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History & Military

  • French Kiss: How the Americans and French Fell in and Out of Love During the Cold War

    by Steve Bassett
    FRENCH KISS is a one-of-a-kind look at the Cold War. It has it all: laughter, bizarre behavior by high-ranking Air Force officers, black market, sex, love and tears, and most of all how mutual acceptance overcomes suspicion and distrust. The story was made possible by more than 250 hours of interviews and access to cherished mementos and photos provided by Americans and French who worked or served at Dèols-Châteauroux Air Station (CHAS) in the Berry region of Central France during the height of ... more
  • Without 3 Miracles Darwin's Dead!: Science Proves Atheistic Evolution Is Impossible!

    by Charlie Liebert

    In "Without 3 Miracles Darwin's Dead!: Science Proves Atheistic Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE" by
    Charlie Liebert, readers are taken on a thought-provoking journey that challenges the concept
    of Atheistic Evolution through a series of compelling arguments and evidence. The book dives
    deep into the core principles of Evolution, dissecting its fundamental flaws by examining the
    violation of scientific laws such as the 1st and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics and the Law of
    Biogenes... more

  • Two Eagles

    by Ricardo Sheffield
    In the middle of the Sonoran Desert, two eagles meet face to face. One has flown from the north, the other from the south. After a long journey, they confront each other in a vast territory that unites two great countries that, like the eagles, are not as different as they seem. Two hundred years after the beginning of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the United States, Ricardo Sheffield takes a look at the shared history of both nations. He considers questions such as: • What was life li... more
  • YUTKA And the Voyage of the Parita

    by Marcia Breece
    Yutka And the Voyage of the Parita is based on a true story of courage, grief, and love. Rich in historical accuracy and authentic characters, Yutka And the Voyage of the Parita is an impassioned look into seventeen- year-old Yutka Lipka’s harrowing escape to British Mandate Palestine, the grisly fate of her family at the hands of the Nazis, and the triumph of Israeli independence. In 1939, avoiding the growing anti-Semitic violence, and unable to convince her family to emigrate, Yutka joins 8... more
  • Earth's Emergency Room: Saving Species as the Planet and Politics Get Hotter

    by Lowell E. Baier
    Earth’s Emergency Room reflects on the differences between the era of the ESA (the 1960s and 70s) and today. Baier explains, “We have lost our national unity, bipartisan spirit, and clarity of purpose. In 1973 Congress made a moral pronouncement on behalf of the American people, that it was important to protect the Earth’s species. Today, we know that to be truer than ever, but we have lost our perspective. Only by recapturing the moral authority of the past, and acting as a united people, can w... more
  • Roosevelt to Roosevelt: Presidential Nominating Conventions from 1904 to 1944

    by Stan Haynes
    1904 to 1944. Four decades that were crucial for the United States. Then, unlike today, presidential nominating conventions mattered. Their outcomes altered history. Without the twists, turns, and dealmaking at conventions, there would have been no President Woodrow Wilson, no rejection of a third term for President Theodore Roosevelt, no President Warren Harding, no Vice President Calvin Coolidge, and no Vice President Harry Truman. How did the victors at conventions prevail, and why were the l... more
  • Operation ThunderStrike

    by Kashan Ajmeri
    Embark on a heart-pounding adventure through the untamed wilderness with 'Jungle Recon: Operation Thunderstrike.' Join the fearless Captain Jave and Intelligence Agent Jenny as they journey deep into enemy territory on a secret mission that will test their courage, cunning, and camaraderie to the limit. Faced with relentless adversaries, treacherous terrain, and the specter of betrayal, our heroes must rely on their wits and survival instincts to navigate the jungle's deadly labyrinth and emerge... more
  • Born To Rise: A Journey From Setbacks To Comebacks and Lessons Learned

    by Lorna Blake
    Born to a poor teenage mother in rural Jamaica, Lorna experienced poverty, abandonment, and abuse. She boarded a plane to Canada on her own as a teenager with no guarantee of a visa, eventually gaining citizenship. Lorna defied the odds, overcoming poverty to graduate from university with an honors degree in social work while becoming the mother of two young children. Her passion for learning and helping people transform their lives has led her to work in 5 different countries, where she’s... more
  • The Reflecting Man - Volume Five

    by D.K.R. Boyd

    This is the fifth and final volume recounting the antic, ribald journey of our loquacious and unreliable narrator, Kurtis De’ath, from the Maritimes in Canada, whose unusual talents led him into the innermost circles of Hitler’s Third Reich and Churchill’s British government.



  • Charity, Change, and Community: Frankford's Swedenborgians and Their Circle Volume I: 1817 - 1875

    by Gail Rodgers McCormick
    Spurred by a family discovery, Gail McCormick embarked on an historical journey to uncover the story of a unique society of Swedenborgians, a Christian sect inspired by the works of eighteenth-century scientist and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg. Unlike most investigations of American Swedenborgianism that have emphasized Swedenborg’s influence on the elite, eccentric, and esoteric, McCormick focuses on the experience and impact of this community of faith in the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhoo... more
  • Utah the Disturbed Land

    by Dave Crosby
    Utah had a tumultuous Past told in its geology
  • L'histoire des rois de France en Roussillon

    by Anton Martin
    Le Roussillon, une région riche en histoire, a joué un rôle significatif dans l'histoire de la France, notamment en ce qui concerne ses rois. De la période du Moyen Âge à nos jours, les rois de France ont laissé leur empreinte sur Roussillon de bien des façons. L'un des rois les plus remarquables à avoir eu une présence en Roussillon était Louis XI. Connu pour sa ruse et son habileté politique, Louis XI a été essentiel dans l'expansion du royaume de France en Roussillon en négociant avec les ... more
  • Idiot. Loser. Fraud. An illustrated guide to Donald Trump.

    by Tom Praddlun
    This book is about Donald Trump-his stupidity, pettiness, dishonesty, hypocrisy, bankruptcies, racism, sexism, affairs, crimes - and his attempt to overthrow U.S. democracy. All the reasons he should not be President.
  • The Armenian Seminars

    by Michael Boyajian

    The author’s depth of knowledge and almost lyrical style and spontaneity of speaking about such topics of interest to Armenians from their early embrace of the West, control of the photoengraving industry in the United States and the abundance of Armenian illuminated bibles and what they signified and the need for non academic history books that tell a swashbuckling tale of Armenian history and its heroes all comes to life here. As Plato’s Socratic dialogues were to Greek cultural... more

  • Alabama Short Stories: Volume 2

    by Shawn Wright
    Alabama Short Stories, Volume 2, takes you on a trip through the heart of this Deep South state, exploring the interesting and true tales that make Alabama unique. There are 30 more engaging stories, both old and new, that have shaped the culture of this southern state.

    by Thomas C. Clarie

    Presented are 17 chapters, each on a famous visitor. Included are car builders in 1900, a witness and negotiator of the Russian Revolution, World Fair and World Olympics director, boy pianist for famed opera star Jenny Lind, sculptor who studied with Rodin, founder of brain surgery, backer of Lindbergh flight to Paris, and governor who let two world famous murderers die in the chair.