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History & Military

  • The Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence: Strategic Implications of AI for Global Security

    by Josh Luberisse
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an ever-evolving field that has far-reaching implications for humanity. With its ability to analyze, learn and process data at a pace much faster than humans, AI has the potential to transform various domains, including economics, healthcare, education, and defense, to name a few. This book aims to examine the many ways in which AI is shaping the global landscape and its impact on politics, governance, and international relations. The objective of this book is t... more
  • Twelve Rebels Hidden in Washington, DC

    by Tony Spadafora
    This book tells tales of twelve reformers. Their memorials are off the beaten path, and their stories are not well known. But their struggles impact us every day. . . . There are four groups: Women, Labor and Civil Rights pioneers working towards America's more perfect union, and heros overseas. Whether visiting Washington, DC, or reading at home, you will be surprised -- and inspired.
  • Great Zimbabwe Artifacts Volume 1

    by Ahmed Mheta
    The book touches on ancient objects that people in the past used.
  • Operation Tailwind: Memoirs of a Secret Battle in a Secret War

    by Barry Pencek

    The Studies and Observation Group (SOG) was a covert American military unit in Vietnam that specialized in clandestine cross-border operations into Laos and Cambodia. In September 1970, sixteen Green Berets and one-hundred-twenty Montagnard mercenaries, led by Captain Gene McCarley, departed on Operation Tailwind, the largest and deepest raid in SOG history. Tailwind’s mission was to disrupt and distract the enemy in support of a larger, ongoing CIA operation near Chavane, Laos, being d... more

  • 1895: A Novel of Love and War

    by Jorge Casariego


     1895 A Novel of Love and War



    CUBA 1895- David meets Goliath in the War for Cuba’s independence! Spain’s centuries’ old empire is agonizing.  Cuba is in flames. A young and increasingly powerful America is ready to help the Cubans gain freedom.


    Two young lovers, Paco and Maria Teresa, are caught in the devastation. Our heroes, a young Havana freedom fighter and a be... more

  • The Lioness of Leiden

    by Robert Loewen
    How do you fight the Nazis right under their noses? With cunning and courage. When the Germans invade the Netherlands, Leiden University student Hetty’s boyfriend goes missing. But she has little time to grieve when she volunteers as a courier for the Dutch resistance, joined by her roommate, the beautiful Mimi, and seventeen-year-old Maria, the daughter of a slain resistance fighter. At great personal risk, the three women carry documents, secret messages, and cash to protect Jews, downed ... more
  • Rude Girls: Women in 2 Tone and One Step Beyond

    by Heather Augustyn
    The ska revival in the UK and the 2 Tone label represented unity of black and white in both the content of the songs, and appearance of the bands. While race may have been central to this declaration, where did gender fit in? Many bands had few, if any, women in their lineup and so women had to do it for themselves. Empowered by punk and impassioned by Jamaican ska and reggae, they took up the microphone, the saxophone, drumsticks. Women demanded their space on the stage and in the studio. Throu... more
  • The Silk Road Series: The Heirs of Genghis Khan

    by Diane Wolff
    Batu was Genghis Khan's grandson, and became the Khan of Russia, furthest west, the attack wing of the empire. He was the senior prince and he wanted to decide the future of the Empire. He did not want war in the West. The only problem was his cousin usurped the throne and wanted to make war in Europe and the Middle East. Batu was growing fabulously rich from the East-West trade and he wanted the conquests to continue in China and Persia. The fight for the throne began. Batu had a brilliant ally... more
  • When Love silenced the sirens

    by M J S Parish
    When Alfred Jones turns 18 he is soon called up to fight in the second wold war, leaving his childhood sweetheart Edith Baxter behind, who herself is thrusted into the war when tragedy strikes and she takes a job as a volunteer spotlight operator at RAF Marham. At the base Edith meets Hotshot pilot squadron leader George Booth who himself has faced recent tragedy and the two form a romantic bond, confusing Edith's feelings for Alfred. But matters are further complicated when Alfred and Geo... more
  • Poems from the Asylum

    by Janelle Molony
    Biography and complete anthology of harrowing and insightful poems written in 1932 by Martha Hedwig Nasch, patient-inmate #20864 at the St. Peter State Hospital for the Insane. After noticing something strange from a secret medical procedure in 1927, St. Paul, Minnesota, Martha Nasch’s doctor claimed she just had a “case of nerves.” With a signature from her adulterous husband, Martha was committed against her will to the asylum. She spent nearly seven years in the Minnesota hospital during t... more
  • Inferno!: And the Miracles of the Colorado Marshall Fire

    by Tom Gormley
    INFERNO! And the Miracles of the Colorado Marshall Fire reveals the true story of the December 2021 Colorado Marshall fire and the many events that can only be described as miracles that occur during and after. Interviews, local history and over seventy powerful images convey the turmoil, tragedy and drama of this nightmare. These stories are intertwined with the police and fire dispatch broadcasts and public announcements to provide a timeline of the fire and its aftermath. In a little over fo... more
  • In the Catskills, The Armenian Enclaves

    by Michael Boyajian

    The story of the Armenian enclaves of the Catskills where they came to dance, hike and heal from Hunter to Tannersville to Haines Falls all centered around the American Hotel and the the Shady Hotel. 

     A great memory of times past by many immigrants who dreamed of a great life in America. 
    Gary A. Kulhanjian, Social historian


  • How to Choose Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics 2021

    by Alexa demie

    I would like to help students in selecting their dissertation topics

  • MENDOTA and the Restive Rivers of the Indian and Civil Wars 1861-'65

    by dane pizzuti krogman
    This is the fictional story set in Mendota, Minnesota, of the Simmons family, who are faced with the consequences of the Dakota Sioux Uprising of 1862 that swept across the state as well as the Civil War. The father, Dan, enlists in the First Regiment of Minnesota Volunteers as a teamster. His two sons, who are both underage, join the Second Regiment. John, age sixteen, becomes a bugler; and William, age fifteen, becomes a drummer. Their sister, Sara, is left behind with their mother, Louise, to... more
  • Junior Bounous and the Joys of Skiing: A biography

    by Ayja Bounous
    A biography of Junior Bounous, a leader in the American West ski industry, and an account of the American ski industry through his eyes. As one of the first American-born ski school directors, Bounous helped develop a power skiing technique in the 1940s and 1950s, became a consultant for ski and ski boot manufacturers, and became an acclaimed sports writer from articles written about skiing techniques and published in nationally acclaimed skiing magazines. Set the Guinness World Record for the o... more
  • America's First Soldiers

    by Amelia McNutt
    This book tells the remarkable stories of the men who created the American Revolution. You will meet the men who were waiting for General Gage's British troops. You will learn why they stood fast before the world's most powerful army. We will witness the skirmish at Lexington and the battle at Concord. We will travel the 16 mile road from Concord to Charlestown, remembered as Battle Road it was the road to Damnation for Gage's forces. We will dig-in on Bunker Hill, and we meet the young Bostoni... more