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History & Military

  • By the Tale of the Dragonfly

    by Vincent Hancock
    Based on five diary journals, the accounts in this work is a true-life genre of Rex, an itinerant soldier of fortune during the second millennia of the twentieth century. When the second world war broke out, Rex left his job as a Police Special Constable in Bilston, England to enlist with the Corp of Royal Engineers. On June 4th, 1944, Rex was sent as advance party to the beachhead at Arromanches on the Normandy coastline as part of the greatest naval invasion in history, Operation Overlord or D... more
  • Brownfield, Maine. An Illustrated History

    by Bradford A. Fuller
    This history begins with ice and ends with fire; climate defined life then as now. Brownfield and the surrounding towns which make up the original Pequawket tribal area are rich in history. For at least 12,000 years the inhabitants used the Saco River and the cleared forests for their seasonal rituals of hunting, gathering and eventually planting. The deep connection they experienced between themselves and nature is a connection that continues today for many. The story, though, can only be... more
  • Apostasy Can Lead a Nation to Self-Destruct

    by Philip Wittig
    This is the story of two nations, ancient Israel and the United States of America, separated by approximately three thousand years of time. From the beginning, both nations were dedicated and consecrated to God. They promised to worship only him and honor and obey His commands and ordinances. As a result, God blessed and prospered them with wealth, power and peace. He also surrounds their nations with His hedge of protection. Unfortunately, both nations over time gradually relaxed their commitme... more
  • Three Books on Ancient Roman Death

    by Michael Boyajian
    Three Books on Ancient Roman death covering suicide, infanticide and burial.
  • South End: Sport and Community at the Dock of the Bay

    by Bob Barde
    South End: Sport and Community at the Dock of the Bay is a comprehensive history of the South End Rowing Club. Established in San Francisco in 1873, the South End is the oldest rowing club west of the Mississippi and one of San Francisco's oldest sporting and social institutions. Its history mirrors much of the past of the city itself. The history of this iconic part of San Francisco's waterfront begins with the an exploration of the city's social and sporting milieu in the early post-Gold Ru... more
  • Lostmans Heritage: Pioneers in the Florida Everglades

    by Karen Yvonne Hamilton
    Lostmans Heritage follows the author’s journey as she searches for her ancestors from the slave country of Savannah to the wilds of the Florida Everglades. The Everglades is shrouded in mysteries, a tangle of mangroves, waterways, and sawgrass that meanders every which way and is as mutable as the wind. Nothing is ever where you left it. This is where one came to get lost, to hide among the wild things and the Seminoles. Her story begins with her ancestor, Richard Hamilton, an extraordinary and ... more
  • Books 1 and 2 of the trilogy BUT FOR FREEDOM

    by Elizabeth Rodger
    Book1 The story begins with the ethnic cleansing of the Scottish Highlands after the Battle of Culloden. After the torching of their home, enduring a winter of hardship, the Mackenzie family decide their only hope for survival is emigration to the New World. Enduring a harrowing passage, they arrive in Virginia where the father is indentured on a tobacco plantation for a portion of the fares. Through determination and effort, they assimilate into the culture. Book 2 The story follows the oldest ... more
  • Elelaurels Pte Ltd

    by Elelaurels Pte Ltd

    Today, you see fine wire that have been fixed on the windows of the houses. These mesh of wires is not just to provide security but to give a stylish environment. Elelaurels is the renowned supplier of Invisible grille to make the interior lively and secure .

  • I Was Hitler’s Baker

    by Glenn Peterson
    “The Germany of my youth no longer existed. The land of edelweiss and the beautiful blue Danube was gone, swept away by an alien ideology represented by jackboots and the skull and crossbones,” so writes Josef Putcamer in his 1944 diary when he becomes disillusioned with the Nazi regime. Josef tells the story of his friendship with Adolf Hitler from childhood into adulthood. Blinded in one eye by a stone thrown by young Adolf, Josef is spared from the horrors of the Great War. In 1919 he opens a... more
  • Mobilization Day: Americans Debate Militarism, 1914-1924

    by Roger Possner
    September 12, 1924 was Mobilization Day in America. Thirteen million men participated, marching in towns and cities across America. The War Department’s claimed purpose was to demonstrate readiness and patriotism—but what was the danger that made such an event needed? Mobilization Day: Americans Fight Militarism, 1914-1924 reveals a hidden history of American resistance to military values and large military forces.\tThe book opens with the dramatic events leading up to America’s entry into the G... more
  • Dear Hubby of Mine: Home Front Wives in World War II

    by Diane Phelps Budden
    Touching letters written by a loving couple; musty letters that detail past lives—my parents’ letters. A housewife and her sailor husband with shared immigrant experiences penned more than 500 letters during World War II, and the letters inform this book. Abridged versions of the letters weave a loving romantic story with actual events occurring on the home front and the battlefront. The letters are further brought to life through the 25 original family photographs and remembrances from the peri... more
  • Filtration

    by amlu paul
    Filtration is a method that removes particles from suspension in water.Clearing happens by various instruments that wire concentrating on, flocculation, sedimentation and surface catch. Channels can be planned by the central structure for get, for example expulsion of particles at the outside of the channel media. Channels, as typically comprehended in water treatment all around combine a medium inside which it is standard an epic district of the particles in the water will be gotten.
  • Dear Uncle Sam: A Political Satire

    by Rashid Arshed
    Dear Uncle Sam is an extended letter to Uncle Sam. The author admired him for the good he has done to the nation, but took him to task for his actions that contradict spirit of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, and the principles of Human Rights. If Uncle Sam could appreciate humor, the author has woven plenty of it into the 400 years of history, politics and current affairs. The author has also questioned Uncle Sam's romance with democracy, peace and human righ... more
  • La Qâdiriyya, une voie spirituelle millénaire

    by Cheikh Talibouya NIANG
    Les défis actuels de la Qâdiriyya sont nombreux et variés puisqu’ils recoupent entièrement ceux de l’Islam dont il est le moteur principal. Cependant, le principal défi est celui de l’éducation et de la clarification des musulmans dans un siècle dominé par la manipulation des consciences par les médias occidentaux qui charrie les virus de l’amalgame et de la désillusion semés par l’idéologie ultra-libérale et les chantres de l’extrêmisme religieux. IL est vrai que nous assistons à un renouveau... more
  • African American History: The Untold Stories

    by Yvette Long
    African American History: The Untold Stories was written to connect Americans who could benefit from understanding and connecting with their history. An understanding of history helps us to understand who we are while providing direction for who we are capable of becoming. African American History: The Untold Stories will aid African American boys with the interest of having insight into a narrative of their forefathers and a more accurate perception of themselves and their potential. Afr... more
  • Valley of the Shadow: An Account of American POWs of the Japanese

    by Whitney Galbraith
    I am an author here in Colorado Springs who is marketing this new volume internationally and would like to introduce the volume to you as well. The volume is my own father’s stunning WW II POW memoir. I would be pleased to further discuss the project with you in hopes that you will carry the volume. It is a substantial addition to the history of the Pacific War. With appreciation. (Mr.) Whitney Galbraith. 719-633-2740. I would greatly appreciate having your regular e-mail address so that I mi... more