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History & Military

  • Promises of Betrayals

    by Fazle Chowdhury
    The December 2018 Literary Titan award-winning book Promises of Betrayals demonstrates the revealingly complex and profound caution in the re-examination of Iran as it has remained shrouded in a murky cloud to those responsible for directing United States policy. Fazle Chowdhury fills the crucial information gaps by exploring key Iranian history events that has directly and indirectly shaped Iran's doctrine while syndicating 500-years of trials that has permanent implications on the clerical reg... more
  • Enoch Crosby Master Spy of the American Revolution

    by Michael Boyajian
    Enoch Crosby was the greatest spy of the American Revolution so much so that at times it was hard to tell if he was working for the British or the Americans.
  • Exploring Chán: An Introduction to the Religious and Mystical Tradition of Chinese Buddhism

    by Chuan Zhi
    Chuan Zhi, an ordained monk in the Chinese Linji tradition, takes us on a fascinating journey to uncover the causes and conditions that led to Chan’s formation as a unique expression of Chinese Buddhism. Along the way, he explores some complex topics: How and why did the Chan institution invent its characteristic lineage system and what is its significance? How has state sponsorship shaped the presentation of Chan and Zen throughout the Orient? How might there be a disparity between the mystica... more
  • The Growth and Collapse of One American Nation

    by Donald Fraser
    Our identity as one nation is fragile today, much as it was when the Civil War erupted in 1861. Lincoln, in closing his first inaugural address, warned: “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies.” But too often in our time, we view those we disagree with as enemies, as members of a different nation. \tThat was the challenge our ancestors faced too, and they allowed their differences to devolve into a civil war. Perhaps that struggle was inevitable, since the overriding moral issu... more
  • Collective Amnesia: American Apartheid: African Americans' 400 Years in North America, 1619-2019

    by Eugene DeFriest Betit
    Examines all stages African Americans have experienced in American History: slavery, emancipation, Jim Crow and extreme racial prejudice. Essentially, this the part of American history that has been excised because it is embarrassing. Chapters address White supremacy and racism, slavery, US Colored Troops' role ending the Civil War, Destruction of the South, Emancipation, Reconstruction, the Freedmen's Bureau, the "Lost Cause," "Redemption," Jim Crow, blacks' participation in the two world w... more
  • Classic Candy: America's Favorite Sweets, 1950-80

    by Darlene Lacey
    From classics such as the Hershey bar and M&Ms to trend-setters like PEZ and Atomic Fireballs, candy has a special place in our hearts and memories. Lacey details the evolution of candy in America, looking at the classics from a variety of angles. With a look at everything from chocolate to fruity sweets, from simply packaging to product tie-ins, Lacey examines the classic candy of the late-twentieth century, including what it meant--and what it still means--to most of us.
  • The Musical Touch of Leonard Nimoy: His fascinating musical career and discography

    by Darlene Lacey
    He’s groovy! He’s sexy! He’s a hit with all the kids! Who’s that? Paul McCartney? Davy Jones? NO! it’s Mr. Spock - WAIT! It’s Leonard Nimoy! The two are inseparable and both are cultural icons. This book captures the moment in time in the far out 60s when Leonard Nimoy was signed to a five album record deal for Dot Records, signed a universe of autographs, and toured the country to promote his singing career to throngs of adoring fans. Highly illogical? You be the judge in this one hundred page ... more
  • Tall Air

    by D Stuart White

    Tall Air

    Matthew “Mathe” Stone and Jonathon “Finn” Finley, friends from different backgrounds, find a common desire to challenge their world in the extreme, seeking Tall Air.

    ​Against their hilarious and frightful missteps as teenagers, through first loves, to their struggle to survive Naval Air combat in Vietnam, they couldn’t have done it without each other. Explore the best and the worst in them in their razor... more

  • By the Tale of the Dragonfly

    by Vincent Hancock
    Based on five diary journals, the accounts in this work is a true-life genre of Rex, an itinerant soldier of fortune during the second millennia of the twentieth century. When the second world war broke out, Rex left his job as a Police Special Constable in Bilston, England to enlist with the Corp of Royal Engineers. On June 4th, 1944, Rex was sent as advance party to the beachhead at Arromanches on the Normandy coastline as part of the greatest naval invasion in history, Operation Overlord or D... more
  • Brownfield, Maine. An Illustrated History

    by Bradford A. Fuller
    This history begins with ice and ends with fire; climate defined life then as now. Brownfield and the surrounding towns which make up the original Pequawket tribal area are rich in history. For at least 12,000 years the inhabitants used the Saco River and the cleared forests for their seasonal rituals of hunting, gathering and eventually planting. The deep connection they experienced between themselves and nature is a connection that continues today for many. The story, though, can only be... more
  • Letters in a Trunk

    by Daniel R. Mazza
    A budding romance between two teenagers fresh out of high school from Worcester, Massachusetts, all documented in the letters they wrote between 1943-1946 while George served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during WW II. Thanks to Lottie's foresight to have George mail her letters back, for the majority of the letters, the reader gets both sides of their conversations. You will experience firsthand George and Lottie's hopes and dreams, along with their fair share of despair and loneliness from hav... more
  • Apostasy Can Lead a Nation to Self-Destruct

    by Philip Wittig
    This is the story of two nations, ancient Israel and the United States of America, separated by approximately three thousand years of time. From the beginning, both nations were dedicated and consecrated to God. They promised to worship only him and honor and obey His commands and ordinances. As a result, God blessed and prospered them with wealth, power and peace. He also surrounds their nations with His hedge of protection. Unfortunately, both nations over time gradually relaxed their commitme... more
  • Three Books on Ancient Roman Death

    by Michael Boyajian
    Three Books on Ancient Roman death covering suicide, infanticide and burial.
  • South End: Sport and Community at the Dock of the Bay

    by Bob Barde
    South End: Sport and Community at the Dock of the Bay is a comprehensive history of the South End Rowing Club. Established in San Francisco in 1873, the South End is the oldest rowing club west of the Mississippi and one of San Francisco's oldest sporting and social institutions. Its history mirrors much of the past of the city itself. The history of this iconic part of San Francisco's waterfront begins with the an exploration of the city's social and sporting milieu in the early post-Gold Ru... more
  • Lostmans Heritage: Pioneers in the Florida Everglades

    by Karen Yvonne Hamilton
    Lostmans Heritage follows the author’s journey as she searches for her ancestors from the slave country of Savannah to the wilds of the Florida Everglades. The Everglades is shrouded in mysteries, a tangle of mangroves, waterways, and sawgrass that meanders every which way and is as mutable as the wind. Nothing is ever where you left it. This is where one came to get lost, to hide among the wild things and the Seminoles. Her story begins with her ancestor, Richard Hamilton, an extraordinary and ... more
  • Books 1 and 2 of the trilogy BUT FOR FREEDOM

    by Elizabeth Rodger
    Book1 The story begins with the ethnic cleansing of the Scottish Highlands after the Battle of Culloden. After the torching of their home, enduring a winter of hardship, the Mackenzie family decide their only hope for survival is emigration to the New World. Enduring a harrowing passage, they arrive in Virginia where the father is indentured on a tobacco plantation for a portion of the fares. Through determination and effort, they assimilate into the culture. Book 2 The story follows the oldest ... more