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  • The Lament: Selected Poems and Prose

    by Ercell Hoffman
    A Sensuous Exploration of Love in All Its Glory The Lament captures the full range of emotion that whirl around human relationships. Here are dozens of poems examining the profound joy of those deeply in love, the incredible longing of the separated partner, the intense loneliness of modern working life, and - above all - the indisputable necessity of connecting with people around us. Poet Ercell H. Hoffman casts a penetrating gaz... more

    by The Sparkler Princess
    Baby Alligator is VERY HUNGRY! In fact, he's so hungry, he eats everything in his path from the beginning of the letter A to the end of the letter Z! A kite, a yo-yo and a shoe are just a few of the things that he chews. His eating habits are way out of control! Can anyone or anything stop him? Jump into this adventurous, rhyming alphabet book, filled with lots of silly giggles to share with your little reader.

    by The Sparkler Princess
    The second book in THE IMAGINATION SERIES, "I Know Who I Am From Beginning To End." Come along on a space journey with these curious ants as they explore the power of possibilities from the earth and beyond, in this playful and lyrical story. The second book in the Imagination Series, I KNOW WHO I AM FROM BEGINNING TO END, teaches children the power of living fully in the moment, creating their dreams and going as far as the universe can take them. Simply put, a feel good story about the pow... more

    by The Sparkler Princess
    Smiling is so much fun! There are lots of smiles for everyone! This simple rhyming book teaches and shares the value of a smile. Designed to support the emotional and mental well being of young children, this endearing story paints a beautiful picture of the power of sharing your smiles with others. This book is the perfect way to tuck away your little one to bed with a smile.
  • Dreams, Screams & JellyBeans

    by Kevin Brougher
    A collection of silly poems for all ages.
  • Infinite Grace: Sonnets, Illustrated

    by Carol Creelawn
    Carol Creelawn reflects on nature, love, family, dreams, and many other matters in this wonderful new collection. Her cleverly constructed sonnets or sonnet-like poems are accompanied by stark, black and white images. Together, they create a haunting, creature-filled world.
  • Poems Practical

    by Marty Nemko
    Clear, oft contrarian musings on love, work, life, Velveeta, etc.
  • Black Girl Mango Seeds: A Book of Poetry Celebrating the Spectrum of Experiences of Black Women

    by melissa jones

    Black Girl Mango Seeds is a collection of poetry that examines the lives of black girls/women through personal narratives and stories that connect common experiences, through historical references and content and through current events in media/news. 

    Black Girl Mango Seeds is both fruitful and vulnerable. It focuses on a wide range of topics that reflect trauma and triumphs. These poems highlight specific areas that are critical for Black women to create dialigue, to reflect on di... more

  • Illscript & Oratorio Series: Encomienda Oblique, a Morning Between Watermelon Walls

    by PmOC
    A modern-day illuminated manuscript borne from a wholly improvisational methodology Follow the author on twitter @PmOC11 Visit for more information
  • A Woman's Story: Her Prerogative Spoken Through His Words

    by Derrick Graham
    This books speaks to the heart on various levels. As a woman, she has the responsibility of raise children on her own, making decisions for the best of the family, enduring broken relationships, and strengthening her relationship with Christ. This book is also motivational.
  • Absurd

    by Ronald Bremner
    Publisher's blurb: This turned out to be a beautiful book, we are impressed. Now available through Cajun Mutt Press, Absurd by R. Bremner. Poetry in one of its finest forms, absurdism! ab·surd·ism noun 1. intentionally ridiculous or bizarre behavior or character. "the absurdism of the Dada movement" 2. the belief that human beings exist in a purposeless, chaotic universe.
  • Identifying the Body

    by JoAnne McFarland
    Janet Kaplan describes Identifying the Body as, quite literally, a moving picture (text in cinematographic jump cut, close up, and chiaroscuro) of a Black woman as she embodies herself and those she loves and mourns. Identifying the Body also means Identifying the soul that longs for release and the passions that yearn for fulfillment right here: love and justice embodied, in full measure.
  • The Darkness of Enlightenment: Lyrical Poetry of Love, Life, Death, and Redemption: The Poems of Shamus V. Mosby: Volume one

    by Shamus V. Mosby
    Poetry at its deepest depths, taking the reader on a journey down the twisting avenues of the human experience. Mosby relates to us all, as he explores love in all its perfection and the absence there of. Mosby, speaks of the melancholy that renders its bite upon us all, at least from time to time. The poet, expresses the redemption one seeks when enlightenment is finally found, and the shadows that cloak the path which one must travel, to be honest with ones self. Life in all of its wondrous em... more
  • All of Yesterday's Tomorrows: Collected Poems

    by Ramez Qureshi

    "We shall write
              because there is no longer
    a place to see 'The Light that Came From Beside the Sea,'
                                  the account of our place in shadow
                        a place to see the onset of life

    There is the original book, the primordial writing;
    but who can read ... more

  • Joe Got Flow: A Story of Hip Hop & Poetry

    by Chris James
    The book is JOE GOT FLOW: A Story of Hip & Poetry. The book about is about a 5th grader named Joseph who aspires to rap but soon learns from Mr. Chris, a visiting poet, that he must first learn the art of writing poems. Throughout the week, Mr. Chris teaches all the figurative language skills; simile, metaphor, adages, alliteration. idiom, personification, etc. By the end of the week Joseph falls in love with poetry. This book can be used to cover these core standards for grades 3-5 and even som... more
  • The Rose that Never Grew From Concrete

    by Shay Belt
    This poetry collection is about truth, the truth about abuse, about trauma, about love, about love loss, about loss, about struggling with a mental health disease, about finding oneself, about learning to love oneself, about healing, about being set free. It's about learning how to grow into a rose even though your environment had soil that was only able to sustain weeds.