefs creating the 'new' cuisine in the Sixties and Seventies. She believed all food was good food if prepared properly. Her sidekick, Joan, was a small town girl with limited exposure to haute cuisine. But dessert was he... more
  • A Steamy Affair... with a Pressure Cooker

    by Virginia Baltay

    A steamy affair is about to happen in your kitchen. This mischievous, saucy approach to pressure cooking will persuade you to pick up an Instant Pot or a stovetop Presto for quick, healthy and sustainable solutions to everyday meals. The amusement continues with a blend of history, instruction, coaching and recipes, all knit together with a sensual thread that’s guaranteed to stimulate a love of cooking under pressure.

  • how to but fresh chicken products

    by prathiba davis

    We as a whole prefer to eat chicken items. Chicken is extraordinary compared to other sound and scrumptious meat items. Be that as it may, there are sure things to recollect while purchasing and cooking chicken items. It is consistently fitting to purchase new and clean chicken. We as a whole have a propensity for purchasing in mass quality and store I in ice chest. However, is certifiably not a solid propensity for what it's worth. It is consistently prudent to purchase ranch new chicken... more

  • High Cookery - Your Guide for Cannabis Cooking and the Munchies

    by Gilad Meiri
    High Cookery offers the most comprehensive guide for your culinary weed experience. It takes cannabis cooking and recipes to enjoy while high to new gourmet levels. Learn to infuse dishes with the psychoactive benefits of marijuana. Avoid regret with health-focused munchies, or delight yourself with indulgent dishes. Enrich your munchies with unique sensory experiences while savoring unorthodox tastes. Cook while on the high with super easy and creative recipes. High Cookery has it all, from the... more