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History & Military

  • Oglala Sioux Indians Pine Ridge Reservation Birth and Death Rolls 1924-1932 Book II

    by Jeff Bowen
    In 1996, this 1924 to 1932 Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Birth and Death Rolls was published by this author which has long been out of print. Now, after 24 years these very same records have been re-transcribed containing over 4500 names and as Book II (as a companion to the Oglala Sioux Indians Pine Ridge Reservation 1932 Census Book I). In addition to the re-transcription there are 37 pre-1932 illustrations of Oglala Sioux people including their names. Also included in the book there is a Table o... more
  • Oglala Sioux Indians Pine Ridge Reservation 1932 Census Book I

    by Jeff Bowen
    This new 1932 Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux Census contains over 8000 names listing sex, date of birth and age at last birthday, degree of blood, marital status (in most cases the wife's maiden name) and relationship to head of family along with the jurisdiction where they were enrolled and if they were a ward to the head of household. Also included is the allotment and annuity numbers. In 1996, the 1924 to 1932 Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Birth and Death rolls were published by this author which has l... more
  • Compilation of History of the Cherokee Indians and Early History of the Cherokees

    by Jeff Bowen

    How many hours did Dr. Starr, the student spend inside the Barnes Medical College, St. Louis? Working from dusk to dawn refining the art of healing for a people he loved, only to realize later he was primed and ready to gather his people’s history and lineages that unknowingly to him would be sought after for decades after he left this mortal coil. 

    From first addition copies of both books, this is a compilation of the History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folklore (1921... more

  • Kalyan Panel Chart - Final Ank

    by Kalyan Panel Chart - Final Ank

    Final Ank has made the dream of winning big achievable by its Kalyan Panel Chart and Rajdhani day Jodi chart. Exploring ways to make money by trying out your luck with numbers that too at the comfort in your home? Final Ank is the platform for you. Do not waste your time by finding the other website as we provide security and authenticity. Hu... more

  • A Shau: Crucible of the Vietnam War

    by Jay Phillips
    The A Shau Valley played a critical yet poorly understood role in the decade-long battle for South Vietnam. This work, relying heavily on primary sources, tells the story of the many campaigns during the struggle for control of this critical area, a major terminus of the Ho Chi MInh Trail and the most important North Vietnamese base in the northern half of the country. A Shau was the base from which the enemy infiltrated and supplied Hue City during the 1968 Tet battles and was also the site ... more
  • Kamagra 100 mg Tablets • Medzsite

    by James Faranadise
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  • Ms.

    by Cordelia Frances Biddle
    The first half of the 19th century was an era of upheaval. The United States nearly lost the War of 1812. Partisanship became endemic during violent clashes regarding States’ Rights and the abolition of slavery. The battle between Andrew Jackson and Nicholas Biddle over the Second Bank of the United States epitomized a nation in turmoil: Biddle, the erudite aristocrat versus Jackson, the plain-spoken warrior. The conflict altered America’s political arena. In 1832, President Andrew Jackson vowe... more
  • Centennial Farm Family: Cultivating Land and Community 1837-1937

    by Amy McVay Abbott

    Anna Long Hoard stood at Eberhard Cemetery, watching her husband's casket lowered into his grave. Kellis Hoard died by mistaking sulphuric acid for cider, a mystery never solved. Kellis was Anna's rock and the man who farmed Anna's legacy farm. She had no sons. Could she keep the farm? Like thousands of pioneers who left the East Coast after the Revolutionary War in search of a better life, the Longs fought weather and wild country to move to a state in the Old Northwest Territory... more

  • In Jewish Blood: The Zionist Alliance With Germany, 1933-1963

    by Steve Rodan

    In Jewish Blood, written with Elly Sinclari, details the strategic alliance between Germany and the Zionist leadership that began as soon as Hitler gained power in 1933. For nearly the next decade, the alliance included sharing the Nazi-confiscated assets of the Jews in occupied Europe, intelligence and political cooperation, particularly in stopping any revolts in the ghettos, as well as working together to block or deny reports of the genocide of the Jews.

     ... more

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    by William L. McGee

    The Naval Armed Guard was the special service branch of the U.S. Navy responsible for defending U.S. and Allied merchant ships and their valuable cargo and crews from attack by enemy aircraft, submarines, and surface ships.

    In World War II, nearly 145,000 men served in the Naval Armed Guard as Gunner’s Mates, Coxswains and Boatswains, Radiomen, Signalmen, an occasional Pharmacist’s Mate, and toward the end of the war a few radarmen.

    The Naval Armed Guard serv... more

  • How World War II Changed America

    by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    Earl Ofari Hutchinson's new book, How World War II Changed America, is scheduled for release on August 6, designated Hiroshima Day globally and months before commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the December 7. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack propelled the U.S. into the war. The events continue to spark discussion, debate, and reflection on the lessons still to be learned from World War II. How World War II Changed America pays tribute to the enduring changes the war brought t... more
  • We Must All Be Ready to Sacrifice

    by Dean Ulland
    “We must all be ready to sacrifice...” -Albert Lea Women’s Auxiliary for Promoting National Defense, May 1st, 1917 Soon after the United States declared war on Germany in April 1917, it became clear that all Americans would need to be involved in the war effort. The people of Freeborn, Mower, and Steele Counties in Southern Minnesota were no exception. Young men registered for the draft and went off to war; they had no assurance of victory or of ever coming home again. Women, farmers, ... more