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  • Den (День)

    by Ekaterina Yakovina

    Poems about love and the meaning of life. Beautiful combination of the poetical words and colourful drawings created by the author (Стихи о любви и смысле жизни. Поэтические слова и красочные рисунки, созданные автором)

  • Tanetz Slov (Танец Слов)

    by Ekaterina Yakovina

    The collection of the beautiful poems about love and a sense of life. (Стихи о любви и смысле жизни)

  • Khrupkost Chuvstv (Хрупкость чувств)

    by Ekaterina Yakovina

    Poems about love, the meaning of life and eternity. The book has poems written by a man to a woman. And this is perceived as a dialogue between a man and a woman. Strength and tenderness, reality and beautiful road of poetic words, created by the author (Стихотворения о смысле жизни и вечности. Сны и реальность, надежда и прозрачность чувств, какая-то удивительная легкость бытия и глубина настроений. В книге есть стихотворения, написанные мужчиной женщине. И это воспринимается, как диалог муж... more

  • Pismo Dozhdya (Письмо Дождя)

    by Ekaterina Yakovina

    The collection of the beautiful poems about love, friendship and a sense of life. Tender words that sound like the calm music of the rain (Russian Edition) (Стихотворения о любви, дружбе и чувстве жизни. Нежные слова, которые звучат, как спокойная музыка дождя)

  • Prikosnovenie Vechnosti (Прикосновение Вечности)

    by Ekaterina Yakovina

    The collection of the beautiful poems that were written by the author for 30 years. The book represents the three previously published books, such as “Dance of Words”, “Fragility of Senses” and “Letter by the Rain”. Ekaterina Yakovina writes about love, the meaning of life, invisible worlds and the help of heaven to people. Often the author describes the wind, silence, eternity like they would be real personas. The poems are full of deep emotions. Simple an... more

  • The Sandpiper's Spell

    by Tom Pearson

    The Sandpiper’s Spell ricochets through time and space, collecting psychic and geographic memories, images, and artifacts to assemble as the ingredients of metamorphosis. 




  • The Kitesurfing Kid

    by Adrian Straight
    The Kitesurfing Kid is an adventure story of a little boy who wants to travel the world. He learns to kitesurf at a young age and ventures to cross the Pacific Ocean by kite. Local history, knowledge, and native language both enrich the story and act as an educational tool for the reader. The Kitesurfing Kid is a fast-paced story that will keep the reader eager to find out where the adventure goes next.
  • Anxiphen

    by Octávio Dostroevitch
    Touching many subjects such as, love, death, life, and peace, it’s fair to say the truth in between cannot be spared in this collection, assuring there will be more to the concept of poetry. I share the hue of every new daydream in memory of the human spirit and the cruelty it is willing to endure in order to reach a reason to confide its deepest feelings in the eyes of the believers. It must now call to shore. Each poem is unique, but it also binds with the rest in a relative way, giving signif... more
  • Let's Fly

    by Greg Grant

    This is a book of poetry written for your reading pleasure, written by a disabled man. Who has stuffed a mental breakdown? Who got healing from writing poems? The poems have a variety range, from dark to poems that touch your life.

    Hello, my name is Greg, and I have been writing since 2003. I have a disability and a mental illness which inspired me to write these poems. Writing them made me realize that whether you have a disability or not, anyone can write.

    I ... more

  • The Fountain Of My Destiny

    by Trevian J. Hunter Brannon
    After years & years of sailing the ever unpredictable, harsh, calm seas of life and poetry, Captain Jack Tony has finally reached the storied fountain of his destiny. What awaits him there is an defining adventure that'll last a entire lifetime. The fountain will test him, lessons will be learned, with trials & tribulations galore until World's End, however King JSTA is determined to stand tall as one of the many pirate lords walking this earth.
  • The Shades of Missing You

    by Vironika Tugaleva
    " of the most beautiful books I have ever seen...If there is one book of poetry you purchase in your lifetime, The Shades of Missing You should be the one ... and I would recommend purchasing the paperback." -Aaron C. Yeagle, Book Review Universe "Vironika's poetry gently sweeps over your consciousness in a way that is both surprising and enlightening. This collection echoes with the longing we all feel, whether for spiritual connection with oneself or for a faded romance. Her work has ... more
  • The City: Being a Pastiche of Book One of George Crabbe's The Village

    by Brad Ramsey

    George Crabbe (1754-1832) was an English writer of poems and verse tales memorable for their realistic details of everyday life. Hating his mean surroundings and unsuccessful occupation as a surgeon, he abandoned both in 1780 and went to London to be a poet. In 1783, he demonstrated his full powers of verse with The Village, an attempt to portray realistically the misery and degradation of rural poverty, while making good use of his detailed observation of life in the bleak countryside from w... more

  • Alleppey taxi

    For unwinding and mind refreshment individuals initially favoring voyaging either with companions or family . So for venturing to every part of the medium is significant . In prior occasions every one of them in our nation donot have vehicles for their normal life .around then individuals incline toward basic transportation for the utilization . Be that as it may, presently the circumstance is changed each family have atleas one vehicle in their home . Be that as it may, for going with more indi... more
  • Self-Preservation: My Life and "The Truth" Behind my Sordid History and Surreal Journey from ex-Jehovah's Witness to Ex-con

    by Tammica Summers
    Self-Preservation focuses on Tammica's surreal journey to finding herself and psychological freedom from being raised in a cult at age two, to being incarcerated at barely thirty years-old, and released more than a decade later to a world unknown to her. It is a raw comprehensive collection of compelling poems about her experiences, struggles, thoughts, feelings and perspectives. It remarkably demonstrates her resistance to any form of dehumanization or mind control and clearly displays the resi... more
  • Poetic Justice: Lessons of love, life & relationships

    by Tami Belt
    Poetic Justice: Lessons of love, life & relationships is a compilation of poetry that symbolizes a full circle in my storytelling career. As the owner of a Public Relations firm, I tell other people’s stories for a living. This book is part of mine. I started writing poems at 12 years of age. These pages hold a lifetime of lessons learned about love, life and relationships. Poetic Justice is not a typical book designed for reading from beginning to end but as individual pages that beckon your... more