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History & Military

  • Faces of Pilot Mountain: Intriguing Journey into the Deep Mysteries

    by J.P. McKelvey

    This is the first book ever written on the history of Pilot Mountain State Park in Surry County, North Carolina which was ten years in the making.  The book is based on  research and photography by the author both on the mountain and from a distance.  Because the mountain looks like a sentinal, images of the mountain can be taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway overlooks in Virginia. 

    On the Andy Griffith Show it was referred to as Mount Pilot but it was never seen on th... more

  • Standing Firm in the Dixie: The Freedom Struggle in Laurel, Mississippi

    by Derrion Arrington
    In this comprehensive study, Derrion Arrington chronicles Laurel, Mississippi's rise into national notoriety, its fall from grace, and its reemergence into the national spotlight. On the back of its Freedom Movement, Laurel survived the onslaught of the early cold war years and persisted during even the darkest days of Jim Crow Mississippi. The Laurel story defies triumphant narratives of dramatic change, and presents instead a layered, contentious, untidy, and often disappointingly unresolved c... more
  • The Children’s Front

    by Marty Parkes
    The Children’s Front is a tale that is both sad and full of joy. It describes the direst of circumstances, of death and destitution. At the same time, the story contrasts these circumstances with uplifting daily instances of generosity, hope, and love that combined to nurture France’s next generation. It is a tale of compassion and courage carried forth in a deprived and perilous environment. Ultimately, it stands as a testament to heroism and honor.
  • The Hidden Secrets of the Master's Mind: How You Can Live With God's Time (Book I: Why Are We Here? Volume I: Creation Season (F

    by Dr. Apelu Poe
    My book, The Hidden Secrets of the Master's Mind: How You Can Live with God's Time, is for leaders struggling to figure out why they are here and why God has put them in leadership or management positions at such a challenging time as this. The book serves as an introductory pathway into the spiritual teachings of the Torah. It analyzes weekly Torah portions using expert Biblical linguistics techniques while also using Hebrew to understand the hidden meanings behind Biblical teachings to help pe... more
  • Silent Wars: Espionage, Sabotage, and the Covert Battles in Cyberspace

    by Josh Luberisse
    Silent Wars: Espionage, Sabotage, and the Covert Battles in Cyberspace delves into the shadowy world of covert cyber conflict, that unfold beyond the public eye. Scrutinizing the intricate balance between espionage and assault, the author, Josh, disentangles the convoluted web of digital warfare, where the line between intelligence-gathering and outright attack blurs. Silent Wars navigates the intricate landscape of covert cyber operations, examining a multitude of cases that shed light on th... more
  • The Marseille Connection

    by Kenneth Foard McCallion
    The Marseille Connection [Bryant Park Press – May 2023] by renowned attorney and Yale-educated historical expert Kenneth Foard McCallion is a riveting work of historical nonfiction about Patricia Richardson, a gorgeous young woman who started life as a dirt-poor orphan in the French Caribbean island of St. Martin before rising through the ranks of an international Marseille-based drug cartel, Unione Corse, to become part of the inner circle of leadership in the organization. For several deca... more
  • Cevere's Chronicles Volume 1

    by Marquis Walker
    I write music reviews to add additional substance to good artist. These projects make me think and reminisce and they even say music heals you. In my journey, music puts me in various moods and gives me some self therapy.
  • rhythm for sale

    by Grant Harper Reid
    Rhythm For Sale is a Bona-Fide FIVE STAR book. This CLASSICAL/MASTER EDITION is the account of Harlem Renaissance producer Leonard Harper’s life story. Put Roots and The Godfather in a hot Black blender with soul and you got Rhythm For Sale. His grandson author Reid has documented Harper’s tale with decades of research and the careful chronological arrangement of the details and facts. The book is alive because or Reid’s entertaining and descriptive writing style. Reid begins with Leonard Harpe... more
  • Lady of the Army: The Life of Mrs. George S. Patton

    by Stefanie Van Steelandt

    2023 Silver Winner - Benjamin Franklin Awards (Biography & Autobiography)

    "A masterpiece of seminal research, Lady of the Army is an extraordinary, detailed, and unique biography of a remarkable woman married to a now legendary American military leader in both World War I and World War II." —Midwest Book Review

    If anyone considered an army wife to be merely the kite’s tail, Beatrice Ayer Patton had the perfect ret... more

  • Neville Chamberlain's War

    by Frederic Seager
    Neville Chamberlain's war was phoney from the start. He did not seek the defeat of Germany, since the British establishment viewed that country as the prime bulwark against Bolshevism. After more than eight months of waiting, during which time the French army and the small British contingent lost much of their fighting spirit, Hitler launched a remarkably successful invasion of Norway, the Low Countries and France. In effect, Britain handed most of Western democratic Europe to Nazi Germany on a ... more

    by Hartley Barnes
    Between the covers are stories depicting the challenges of veterans during wartime. The mental transformation they return home with, and the agony to find their way to normalcy. We say to the veteran (s) thank you for your service and not understanding how their lives have changed. They cry in silence as the family watches. Spouses cry aloud as husbands and wives decay. Children ask questions and the answers are not satisfying, and they ask more questions. I, the author, a veteran, am... more
  • The Shaolin Temple Story

    by James R. Martin
    Full-Color Edition - 448 pages The Shaolin Temple Story is an in-depth, well-written tour of the Monastery by someone who has lived, worked, and studied there for forty years. For those interested in Shaolin Kung Fu, the book introduces the secrets of its beginnings. Explore the History, Culture, Kung Fu, and Chán Traditions of the original Shaolin Temple and Monastery in Dengfeng, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, as recalled by the current Abbot of the Monastery. Abbot Shi Yongxin documents in wo... more
  • Algorithmic Warfare: The Rise of Autonomous Weapons

    by Josh Luberisse
    “Algorithmic Warfare: The Rise of Autonomous Weapons” is a comprehensive analysis of the development, deployment, and ethical considerations of autonomous weapons systems in modern warfare. Written by an author with proven expertise in the fields of military strategy, artificial intelligence, and international law, this book explores the benefits and risks of using autonomous weapons, as well as the impact they could have on society. From the history of the DOD’s Third Offset Strategy to the dev... more
  • The Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence: Strategic Implications of AI for Global Security

    by Josh Luberisse
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an ever-evolving field that has far-reaching implications for humanity. With its ability to analyze, learn and process data at a pace much faster than humans, AI has the potential to transform various domains, including economics, healthcare, education, and defense, to name a few. This book aims to examine the many ways in which AI is shaping the global landscape and its impact on politics, governance, and international relations. The objective of this book is t... more
  • Twelve Rebels Hidden in Washington, DC

    by Tony Spadafora
    This book tells tales of twelve reformers. Their memorials are off the beaten path, and their stories are not well known. But their struggles impact us every day. . . . There are four groups: Women, Labor and Civil Rights pioneers working towards America's more perfect union, and heros overseas. Whether visiting Washington, DC, or reading at home, you will be surprised -- and inspired.
  • Great Zimbabwe Artifacts Volume 1

    by Ahmed Mheta
    The book touches on ancient objects that people in the past used.