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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Comics for Choice

    by Hazel Newlevant
    Comics for Choice is anthology of comics about abortion. As this fundamental reproductive right continues to be stigmatized and jeopardized, over sixty artists and writers have created comics that boldly share their own experiences, and educate readers on the history of abortion, current political struggles, activism, and more. Lawyers, activists, medical professionals, historians, and abortion fund volunteers have teamed up with cartoonists and illustrators to share their knowledge in accessibl... more
  • Down the F'n Tubes: an ode to fertility futility

    by Tom Hanada
    Down the F'n Tubes is an infertility story told in the style of Dr. Seuss -- but with sex and swearing! In the story, a young couple is whisked to a magical world where they must help an Egg and a Sperm swim across a wide sea and meet at an island in the middle. But month after month, the critters drown in the ocean's toxic, bloody waves. During the endeavor, our couple experiences shame, heartbreak, occasional joy, and double-entendres galore! 15% of people struggle with infertility. This... more
  • What Else Could Go Wrong? (What Could Go Wrong?) (Volume 2)

    by Dixie J Whitted
    If you love the twisted situations of Gary Larson's The Far Side or Chad Carpenter's Tundra, don't miss this cute collection of quirky cartoons. Good, clean fun - if you enjoy the Sunday comics, this is for you.
  • Bridgeland: Volume Two

    by Marc R. D. Gibson
    Twelve years earlier brothers Terrence and Winfield desperate attempt to do a good thing ended in tragedy. Even after Terrence struggled to build a life and Winfield paid penance for their actions that night, fate has been catching up to them. When wealthy construction magnate Alasdair makes a shocking discovery about the events that took the life of his beloved son, both brothers find themselves tangled in a machiavellian web of revenge and betrayal. The Bridgeland saga ends here!
  • Bridgeland: Volume One

    by Marc R. D. Gibson
    Bridgeland is a contemporary suspense graphic novel set in Barbados. Two underpriviledged teenaged brothes make a desperate attempt to rob a wealthy home that ends in tragedy. Twelve years later, as one brother lives a successful life built on a lie and the other brother languishes in prison, the grief-stricken wealthy home-owner weaves a machiavellian web of revenge and betrayal to destroy the one he holds responsible.
  • Dahler and Nicholls - They're Back! (Volume 2)

    by Dixie J. Whitted
    Good news!! By popular demand (theirs) that fearless crime-busting duo, Inspector Dahler and Detective Nicholls, are back in action, eager to continue their mission: "Making the streets safe for decent citizens." This sequel to DAHLER & NICHOLLS FIGHT CRIME! (CRIME WINS) showcases our heroes' many unexpected triumphs plus the occasional disastrous miscalculation. Last, but far from least, they are ably assisted by their faithful canine compatriot, Horatio.* *Often referred to by Captain ... more

    by Shane White
    The story follows Maven and her robot guardian Braun. They are wreckers at Mobile Strike Services the number one robot reclamation company. Decca city is rife with junkiebots and outmoded machines where they keep the streets safe. In a competitive bid to win an upcoming election, Axiom Global, the incumbent Politicorp, buys out Mobile Strike. But Braun is flagged and seized by Axiom. His serial codes are those of a missing project, 20 years old. To free Braun, Maven and her fellow wrecke... more
  • What Could Go Wrong?

    by Dixie J. Whitted
    If you love Gary Larson's THE FAR SIDE or Chad Carpenter's TUNDRA, then you should enjoy WHAT COULD GO WRONG?, a collection of cartoons with a skewed view. 60 full-page B&W comic creations, filled with lots of laughs. Good, clean, twisted fun.

    by Jaime Olmos
    SONORA PASS is an action packed murder mystery taking place in Montreal, Vermont, California and Central America. Members of a band hold a reunion for their friends and fans. Following a wildly successful reunion party, the singer in the band is found dead. Private Investigator Jonah follows a trail leading to a troubled revolutionary past in Central America.
  • 33 Amazing Women

    by Bridget Finnegan
    Meet 33 amazing women in author and illustrator Bridget Finnegan's latest coloring book for grown-ups. Combining art with humor and now education, her Doc MacDoodle® series is a standout in the coloring book craze. Finnegan's humor and whimsical illustrations set her coloring books apart from others on the market. The Doc MacDoodle series is friendly for people of all ages and all skills levels, designed to be a form of therapy rather than frustration. The illustrations vary in complexity. Josep... more
  • Doc MacDoodle's Animals: Color Therapy for Grown-Ups

    by Bridget Finnegan
    A coloring book that you can actually color! Animals are the stars of this lively, funny book. Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as Marie Antoinette, NASA, Botticelli, art deco and Mother Nature. Beautiful vines and plants intersect with insects and patterns throughout this world where monkeys knit mittens for lions and rhinos wear waders. Finnegan has created a book that is: - Fun for grown ups of all ages - Designed for optimal coloring - Staple binded for coloring all the w... more
  • Ask a Cat

    by Charles Brubaker

    Ask a Cat is a comic strip where people can finally get answers from a cat. Ever wondered why cats love boxes? Or what cats think of humans? Or what they really think of dogs? Wonder no more, as Cat answers them all.

  • Josephine

    by Kevin Sacco

    Kevin Sacco has recreated 1960's Upper West Side, Manhattan in his wordless graphic novel. Set against the backdrop of a complicated family life, Sacco's 7 year old protagonist encounters a cast of neighborhood characters including bullies, pimps, Holocaust survivors and unexpected child friends-all in the company of his companion-protector, Josephine, the family's maid... Until the lingering shadows in the boy's live turn very dark indeed.

  • Getdissertation

    by Aaron Abbey
  • Cloud Stories

    by K. Thor Jensen
    Cloud Stories is the first new collection of comics by K. Thor Jensen in ten years. A thematically-connected journey through the upper atmosphere, it veers wildly between slapstick comedy, creeping horror and otherworldly fantasy. Drawn in a staggering array of visual styles, this is a collection unlike anything you've ever read.
  • A Politically Incorrect History of Hong Kong

    by Larry Feign
    Everything you know about Hong Kong history is wrong! Did Britain colonize the wrong island? Did Chinese refugees come to the right place? And where can I get one of those cool Handover t-shirts? All these are answered in these politically incorrect stories by award-winning cartoonist Larry Feign