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  • The Smallest of Bones

    by Holly Lyn Walrath
    A haunting ossuary of tiny poems covering a wide range of topics such as love, romance, relationships, queer sexuality, religion, death, demons, ghosts, bones, gender, and darkness. The Smallest of Bones guides those on an intimate journey of body acceptance, with sparse words dedicated to peeling back skin and diving bone-deep into the self. Raw, honest, and powerful, this collection is an offering to those struggling to find power in the darkness.
  • If I Were A Pony

    by Leonard Eckhaus
    If I Were A Pony depicts the bond between a boy and his pony. The book traces the touching relationship between the two as they go through the different stages of life and grow old together. It pinpoints the beautiful things the pony looks forward to doing with the young boy, such as sharing nuzzles and gallops, being fed and groomed, getting treats, and more. As the pony and the boy grow older, the adventures shared between the two change, but their bond remains strong as they continue to find ... more
  • Planting a Poetry Plant

    by Prabhjot Kaur Saini
    "Planting a Poetry Plant" is a poetry collection, which contains 34 poems of various themes written by the author during her entire writing journey so far; along with some notes by the author about those poems.
  • A Few of My Favourite Things

    by A. J. Ross-Etheridge
    Consisting of a selection of anecdotes, advice, laughter and love, this book of poetry is a real glimpse inside the writer’s mind. The author has written from the heart, taking her material from real-life stories, experiences and everyday observations. The author’s mum is one of the very unfortunate people suffering from Alzheimer’s, which is how this book came about. She needed to find a way to channel her emotions and raise money for Alzheimer’s research at the same time. Therefore, for every ... more
  • Good Morning to Everyone Except Men Who Name Their Dogs Zeus

    by Lannie Stabile
    Good Morning to Everyone Except Men Who Name Their Dogs Zeus is a poetry collection that challenges Greek mythology, sexual assault, and men obsessed with other powerful men.
  • Dusty Memories... Unfinished

    by Anand Ahuja
    Discover, feel and believe in the raw power of unrequited love. To fall in love—body, mind and soul! Ah, every person's dream! And for it to be unreciprocated—every lover's biggest nightmare… or so they believe! But that's not always true—there is another perspective, that of unrequited love! Unrequited—yes, but unfulfilling—definitely not. It surpasses the deepest of emotions, for there’s no expectation, so no hurt. And when you have nothing to lose, you give it your all. Thes... more
  • Fading

    by Stephen R. Clark
    This is Stephen's third volume of poetry. Moving past middle age into the final stages of life, these 74-plus poems reflect on a life lived and the memories accumulated. He reminisces about the frustrations of childhood, the anxieties of teenagers, and the challenges of adulthood. There is both sorrow and celebration, a recognition of necessary losses balanced by an awareness of hope. Death comes to all, but so does resurrection. For some, this realization is filled with terror or despair. For S... more
  • She: A Love Story Told In Verse

    by Alexander Bentley
    This poetry book is divided into seven parts, telling the remarkable story of Night and Luna, through their initial courtship, budding romance, relationship struggles, and overcoming the distance that separates them. True life characters based on the author and his long-distance girlfriend. A refreshingly different verse novel about a Poet and his Muse.
  • The Sum of Who You Are

    by Winifred Smith Eure
    Times like these, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, afford us the opportunity of spending more times alone. We can drown ourselves in self-pity or choose to make the most of it. We can take a closer, better look at ourselves, the outer and inner appearance and ask ourselves, if we like what we see? If not we have the time to work on ourselves and make creative and enduring changes. My book The Sum of Who You Are shines a spotlight on those things that have concerned me and perhaps you as I take a ... more
  • Courting Rejection

    by B. Harlan Deemer
    This book includes 40 years of writing seeking clarity and understanding, touching on most life topics : love, sex, politics, religion, faith, death. One chapter is reserved to translations of and originals written by the author in foreign languages. This is the author’s second self-published book of poetry, following Having Words Together. The author has lived in the United States, Germany and Sweden and has recently retired to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula after living 30 years in Chicago.
  • You Deserve The Stars

    by Aaliyah Vines
    A poetry collection divided into two sections- the dark and the stars- Aaliyah Vines's debut poetry collection explores some of the darkest parts of her life. With themes of loss and love, breaking and healing, mental illness and self love, You Deserve The Stars is a love letter to her past self, and to the reader, reminding them that they deserve the stars... and that they just have to get through the dark to see them.
  • If I Settle Down...: Poems

    by Charles B. Cross

    "What I find most compelling about Charles Cross's poetry is his profound relationship with words, his ability to stitch together exquisite images the way a talented quilter brings together pieces of fabric to create something endearing and warm, full of life and history. With his words, Cross plunges us into a world of coonhounds and bothersome flies, revolution, and a timeless sense of place in the Appalachian mountains. His poetic style is rooted in the classics in both form and c... more

  • Beautiful Heartbreak

    by Perry Kay

    "Beautiful Heartbreak" is a seamlessly weaved story of Depression, PTSD, and Anorexia, depicted through a collection of poems. Perry Kay opens a little crack in the world of those who battle their minds every day.
    From the depths of pain and despair beautiful art was born, hence the title "Beautiful Heartbreak". Through every step in her recovery and personal journey, Perry writes poetry. Her goal with this book is to spread more Mental Health awareness and to normali... more


    by Richard Gilmore Loftus

    Autumn is a collection of poems that surprise in the turns they take as they explore beginnings and endings—in life and companionship. The work is achieved through solid images absent an editorial voice that sometimes can slip into poetic writing. The images and the ideas they conjure stay with the reader, summon hope and memory, and invite the reader to revisit the book and its pages.

  • American Junkie - "Life, Love, and Loss" A Poetry Collection

    by James Hamilton
    American Junkie "Life, Love, and Loss" marks the first internationally published collection of poetry from Author James Hamilton. The collection is an original, unflinching, and visceral look into the sometimes shocking, personal drug culture in America. The afflicted, sometimes gloss over the ghastly damage inflicted on lovers and other family members, however, "Junkie" aims to give these forgotten victims a voice in the mire.
  • You and Me: Memoirs and Poetry

    by Brittanie Channel Muse
    You and Me is a collection of memoirs and poetry detailing defining moments and interactions in the author's life. You and Me offers a unique perspective on managing the emotions many of us face. It is a bold tale of love and all of the steps to reach it. What journey have you travelled loving others? What journey have you travelled loving yourself?