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History & Military

  • GK general knowledge

    by Awadhesh Raj creator
  • Glory - The Struggle for Yards

    by Donna Francavilla
    Former NFL Cincinnati Bengals' Gary S. Burley, children's author Ralph V. Brooks, and award-winning journalist Donna T. Francavilla combined efforts to reveal the challenges and achievements of 5 outstanding football players who broke the color barrier around the turn of the century. Enjoy rarely-seen photographs and read real-life stories about these brave athletes. Hall of Famer, Burl A. Toler, the first African-American to serve as a field official in a major American professional sports ... more
  • Random Convergence: The linked evolution of U.S. military aviation and postal air mail

    by Charles Witthoft
    Random Convergence is the first volume of a multi-volume study - Airline Regulatory Economics. The intent of this series is to compile a detailed history of U.S. Federal Government activities in owning, operating, developing, promoting and economically-regulating U.S. air carriers. This analysis draws attention on the key events driving this story, the primary individuals responsible for these significant actions, and the political and economic environment embedded in this history. In mathema... more
  • The Malthus Fraud

    by Robert Dees
    The defeat of the British government by American revolutionaries and the role of the laboring classes in overthrowing the French monarchy in the late 1700s inspired confidence among working people and fear among the elites, posing the need for an ideological counterattack. The Essay on Population was Malthus’s contribution to this battle of ideas. He argued that working people, by “overpopulating,” have only themselves to blame for their poverty, that the form of government and economy play no... more
  • A Brief History of England: 4000 BCE - Yesterday

    by Robert Dees
    Part I provides a factual, but humorously written romp through English history, starting in 4000 BCE and racing through to the present. The perspective throughout is that of the farmers and their role in driving many of the key turning points in English history. Part II provides a little more detail, particularly on the decisive role that farmers played not only in producing the increases in agricultural production upon which each new, higher level of civilization was built, but also in politica... more
  • The Power of Peasants: Economics and Politics of Farming in Medieval Germany

    by Robert Dees
    Part I provides a background understanding of how the Roman slave economy destroyed its free peasantry and thereby its source of food, taxpayers, and soldiers. Meanwhile, free farmers in northern Europe increased agricultural yields, producing more food, more farmers, more warriors until they overran the empire. Further advances in agricultural productivity made possible medieval civilization, which, with the rise of the feudal class, then collapsed into the Hundred Years War and bubonic plague.... more
  • Custer's Reconnaissance

    by Terrance E. Heitter
    This is the most logical and factual study ever written about General George Armstrong Custer and his actions at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
  • War Alert in the Tropical Dawn at Pearl

    by Pam Ribbey
    From Pacific portents in the ether of Radio Intelligence surrounding the 7 December 1941 Pearl Harbor Attack, through survivor stories and archival research revealing still classified files, a granddaughter of the senior U.S. Naval Officer with his secret Task Group that dawn unveils the truth submerged for eighty years that presaged America into WWII.
  • Leave Your Legacy: For U.S. Veterans & Military Members

    by AimeeAnn Blythe

    Before memories fade, leave a record

     (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, National Guard, Coast Guard, Space Force)

             Tangible Record: A written history provides a tangible and enduring record that can be passed down through generations. Unlike digital files that may be susceptible to loss due to technical issues, a physical record stands the test of time.