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History & Military

  • WWI Crusaders

    by Jeffrey B. Miller
    During WWI (1914-1918), the American-led Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB) initiated, organized, and supervised the largest food relief program the world had ever seen. The CRB and its Belgian counterpart, the Comite National (CN), fed for four years nearly 10 million Belgians and northern French trapped behind German lines. Young, idealistic Americans volunteered to go into German-occupied Belgium to guarantee the relief food would not be taken by the Germans. These humanitarian crusaders... more
  • The DAD of Conspiracy Theories

    by Amlan Bhattacharya
    ...That World War-I was planned by the Christian nations to control the rise of Muslims in the form of the Ottomans, or the idea that the entire Congress Party was a British plot in India - are unheard of. More unheard are concepts like Netaji Subhash Bose secretly aimed to become a dictator in independent India and also something like Manmohan Singh and Narasimha Rao, not the 'Gandhis', were the true makers of the modern-day India. More like such ideas, commonly known in intellectual circ... more
  • 978-0-595-18443-9

    by Marty Feess

    Theodore Roosevelt became a war hero by leading his "Rough Riders" up San Juan Hill to glory during the Spanish-American War. His fame propelled him into the White House three years later. This is the story of the intereaction between Roosevelt and the former Rough Riders in Arizona, and how these former Rough Riders and Roosevelt infliuenced Arizona poltics at the dawn of the twentieth century. Many of the characters are colorful, and the stories are rich in hope, humor, and humani... more

  • I Wonder

    by Regina Sparrow
    Can you teach a cow to bow? Can you hear a marmot meow? I Wonder, takes readers on an adventure through the imagination by exploring silly ideas. Have fun building language while stretching vocabulary with delightful rhymes. Enjoy asking and answering questions that highlight rare and endangered species.
  • The Wizard of Sacramento: Governor Jerry Brown

    by William Smithers

    An independent assessment of the politics, policies and governmental methods of California Governor Jerry Brown.

  • Emmett Till: Sometimes Good Can Come Out Of A Bad Situation (Volume 1)

    by Katina Rankin
    Emmett Till: Sometimes Good Can Come Out of a Bad Situation is an immersive, thought-provoking story about a family passing on the legacy of the civil rights movement by learning about a 14-year-old boy who was murdered for whistling at a woman. The author gently but boldly diverges a story from Mississippi’s once racially, hatred-filled atmosphere to create her first in a series of children’s civil rights books set in the Magnolia State. Emmett Till: Sometimes Good Can Come Out of a Bad Sit... more
  • Medgar Evers: He Taught His Kids To Crawl So We Could Stand (Volume 1)

    by Katina Rankin

    In Medgar Evers: “He Taught His Kids To Crawl So We Could Stand” — Katina Rankin teaches children that history’s mistakes can linger if we aren’t willing to stand up and tell the truth — that there will always be abuses of power, unless we jointly take a knee to prove a point, and that the arc of the universe doesn’t bend toward justice unless we’re willing to do the work even if it includes crawling to get the pendulum of justice to swi... more

  • Silent Spring: Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War

    by Patrick Hogan
    SILENT SPRING – DEADLY AUTUMN OF THE VIETNAM WAR - Synopsis Shortly after I had returned home from the Vietnam War, my father urged me to file a disability claim with the DVA for medical problems I had been experiencing. I began the process without much enthusiasm and quickly abandoned the effort. Little did I know that I wouldn’t re-visit my disability claims until over forty years later, when I watched President Barack Obama give a speech on the horrors of the Vietnam War and resolved to condu... more
  • Unsolved: Cold-Case Homicides of Law Enforcement Officers

    by James Bultema
    Ripped from today’s headlines, Unsolved is the first book to examine the sacrifices made by American’s heroic law enforcement officers who were murdered while their killers escaped justice¬. Left behind are devastated loved ones and a law enforcement agency hunting down the assassins. Bultema, a former LAPD cop, puts a story behind some of the names etched on police monuments across this country.
  • The Fishkill Supply Depot: Sacred Ground of the American Revolution, revised

    by Michael Boyajian

    Sacred history of the Fishkill Supply Depot and American Revolution featuring soldiers, masons, politicians, merchants, women, farmers, slaves and indians. The Depot is the Cradle of the Republic.  The British wanted to divide the colonies by capturing the Hudson River.  Only the Fishkill Supply Depot stood in the way.  Without the Depot there would be no Concord and Lexington, Saratoga or Yorktown.  Now with original photography.

  • Мистецтвознавець Григорій Павлуцький, перший український

    by Андрій Пучков
    Подано спробу комплексного розгляду життя і наукової діяльності першого власне українського мистецтвознавця Григорія Григоровича Павлуцького (1861–1924), заслуженого професора історико-філологічного факультету Імператорського університету св. Володимира. Показано, в чому Павлуцький як науковець і педагог мав безперечну першість в Російській імперії: запровадження компаративного (історико-порівняльного) методу в мистецтвознавчі дослідження; викладання світового мистецтва після доби Греції та Риму... more

    by jeremy r. mack
    This book is about the denial in contemporary France of the period of German occupation and, in particular, about French disavowal of participation in the final solution. Using then and now pictures of places where terrible and momentous events occurred and of significant actors in the history of the time, it functions as a guidebook to the events that took place and as a guide to understanding how such atrocities could have happened in an eminently civilized nation.
  • In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great, Part 1: The 1998 Footsteps of Alexander the Great Tour

    by mansur johnson
    The book details a two and a half month tour through six countries, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt with over 200 illustrations..
  • Hardened to Hickory: The Missing Chapter in Andrew Jackson's Life

    by Tony L. Turnbow

    Unpublished documents reveal an Andrew Jackson who committed mutiny and shed tears as he thought his mistakes would lead to the deaths of teenagers under his command. Indians saved him.  The backwoods  Jackson, who had never commanded a battle, presumed to take on the mantle of General George Washington. Before Jackson became the next general to drive the British Army from American soil, he first had to defeat the commander of the U.S. Army, General James Wilkinson, who embodie... more

  • Ukraine & the United States:: unexpected ways two nations affected each other

    by Andy Lazko
    Condensed and exciting story of the great country of Ukraine from the time it was the greatest Kingdom of Medieval Europe known as Kiev Rus to the present days. It's about Vikings, Cossacks, planes, helicopters, rockets, ballistic missiles and much more.  It is also the stories of Ukrainians who affected the USA recent history in the way most Americans do not realize. The book will try to explain why Ukraine is not Russia and what vital role Ukraine played in the world history including WWII. ... more
  • The True Adventures of That Great Pirate Bartholomew Roberts

    by V'léOnica Roberts
    This epistolary structured biography, containing over 100 pictures, maps, news clippings & letters, plus a 44 page reference section; presented in chronological order, is the true story of pirate captain, Bartholomew Roberts.