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  • Goodbye Toothless House

    by Kelly Fordon
    In Kelly Fordon’s haunting darkly humorous collection you will travel through neighborhoods filled with cupcake houses, white picket fences, and sudden dead ends. You will recognize the neighbor who talks too much, the one who keeps secrets, and the one with the perfect veneer. Anyone might emerge from these clapboard houses. In one sleek volume, Fordon creates the neighborhood that you saw and instantly wanted to move into, and then fought like mad to escape. Welcome to the neighborhood.
  • To You with Love: Selected Poems

    by Gary W. Burns
    This collection of selected love poems, written in contemporary free verse, is a tapestry of heartfelt passion. The collection is comprised of warm and gentle verse expressing loves passion and is filled with deep-felt emotions. These love poems sing of the pleasure of love gifted from heart to heart and body to body. The tender poems, sometimes erotic and sometimes quietly revealing, openly share the stirrings and joy of love: " . . . From the Wellspring / Sharing / You move / And I move to... more
  • Garden Walks: Hand in Hand - Poems to Relax by

    by Gary W. Burns
    Everyone needs some time to be alone; a time to slow down a busy day. The calming poems in this inspirational and uplifting book of poetry will enrich your moments of peacefulness. This book of poetry was written for those seeking relaxation in the peace of quietude. These meditative and inspiring poems provide a sense of repose and reflective contemplation. You will experience a stress-free tempo flowing through these expressive and calming poems. Linda Kroff says, "There is a calmness . . .... more
  • 978-1793067494

    by Halle Amor Moore
    This is a compilation of poems about love, fear, sadness, death, feminism, education, politics, and spirituality.
  • Gathering the Self: Poems of the Heart

    by David Bayard
    These thirteen poems and essays take the reader on the most exciting journey of life: sailing the uncharted ocean of self in answering the question "Who am I?" Poetry is an ally in the search, providing self-honesty and personal truth, a tool available to anyone with a pen and paper. The writing is accompanied by the author's B&W photography of the Dragonfly--the "Breaker of Illusions!" A must-read for those interested in gathering their true self.
  • PANTONE 3537 UP

    by Sean August Horvath

    The book "PANTONE 3537 UP" explores a brief love affair between two males in Los Angeles, California. Sean August Horvath, author and illustrator, navigates the emotional tidal wave that crashes and destroys all after falling for someone "too fast" with a dark lyrical grace.
    The young artist built a career in emotional storytelling, having spent the larger half of his 20s in social media for animal rights organization, PETA, where he was nicknamed "The Cry Maker&... more

  • Torn Sheets

    by Ella Rye
    Bottled Up Broken Down Trying to find all these lost pieces of myself From the poet that brought you, The Girl: Unspoken Words Collection. Comes the new collection, Torn Sheets Torn Sheets explores the frustrations and anxiety in relationships. Also, shining a light on living with an autoimmune disease.
  • The Girl: Unspoken Words Collection

    by Ella Rye
    “I’m the girl they want… But never want to keep” From poet Ella Rye comes a collection full of raw vulnerability. Taking you on a journey through her life, trying to figure what it all means after heartbreak. Learning to move on, knowing that you are worthy of so much more. The Unspoken Words Collection is Free Verse Poetry, divided into four parts. Spanning over a generation. The Girl Never Had a Chance Parts of Me It Will Fade
  • Passion

    by Tracey Lapham White and Jason White
    This morning I rose, woken from a dream... When the music played... It would be so easy to jump, but there's so much to clean up before I go... A collection of poetry inspired by two minds
  • Painting with Words: Poetry for a New Era

    by Ian Prattis

    This collection of poems features six thematically distinct parts, displaying a full spectrum of human emotions, capturing the shared aspects of our experience. Each poem reflects how deeply the author has travelled into his personal experience to process its meaning. His poetry is incisive and devoid of redundant imagery that might obscure the truth, both the poetic and human one.

    "With the multi-layered quality of the poems, Prattis takes the reader through the immensities of joy... more

  • Chat Solutions For Customer Service | LiveChatInc App

    by Sohit Sharma
    Find what customers think about LiveChatInc App. Over 21,000 companies say that chat solutions for customer service help them, Join them & share your story.
  • Space Between the Crescent Shadows: One Lover's Account...

    by Andrey Psychè
    This collection of poems is put together to highlight the mind state and growth that Andrey Psychè has and continues to experience. Poems that track back to the beginning of his transformation of becoming an artist, and range all the way up to the present moment. Inside you will find words of love that evoke mental pictures of natural wonders, struggles with the reality of our current paradigms, explorations of the depths of the heart; lined with the longing for a lover that can only be heard in... more
  • Unopened

    by Doug Hoekstra

    Unopened, an intriguing volume of previously published and unpublished poetry, is Doug Hoekstra’s latest and third book. Among its fifty-seven selections, the reader will find poems that rhyme, poems that don’t, prose poems, sedokas, and yes, even an obligatory sonnet. Some are personal; some are societal. Some look inward, some look outward. Throughout the reader is invited to connect and reflect. Unopened is divided into three selections to allow the works to cross-pollinate and... more

  • The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder

    by Emmanuella Hristova

    "The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder" is a collection of poems that explores a tumultuous year of love, heartbreak, and all kinds of unimaginable loss. Emmanuella's debut poetry book documents the birth and death of a relationship, and the death of her sister. Each poem is an emotional time-stamp that plunges the reader into the depths of the author’s feelings as they burgeon and wane. The book reads like a diary and chronicles the boundaries of the things that we all f... more

  • family matters

    by gc cohen
    family matters is a fictional poetry collection written from a mostly first-person perspective. the poems inside grapple with issues of love, loss, family conflict and ties, dysfunction, self-acceptance, queerness, and parenting.
  • Epigrams of Infinity

    by James Karis

    "Epigrams of Infinity" explores time, space, color, light, perception, the seasons, relationships, reality, rebirth and, of course ... infinity.