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History & Military

  • Collected Essays on Bermuda's History

    by Jonathan Land Evans

    The book is a 400-page compilation of my scholarly papers and essays on the history of the island of Bermuda, selected from my own 'Essays' series of books as well as from other publications (including 13 that were originally published in 'The Bermuda Journal of Archaeology & Maritime History'). The subject-matter is diverse, and includes numerous essays on the island's military, literary and art history as well as more mainstream political and social history. Like mo... more

  • Red Road Across the Great Plains

    by Chandra Lahiri
    A life-changing solo voyage of discovery across the blood-soaked Great Plains. A pilgrimage to momentous sites of Native American heritage. Meet the amazing “invisible warriors” fighting impossible odds to reclaim their heritage and share in the American Dream without losing their unique identity, much as their ancestors fought on the battlefields to save their way of life. Nurturing a half-century obsession, he takes the reader along on his astonishing solo road-trip through haunting places o... more
  • A Rumination on the Role of Love During A Condition of Extreme Conservatism and Extreme Liberalism: A Political Essay

    by Harvey Havel
    A non-fiction political essay that stresses the importance of using the ancient political philosophies of love, as pondered by Plato, and how these absolutes of love, as he describes them, ought to be used in our most pressing and current political position of addressing the dangerous American condition of ideological polarization between extreme conservatism and extreme liberalism. Written in 2019 just before a predictably turbulent election period, this essay explores love's valuable applicat... more
  • New Mountain, New River, New Home?

    by Margaret Eldridge

    When the Tasmanian Hmong "gifted" the author with the task of placing their story on record she set about interviewing this small refugee community in Tasmania, Australia's island state. But she did more than that. She traced the history of the Hmong people from the first references in Chinese literature through their chequered history in China until some of them moved into northern Laos. The book describes, largely in their own words, their exodus from hill-tribe homes as a res... more

  • The Formation and Development of the Angolan Armed Forces

    by Miguel Junior
    This book describes the structuring grounds of Angola?s national army as well as their historical background. Likewise, it portrays the stages and aspects of the process of structuring. Given that the national army is a fact, this book also includes a reflection on its state of organization together with the identification of some aspects that may contribute to its further development. It is in this perspective that, in general, the parameters for the organization and development of the Angolan ... more
  • The World Explored, the World Suffered: A Philosophical History of Psychology, Cognition, Emotion, Consciousness, and Actions

    by Michael R D James
    A review of the Philosophical History since Anaxagoras converted Socrates from being a natural investigator to being an investigator of the mind. Greek Philosophy culminated in the Hylomorphic Philosophy of Aristotle which was the first systematic exposition of Philosophical Psychology which lay dormant throughout the middle ages until Kant renewed interest in the attempt to "know ourselves". Kant's Critical Philosophy was then overturned by a romantically inspired Hegelian attempt to dismiss ... more
  • Kracek

    by Vito Tomasino
    Viktor Kracek is the American born son of university professors who fled Czechoslovakia to escape the scourge of Nazi Germany. He would become a USAF fighter pilot, one as capable of destroying his enemies with words as he is with bullets; whose combat heroics in Vietnam captured the attention of a beleaguered U.S. President.
  • The Prison Planet Handbook

    by Denis Goodwin
    Who are we, and where did we come from? When we turn to the information provided to us, we find a mud pool of possibilities. Is this intended to subvert our built-in guidance systems? We also discover that people who are adept at researching big-picture science are offered special jobs conditional on being sworn to secrecy. What is behind this strategy? Sometimes, the reality prescribed to us doesn?t fit with or explain what we experience. So if you too know something is not quite right, wonder ... more
  • Dissertation Editing Services

    by michael stokes
  • Entertaining Chicago: Remembering the Places, Performers and Stories Throughout the 20th Century

    by Neal Samors

    Throughout the 20th Century, Chicago offered its residents a wide variety of entertainment venues, ranging from jazz, blues and comedy clubs to nightclubs and hotels and restaurants, where music was broadcast across the country, to legitimate theaters, movie palaces, classical and opera music, rock and roll clubs and sports that included championship baseball, football, basketball, hockey and bowling.  This book presents numerous stories about such wide ranging opportunities for entertai... more

  • Tempo Traveller Rental Hire in Jaipur at Cheapest Price

    by maharana cab
    Char Dham Yatra inclues the four Hindu religious sites. Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamnotri. Book your Tour of Hindu Religious Sites.
  • Give a Manor Take a Manor

    by Murray Johnston
    Domestic rebellions and foreign wars, the king’s rule, murder, traitors and execution, crippling debt, arranged marriages of young heirs and heiresses, avoidance of taxes, medieval decrees of inheritance, the black death and famine. All that and more can be found in a fascinating new book based on the meticulous research of the author. While his first book, The Watford Knight’s Fee, will satisfy serious students and enthusiasts of medieval English history, his second opens the door to eve... more
  • Love Problem Solution Specialist

    by maumiya jyotish
    Are you looking for love and marriage problem solutions then contact to world famous Love Problem Solution Specialist D.G. Shastri.
  • Feedback On Microsoft AZ-400 Dumps And PDF For Exam Certification

    by puso kamr

    Microsoft AZ-400 Exam Questions Answers- Best Solutions Available If the student uses the material that we are providing then he or she will definitely gain good marks in the exam. The Microsoft AZ-400 dumps consists of practice questions that allows the students to improve the week areas that they have before appearing in the actual Microsoft AZ-400 exam. With the help of our pdf, the students can select a question that seems appropriate to them and solve it. The study material only contains... more