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History & Military

  • REMEMBER: A Father-Daughter WWII Stalag 17-B POW Story About Never Giving Up

    by Diane Dean-Epps
    One Circa 1987 Tape One Gutsy WWII Stalag 17-B POW One Determined Daughter One All-Important Question Answered Equals One Hell of a Story Through a series of seemingly innocuous small events occurring at the height of World War II, 24-year-old Air Force Staff Sergeant Frank D. Dean found himself flying numerous combat missions in the European Theater as a replacement crew member for the 95th Bomb Group. His last mission was the Black Week Münster run when he was shot down on October 10, 194... more
  • Boreal Ties: Photographs and Two Diaries of the 1901 Peary Relief Expedition

    by Kim Fairley and Silas Hibbard Ayer III
    Boreal Ties comprises the annotated diaries and pictures of two participants in the expedition, Clarence Wyckoff and Louis Bement, close friends from Ithaca, New York, who paid $500 each to join the voyage. As Wyckoff and Bement embarked, they looked forward to what twenty-first-century travelers would call adventure tourism. They envisioned themselves hunting wild game, admiring and photographing magnificent scenery, and escaping the stresses of their lives as businessmen. The scenery did... more
  • Ancient History: A Secular Exploration of the World

    by Stephanie Hanson
    Explore the ancient world on a tour of the most beautiful, vibrant, and fascinating places people have called home. History Unboxed takes you outside the box of a traditional history curriculum, exploring cultures around the globe on a journey across six continents. Get to know the Jomon people of Japan, the African empire of Ghana, and the Olmecs of Mesoamerica, alongside history heavyweights such as the Greeks and Sumerians. Take a look at the past through a secular lens and go beyond dates an... more
  • The Mills Kept Grinding

    by Martin Smallridge
    The book tells the story of two young people from Gdansk, parted by the outbreak of war. It is a record of their journey, which saw them on opposite sides of the conflict. Yet, there are many characters in the novel, whose stories are introduced to the reader through the adventures of the book's main characters. It is also, if not primarily, a testimony to the past, told in the language of those who survived the war. Many of the events quoted in the book really happened, and these are the actual... more
  • The Black Pyramids Mystery... Solved!

    by Cornel M. A. van Strijp
    Are there pyramids in the Canary Islands? World famous explorer Thor Heyerdahl thought so, and created a tourist park around them. Other investigators have found identical structures in Sicily, Mauritius and the Azores. Step pyramids, made of lava stones, on islands thousands of miles apart... Who built these monuments? When did they build them, and why? To answer these questions, investigative reporter Cornel M.A. van Strijp takes you on a trip along the volcanic islands where the so-called ... more
  • Honor Through Sacrifice: The Story of One of America's Greatest Military Leaders

    by Robert Lofthouse
    I take you into the reality of a true soldier. Colossians 3:23 sets the stage for Gordon Lippman’s life, and I capture it well! ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.’ Throughout WWII, the Korean War, and Vietnam, Gordon Lippmann led and cared for his men during war times and peacetime challenges. This recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross was ever present as a warrior/leader and, equally as important, as a follower who carri... more
  • We the Presidents: How American Presidents Shaped the Last Century

    by Ronald Gruner
    We the Presidents is a non-traditional presidential history. Imagine a presidential history spanning Warren G. Harding to Donald Trump that never mentions Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. Instead Gruner discusses how the issues which affect Americans today from income inequality, to failed wars, to resurgent nativism and many other current issues have their roots in the actions taken by presidential administrations over the past century. We the Presidents also explores how d... more
  • WWII POWs in America and Abroad: Astounding Facts about the Imprisonment of Military and Civilians During the War

    by Gary Slaughter with Joanne Slaughter
    Little has been written about the six million people interned in prison camps around the world between 1939 and 1945. We are aware that the Allies and the Axis powers held one another's armed forces as military prisoners of war (POWs). The Axis powers also confined millions of civilian prisoners in death or concentration camps. In addition, the Axis imprisoned Russians, Slavs, European Jews, Gypsies, medically or physically handicapped persons, non-Jewish intellectuals, and religious leade... more
  • The Broken Promise Of A Promised Land

    by William Hanna
    The Broken Promise Of A Promised Land is an illuminating book with poignant commentary on society and religion, all delivered with sharp writing and a depth of understanding that ensures any reader will be able to grasp the ideas explored within. Literary Titan, August 25, 2021.
  • The Shining Ones

    by Christian O’Brien CBE M.A. & Barbara Joy O'Brien
    Bringing together a lifetime of research and scholarship based on the Sumerian Kharsag Epics and the deliberately concealed Chronicles of Enoch, with added support from an alternative translation of the later compilation of the Book of Genesis, The Shining Ones presents evidence of the activities of a group of culturally and technically advanced people, who dominated human progress for several thousand years. Establishing agriculture in the Near East around 8,500 BC, these sages founded the Ga... more
  • Violette and Ginger

    by Uri J. Nachimson
    Violette was born in Vienna to Jewish parents who immigrated to the United States before World War II. Due to Nazi racial laws, she was forced to leave her university studies, was arrested by the Gestapo, managed to escape, and joined the partisans, where she met her red-haired lover. The novel is based on testimonies of survivors of the extermination camps, and although the names and places have been changed, the descriptions are accurate and based on survivors' testimonials.
  • Politically Corrected

    by Kurt DiClementi

    “Politically Corrected” is a novel that deals with the battle for America's soul through the exploits of 9 determined Navy Seals and Special forces veterans. They shut down a human trafficking operation in Cambodia used by the Office of Naval Intelligence to fund black ops without congressional oversight. Corrupt and warring factions within the intelligence community as well as career politicians and social justice warriors all pursue and villainize these 9 men. Then, ill-gotten funds begin t... more

  • September Twelfth: An American Comeback Story

    by Dean Rotbart

    September Twelfth: An American Comeback Story is an inspirational and timeless account of courage, determination, and resurrection.


  • I Was Just a Radioman

    by Pamela Ackerson
    Their hearts were strong, and their courage endless. Pearl Harbor survivor, Black Cat radioman, and decorated WW 2 veteran. ARM H. P. Lawrence, tells the true story of the fight against the Japanese in this compilation of his memoirs. One of only a handful of non-Native American code-talkers, H. P. Lawrence became a member of an elite fighting force, the Black Cats. Flying in their nocturnal missions, the Cats claws were sharp and their aim deadly. From devastation to victory, the story... more
  • The Passion of Nino -- the Enlightener

    by Edward N Brown
    The little-known story of how a poor unassuming young woman overcame severe cultural persecution and ended up converting an entire nation to a new religion – Saint Nino the Enlightener! A true story of astonishing faith, courage, and valor. A moving and emotional story of the life of a remarkable woman - how she single-handedly overcame all adversity, brought the Good News to a pagan land, and won the people over to Jesus Christ. This is the story of an ordinary girl – born free, but s... more
  • Ancient Measurement

    by Roland A. Boucher
    Abstract Ancient Measurement published Sept 30 2020 Archway Publishing ISBN 978-1-4808-9534 (sc) Archway Publishing ISBN 978-1-4808-9536 (hc) Author Mr. Roland A Boucher When the French proposed their first metric system in 1670, they had no idea it had been invented by the ancient Mesopotamians 5000 years earlier. Just as the French proposed to use the length of a one-second pendulum to create standards of length, volume and weight, the Sumerians create nearly identical meters, liters and k... more