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History & Military


    by musa rashid
    Having problems concerning your past, present FUTURE love ,Debts or business?Feel surrounded by evil influences? Negativity forcing you in the wrong direction? Contact Dr Musa Bin Rashid today! He has God-given powers and natural herbs from the Mountains of the moon to help you find true love/soul mate or reunite you back with lost loved ones,get rid of Aids,Cancer etc. Call Dr Musa Bin Rashid today for FREE READINGS over the phone! +27720748505/+27836694179 Email https://lo... more
  • 2020: A Whimsical Journey Through a Pandemic Year

    by Nina Neefe
    We’ve moved on from 2020 – or have we? Yes, it’s another cat book. But this is also a history book. And a yearbook. And a poem… All rolled into one! It’s the chaos and the ups and downs that defined 2020. Meet Simon & Mulan, two adorable cats who will help you revisit this historical, unprecedented era and reclaim your memories of a momentous, sometimes heartbreaking, and at times wacky, COVID pandemic experience. 2020: A CAT ODYSSEY is a quirky, rhyming historical journey down memor... more
  • Escape or Perish

    by John Stanley Weekes
    This book is the product of inspiration and motivation. The inspiration came in night visions upon my bed, when the Lord revealed to me events that shall shortly come to pass, beginning with the rapture of His Church, when Christ shall appear in the clouds and take his chosen people, those in the grave and those alive, to live with him in Heaven forever. “For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and the dead in Chris... more
  • Round Eyes: An American Nurse in Vietnam. New Illustrated Ed.

    by Diane Klutz
    The year was 1969-Woodstock, free love, peace marches, and war. Life was unpredictable at best, but that didn't stop twenty-year-old Diane Mumper from going after her dream of adventure. Often comical and frequently cynical, Diane tells the story of her experiences in the US Army Nurse Corps, from basic training through duty in South Vietnam. Along the way, she discovers a truth far different than she ever expected.
  • Fern Coppedge: One Woman's Struggle For Equality In The Art World

    by Les Fox
    Biography and Catalogue Raisonne for the American artist Fern Isabel Coppedge (1883-1951) 260 pages
  • The Troubles, with music: Ulster punk and British independents

    As the Northern Ireland 'Troubles' passed eight years and over 2,000 deaths, punk music allowed catholic and protestant youths to transcend the communal, political and sectarian conflict. Following on American and British groups (such as The Clash, the Ramones and the Sex Pistols), Ulster bands made their mark on Northern Irish society and the British music scene. Rudi, Ruefrex, Stiff Little Fingers and The Undertones were just four of hundreds who worked alongside Terri Hooley and his Good Vibr... more
  • Generic Vidalista

    by Debra Stele

    Cialis Vidalista 60 MG tablet is usually prescribed to treat ED and symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy. It relaxes the blood vessels surrounding the penis to allow enhanced blood flow during sexual arousal having reduced nerve activity and boosted smooth muscle relaxation.

  • Digital Marketing Services in Noida

    by Shrawan singh
    Digital Marketing is today’s way of getting your service, product or brand endorse out in the world. In easier terms, digital marketing is a way of advertising through digital channels. Digital channels like social media, search engines, mobile apps, email, and websites. According to a Google marketing insight, around 50% of consumer starts their inquires from a search engine, around 30% visits brand website and the rest around 20% visits mobile applications. Digital marketing works acro... more
  • Triumph and Tragedy: The Evolution and Legacy of 20th Century War Machines

    by Martin Miller

    Triumph and Tragedy is the keystone volume in a trilogy of books on twentieth century weapons of war. Previous volumes are The Neutron’s Long Shadow: Legacies of Nuclear Explosives Production in the Manhattan Project (February 2017) and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Specters of the Nuclear Age (December 2017). This last book in the series traces the course of the scientific, industrial, and cultural revolutions that paved the way for the unprecedented violence of 20th century wars and hi... more

  • 2020: The Campaign Chronicles

    by JD Foster
    This work chronicles the key events influencing the 2020 presidential election from the 2016 presidential election onward. Written contemporaneously as events unfolded, this work reflects the impressions of events as they happened in contrast to the later histories written in hindsight which often omit the sense of the events. Donald Trump stunned the world in 2016 and continued to stun, amaze, and outrage much of the world throughout his presidency. At the same time, the contest for the Democr... more
  • 2016: The Campaign Chronicles

    by JD Foster
    This book chronicles the most bizarre presidential election in modern memory, the 2016 election. Beginning with the 2014 mid-terms and written contemporaneously with events and with the impressions and interpretations then apparent, the book follows the battles for the Republican and Democratic nominations and ultimately the titanic clash between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and billionaire entrepreneur/entertainer Donald Trump. Unlike every other book written about the 2016 electi... more
  • Remembering a Great American Hero: Marian Anderson

    by Emile Henwood
    There is a massive amount of historical information available about Marian Anderson in over twenty biographies, her extensive personal papers at the University of Pennsylvania Library, the National Marian Anderson Historical Society's Residence Museum, various PBS documentaries, the Smithsonian Institute, the Internet and undocumented verbal stories that have circulated in her home town of Philadelphia for years. Researching her long 96-year life was an exciting privilege, but time-consuming. Th... more
  • Furniture Moving Service in Al-Balad

    by trese3 trese

    Furniture Moving Service in Al-Balad

    One of the most popular services offered by furniture moving companies in Saudi is their packing and moving service. People who have experienced such moving services would attest to its high quality and efficiency. Indeed, one doesn't even have to take his time to pack his belongings as the movers do everything for him and leave it all at the new home.

    When deci... more

  • Birra Trappista

    by Birra Trappista
  • amazon bellen belgie

    by Suzie Busker
    Hallo,mijn naam is Suzie Busker. Ik woon in Brussel,België en heb mijn studie gevolgd aan de University of Technology België. Ik ben technisch ingenieur bij de Amazon bellen Belgie.
  • Census of the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians of Pine Ridge Agency 1896 - 1897 Book I

    by Jeff Bowen
    This census concerns six districts (Wakpamini, White Clay, Porcupine, Wounded Knee, Medicine Root and Pass Creek) of the Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota, formally known as the Red Cloud Agency, 1896 to 1899 for both the Sioux and Cheyenne. Census includes relation, sex, age and roll number. Over 10,000 names with full index containing both Indian and English names.