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History & Military

  • A Theft of Privilege: Harvard and the Buried History of a Notorious Secret Society

    by L.M. Vincent
    In the early hours of May 21, 1905, a wealthy and socially prominent Harvard senior named Benjamin Joy was arrested as an accomplice in the theft of a bronze plaque from the Phillips Brooks House. The theft was one in a long history of “stunts” perpetrated by a Harvard Secret Society known as the “Med. Fac.,” its members taken from the most prestigious of the Harvard clubs and representing the elite of New England society. Despite all varieties of mischief, ranging from practical jokes to cri... more
  • Violence Against Muslims in India: The Dark History

    by Saif Samir
    This book spans 70 years of the dark history of Anti-Muslim violence in India that has caused over tens of thousands of deaths and refugees. Violence against Muslims in India is frequently in the form of violent attacks on Muslims by Hindus. These attacks are referred to as communal riots in India between the majority Hindus and minority Muslims and have been connected to a rise in Islamophobia.
  • Pawns of Pleiku

    by Monty D. Vogel
    A factual novel of a 4-man MAT team, living and operating with the primitive Montagnard tribesmen in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. 1LT Darryl Wagner's war is a surreal and harrowing experience, analogous to 1700s fur trappers living with Native Americans. Two centuries changed weaponry, but life is similar in an assignment unimaginable upon his induction into the military. He was trained to lead American Infantrymen. Instead, he was sent to train and fight alongside primitive Montagnar... more
  • ad film production houses in dubai

    by Aggi filmproduction
    There are many people who are very much interested in film or media field.Film production is the field which involves many turn overs of a huge amount of money . In fact it is one a few industries which determines a persons destiny .The ad film production houses in dubai are organised to help the people interested in film field.They are responsible for finding the script and money for film creation. we are living in a media supported world. Film has the ... more
  • 9780578740980

    by Lester Blum
    Since the advent of war, history has recorded the exploits of the generals or the heroic deeds of a few individuals. Although the commanders might acknowledge the exploits of their regiments, history books generally have neglected the cogs in the wheel of war - the low ranking military man. These men bore the burden of war - manning the front lines, carrying the equipment and supplies, preparing meals for thousands, and sending vital messages from unit to unit. Many of these men were the unsung ... more
  • We Demand The Right To Vote: The Journey to the 19th Amendment

    by Meneese Wall
    We Demand the Right to Vote: The Journey to the 19th Amendment introduces readers to American women’s civil rights movement known as “Women’s Suffrage”—women’s 72-year struggle for social and political equality that culminated in their winning the right to vote via the 19th Amendment. Written in a conversational, easy-to-read style, this illustrated historical account commences with Native American cultural influences and continues with women’s conventions, arrests, trials, petitions, battle... more
  • Summer Suffragists

    by Lyle Nyberg
    A surprising number of nationally recognized suffragist leaders spent summers in seaside Scituate, Massachusetts. This book creates a revealing portrait of their lives in what was arguably the nation’s summer suffragist capital, using original research and previously unpublished records. It also offers a highly readable account of their personal and activist lives in Boston, New York, Washington, and elsewhere, fighting for women’s right to vote. It is both local and national history, still rele... more
  • Revenge in the Name of Honour: The Royal Navy's Quest for Vengeance in the Single Ship Actions of the War of 1812

    by Nicholas James Kaizer
    The British Royal navy entered the War of 1812 expecting victory. Naval victories of the previous two decades and the mythos of Lord Nelson had built a naval culture accustomed to aggressive action and victory against all odds. No one expected the tiny United States Navy to triumph, and yet by the year’s end three British frigates and two sloops had been defeated in single ship actions against American opponents. Whereas British ships had defeated much heavier French and Spanish forces during... more
  • The Grandfather

    by Jesse Thomas Becker
    Joe Harper, or ‘Pop Pop’ as he is better known, is a beloved grandfather , decorated war hero and family patriarch. Those that know him love and respect him especially his family but a stroke has brought his past under a cloud of suspicion because when he woke up he could no longer speak English but has been heard murmuring German, a language he does not know. Der Großvater weaves the tale of Joe’s Harper from his heroic war efforts in WWII as a member of the 508th Infantry Regiment of the... more
  • The Expendable

    by John Lewis Floyd

    As smoke billows skyward from Pearl Harbor, Japan throws its full military might against the outnumbered and under-equipped Filipino forces. Admiral Hart sends his U.S. Asiatic Fleet south to the safety of Allied waters. When the remnants of PBY Patrol Wing 10 depart with the fleet, Charles Beckner, corpsman for PBY Squadron 102, is left behind with no apparent avenue for escape. Under relentless pressure from Japanese General Homma’s troops and air forces, American-Filipino troops retr... more

  • No Ordinary Man

    by Nicky Webber

    Mick Thompson’s secretive life throughout WWII continued after returning home to New Zealand in 1945. This seductive and intriguing true story explores love against the backdrop of this courageous ANZAC soldier’s fight in the Western Desert war in North Africa.

    The writer skillfully delves into Mick’s personal struggle with sexuality, focusing on his secretive alter ego. This real-life account intrigues and challenges conventional thinking about bravery, male and femal... more

  • Global Academic Hub

    by Alina Oprea
  • Why Trump Won The 2020 Election, 21 Reasons The Democrats Lost

    by David King Keller, PhD
    Whether you hate or adore Trump, you’ll love this book. This book is part page-turner thriller and part award-winning documentary. Endorsed by international best-selling authors Kare Anderson and Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott. Why Trump Won The 2020 Election – 21 Reasons The Democrats Lost is “worthy of Pulitzer consideration,” says professional book editor, Stephanie Annis. Dr. Keller’s book provides an in-depth and well-documented analysis on why Trump will win again in 2020, unless the Democrats ... more
  • Lions, Tigers, and...Bulldogs? An unofficial guide to the legends and lore of the Ivy League

    by Matt Robinson
    In this fun- and fact-filled book, alumni, prospective students, and even campus faculty and staff can learn about the stories and secrets of some of the oldest and most prestigious colleges and universities in the United States. From academic standards to athletic triumphs and from mascots to multi-cultural organizations, many of the most established secrets and traditions of the ”Ancient Eight” are revealed by a long-time writer and educator who has lived with them all of his life. (www.lions... more
  • American Sports Legends: Your Turn to Score

    by D.A. Jennings
    A poetic sports trivia challenge to identify 68 sports legends from 1912 through 2015. This book is created for the enjoyment of individual readers, family, friends, and competitive groups. "Unlike any other book I know. The 68 verse quizzes on the identity of sports figures are challenging, provocative, and fun, not to mention a clever way of introducing students to reading and understanding verse."
  • A Long Triage

    by Francis J. Sullivan Jr.
    More than forty year after the war a Vietnam veteran's brain hemorrhages. He is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and undergoes emergency brain surgery. He struggles with his invisible wounds of war for the rest of his life.