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  • There's a Pooker on My Pillow

    by Harry Higinbotham
    What happens when an abandoned Yorkie finds her forever home? And just what is a “Pooker” anyway? Find out in this engaging tale (tail?) of a little Yorkie who went from being left out in a forest to being rescued and then adopted by a loving couple who helps her overcome her fear of everything to become a happy, well-adjusted dog. Click the BUY button now to get this heart-warming story and help teach children the importance of adopting rescued animals!
  • the ruptured man

    by Winston Ritson
    Without much to say and the calendar ravenously consuming the days of my life, I know I have to pen a piece. The following words are an obligatory contribution to the digital clutter, a few more bytes piled high on the trash heap of talent mistaken for talent. I think I have what it takes, but, the acrid smell of fingertips leave stains across the digital world, leading me to one conclusion. Maybe two conclusions, or even more. The conclusions seemingly self-dividing, digital cells of my cont... more
  • To Hear His Voice: Poem and Devotional Book

    by Catherine Posey
    Life is full of challenges, troubles, heartaches, and fears—but there is no reason for us to endure bearing these burdens on our own. Not only did Jesus Christ die for our sins—so we may have everlasting life with Him—but He desires that we follow Him, so that we can hear His voice. When life gets hard, we have a Shepherd, our Saviour Jesus Christ, who gives us comfort. When we don't know which direction to turn, He guides us down the right path. When we feel weak and overwhelmed, He strengthens... more
  • Rage, Recovery, and Calm: A Year in Poetry

    by Amanda JS Kaufmann
    It's midlife and you're burned out. In the ashes, you're trying to chart a new course in life that is true to your spirit. What does that look like? In this collection of experimental haiku and photographs, artist Amanda JS Kaufmann shares a turning-point year in her life of working through midlife crisis, recovery, and being herself.
  • Blooming in the Dark

    by Jennifer LeBlanc, Kirsten McNeill
    In this collection of poetry, co-writers Jennifer LeBlanc and Kirsten McNeill explore what it means to thrive in the absence of light. There is beauty in the darkness. Open your heart and let in the night.
  • I Do Heroin On The Train Line So You Don’t Have To: A Hitchhiker’s Guide To My Galaxie

    by Melodie Yvonne
    Not a lot of people know that I ran away from home at 16. And I never went back. Some days I don’t know how I’ve made it this far... and then I remember maybe I haven’t made it. It’s been a very long life, and I’ve lived through and done some rough things that I’d never wish on anyone. I’m lucky the people I hurt have been able to forgive me, and that through it all I’m not dead. This is a project that looks back on the time I spent living on the streets from town to town and place to place as w... more
  • The Fire In A Woman's Belly

    by madison meadows
    'The Fire in a Woman's Belly 1' is about surviving and healing from narcissistic abuse. The poetry moves through the landscape of anger by addressing it and feeling its power, to a quest of transmuting the wounds into beauty caused by the narcissist; and lastly, transforming it through a level of awareness that gives inner strength and a deeper understanding of oneself. This is for any woman who's healing from the abuse of a narcissist.
  • Positive Mind Waves

    by Olivia Kiskaden
    Bring light into your darkest days. Encourage positivity by igniting the powers within. Positive Mind Waves contains 32 pages of poems, each dedicated to uplift and enlighten. This chapbook has one theme to empower the mind and help manifest more positive thoughts.
  • Scribbles of the mind

    by Elie Azar
    This book is for all the people who found themselves unable to share their emotional burdens with the people they care about. To the people that weren’t able to give justice to their feelings, and to the fire running through their veins. To the ones that got so insecure, that the words of those around them became the bricks of the walls they built around themselves. I hope my book will make anyone who reads it feel less alone, less isolated and okay that they are unable to set free the chaos goi... more
  • Voices

    by O'Neil Pemberton
    Voices speaks to the many facets of our lives . . . from falling in love, growing old, rage against society and injustice, to our legacy that we leave behind when we die. A passionate and moving collection of poetry from a wounded soul who lives everyday to survive and flush out the many reasons each of us is here on this earth.
  • A Gun and a Rose

    by Emanuel Kane
    The book explores the troublesome mind of the individual who puts the nation above his interests. The persona goes through emotional, romantic, and psychological problems without community support. Kane continued, “My poetry is meant to fill the emptiness in our society with caring for the voiceless and poor, something that has driven me since being orphaned as a toddler and missing the warmth of my mother
  • Solitary Seasons

    by Jass Khattra

    "Solitary Seasons" is a collection of thoughts divided into four seasons of the year (Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring). It deeply explores the curiosities, emotions, love, and loss experienced while going through an unaccompanied period of life. Thoughts published in the book are the expressions of a young mind who was unable to verbally express them, therefore they had to be written down.

  • JUSTIN SANE - The Joy and Pain of A Beautiful Man's Soul

    by Justin P. Dodson
    Justin continues to be with us; he has brought so many people together to continue to bring hope and truth. His signs have been real; butterflies, cardinals, stink bugs, unfound pictures and letters. Peaceful and happy dreams, visions, and the Sermon of The Prodigal Son have been given to us by the Holy Spirit. His Dance was always Hope, Peace and Love. Prayers to all who read his message. Always take the hand and walk to the Light.
  • Nature and Lovers

    by Dominique Webb MA
    Literary flare passions from the roots of rejuvenation with regeneration as side, which, rather than being supernaturally constituted, shows semantic drift towards a somatic of colloquial derivations. For that brush of jacket collars in the side street you thigh on waste whilst twisting to the pub, for the old bars of money that cool your hips for auditory sprinkles songs drumming the tune of your cognitive motor to transmute chemistry up from your cells. In the dialects and runs from payment ro... more
  • Selling the Family

    by Nancy Kay Peterson
    Selling the Family shares the reflections of a sole surviving family member as she sorts several generations of belongings for a final estate auction, a quintessential experience in rural America. The poet recounts the deaths of her immediate family and watches an auctioneer's staff organize the sale of what to the family were thoughtfully acquired possessions collected over several lifespans. She sees childhood treasures tossed together for bundled bids, her father's WWII memorabilia appraised... more
  • Constant State of Love

    by Anran Liken
    This is the second collection of poetry with 44 poems on it. Just like the first collection, each one comes from my heart. I have cried some more, laughed a lot, felt every emotions and you could feel that while reading the book. Emotions rule our life whether it is love, anger, passion, crying, laughing. We all have felt these at some point in our lives. For me to let you enjoy more, there will be a third collection of poetry coming soon.