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History & Military

  • The Settlement, Growth and Movement of the Czechs and Their Institutions in Cleveland, Ohio

    by Stephen J. Sebesta
    Reviews the history of the Bohemians, Moravians and Silesians in Europe and the forces that led them to emigrate to Cleveland. Traces immigration patterns of the Czechs in the U.S. and particularly their settlements in Cleveland, Ohio. It includes historic information on Catholic churches, Protestant churches, the Jewish Chevra Kadisha Congregation, freethinker organizations, Sokol, Bohemian National Hall, Delnicke Telocvicne Jednoty (DTJ), Karlin Hall, Prokop Velky Fresh Air Camp, Slapnicka’s G... more
  • Thomas Muir: 'Lad O'Pairts': The Life and Work of Sir Thomas Muir (1844–1934), Mathematician and Cape Colonial Educationist

    by Peter Elliott
    Thomas Muir: ‘Lad o’Pairts’ is the first comprehensive book on Muir’s life and work, covering his humble Lanarkshire origins, his time as a schoolmaster in Glasgow, his passion for mathematics and the turbulent period he spent as the leading educationist of the Cape Colony in the early twentieth century. He was a man of broad interests, warm humor and wit, but also an acerbic critic, imbued with the prejudices of his times. This book, which draws extensively on Muir’s personal diaries of his tra... more