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Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Rebirth of the Gangster Act 4: Inheritance

    by CJ Standal
    The Thompson and Anderson family saga concludes here! Marcus and Hunter are still dealing with family sins and secrets, but now they have a few of their own. Reeling from a death in the family, Marcus is pulled into Hunter's plans to rob a bank, to rob a safety deposit box with Marcus's family inheritance. But Marcus is sick of being manipulated by Hunter and has a scheme of his own. And Hunter is finally reaching the end of his road to revenge, but Hunter must decide if it's a pat... more

    by Icarus Parks
    The Dark Tunnel Adventure: QUEST ON THE THRONE! serves as an all-in-one bathroom buddy and monster compendium bringing your lowly deeds to high fantasy life! This witty portrayal of lavatorial adventures is sure to bring a smile to your face, reminding you that you’re number one even when you’re going number two. Humor, Adult Fiction
  • The Book of Revelation As Revealed to Rabbi Zeus by Bob Prophette

    by Bob Prophette
    The Book of Revelation Zeused.
  • The Horsemen: Manifest Destiny

    by Jiba Anderson
    The Horsemen: Manifest Destiny is a journey of three tales that continues to chronicle the past, present, and future of the Horsemen Universe. Ogun: Season of Ice , written by Kofi Malik Boone, tells an early tale of the Master of Iron as he defends a newly - freed people from the wrath of the sinister Mbwari! Witness the psychic death of a nation’s mythic identity as The One Day War tells the story of what happens to those who choose violence against The Horsemen! In Birth Of A Nation,... more
  • 1524119431

    by Richard Dent
    A homeless man is mysteriously abducted. A journal is left on the edge of a subway platform, filled with stories about a world that doesn't exist. Not far from here a scientist is murdered in cold blood. The only clues are his burned down lab, a magnetically propelled motorcycle, and a man walking around New York City with the last living falcon on the planet. Imagine a world where your every thought, your every move, is filtered through The Central Lens Network. Now imagine being a twelve-y... more
  • Ballad of Calypso

    by Dennis McGuire
    "Calypso, Rhyme of the Modern Mariner" is a true story told in a fanciful fashion, employing "The Ballad of Calypso," a 445-quatrain ballad derived directly from Calypso's logbook. The prose, cartoon illustrations and photos which are woven into the ballad places the reader at the helm of a 26' wooden sailboat with a pair of newlyweds on their journey from Portsmouth, Rhode Island to Port Townsend, Washington. The two-year endeavor begins with a successful commercial dive harvest of "herring r... more
  • Evolve: a children's book for adults

    by Jean-Pierre Weill
    EVOLVE, A Children’s Book For Adults, is a picture book that takes readers on a playful philosophical journey that explores the age-old question: Who am I? The book narrates three foundational stories from the book of Genesis, subtly inflecting them with existential motifs that inquire where we come from and where we might choose to go. A liberating message is proposed: our deepest purpose is to be free, co-creative participants of the unfolding universe.
  • Doc-Related: A Physician's Guide To Fixing Our Ailing Health Care System

    by Peter Valenzuela, MD

    "Comedians have become the truth-tellers. Satire allows you to say almost anything. That's where truth is spoken to power in our society. When you sugarcoat a bitter truth with humor, it makes the medicine go down.
    —Malcolm Gladwell

    Much in the way the comic strip, Dilbert, taught us about corporate office culture, Doc-Related now takes us behind the clinic doors of today’s ailing US healthcare system. A medley of anecdotes, comics, and data-bac... more

  • An Occupational Hazard

    by James Wrethman
    The Novel to Gamble on this Year The Ventura Casino - a glittering arena where the super-rich go to pit their wealth against chance, and admire the beautiful Chicas who deal at the tables.But behind the scenes lurks a corrupt world of credit-fixing, prostitution and rape - a world that only a few brave employees dare to challenge.
  • RAID 3

    by RAID Press
    RAID 3 rolls into town at a whopping 160 full pages! Showcasing all-new and original content by Michele SassyK, Gabe Sapienza, Kyle J Smith, Andrew Healey, Danesh Mohiuddin, Danny Zabbal, Joe Infurnari, Ben Shannon, Dax Gordine, Kalman Andrasofszky, Chad Nolan, Eric Vedder, Sheldon Carter, Anthony Falcone, Gibson Quarter, Marcus To, and Ramón K Pérez, all wrapped up nicely in an original cover by the amazing Joverine!

    by RAID Press
    RAID TWO, a follow up to our aptly named RAID ONE, is coming in at a giant 144 full pages! Showcasing all-new and original content by RAID creators, this upcoming volume features Guttergirl by Mike Valiquette, Kalman Andrasofszky and Rachel Matile, The Relocation Society by Taran Chadha and Nimit Malavia, Little Sister Little Brother by Willow Dawson, Anchovie Akiyama by Irma Kniivila and Tri Vuong, Till Love Do Us Part by Ramón Pérez, Missed Call by Kyle J Smith and Ga... more

    by RAID Press
    RAID ONE is volume one in annual stand-alone anthology series showcasing the talents of RAID. With stories by Taran Chadra, Scott Hepburn, Ian Herring, Irma Kniivila, Nimit Malavia, Francis Manapul, Ramón K Pérez, Gibson Quarter, Gabe Sapienza, Marcus To, Eric Vedder, Joe Vriens, Tri Vuong, & Tonci Zonjic, with friends Jukie Chan, Daniel Macintyre, and Kyle James Smith. Featuring an enjoyable array of genres: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Humour, Adventure, and aimed at Teen+ audience, it is the RAID cre... more
  • The Gospel of Matthew: Word for Word Bible Comic

    by Simon Amadeus Pillario
    The Gospel of Matthew is a 240 page graphic novel from the series: The Word for Word Bible Comic. The comic presents every word of the new testament scripture, within its historical, cultural and geographical context.  It employs a high view of scripture and is aimed at adults and readers aged 12+.

    by Fabrice Sapolsky
    Unhinged. Unfiltered. Unstoppable… This is NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK, an anthology of original Noir stories by black creators. 40 writers and artists. 16 Noir stories. There certainly have been many Noir Comics written and drawn by black creators. Now, for the first time, the biggest Black American comic book creators as well as a new generation of writers and artists of color are banding together for a unique anthology of 100% creator-owned Black Noir comic stories: NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK! Al... more
  • In Spite of Ourselves

    by Natalie Dupille
    A graphic novella that follows Natalie, a casual cyclist, and Allie, a hell-for-leather bike mechanic, as they navigate a four-day bike trip a month before Allie is scheduled for a life-changing surgery. Told through earthy, vibrant watercolor comics, In Spite of Ourselves follows the two as they confront challenges both physical and emotional across the breathtaking backdrops of Central Oregon.