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  • Crazy Shoes: A Book of Poems

    by Brenda Mota
    A collection of poems inspired by, and written for, children, but entertaining for everyone. Whether they are learning about themselves or the world around them, the silliest things are spoken by kids. They’re often extremely truthful and sometimes they're just plain funny! Through the eyes of a child, everyday things look very different.
  • Silent Pieces: Poems

    by Sabrina Hicks
    Sabrina Hicks has gone above the imagination in Silent Pieces. She mesmerizes the reader with a new passion as she introduces in her poems. "A Gift of Love" gives the reader a powerful revelation of God's love to the people. It shows the courage of one man to fulfill his Father's plan. The bond between the two individuals is like nothing in this world.
  • Cowboy Mike

    by Grandpa
    Cowboy Mike bounces on his Grandpa's knee then rides off on an adventure seeking justice and truth
  • From Her Lips

    by S.A. White
    WARNING: May cause tears The book is divided into seven chapters, and each chapter serves a different part of a women’s story. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache. Speaks to a lonely heart. From her lips take readers through a journey of the most nerve wrecking moments in life and finds sweet revenge in the words because there is still love everywhere if you are just willing to try again. "It's like the chaos of longing went through a love triangle and came out next to milk ... more
  • The Sweetest Lie

    by S.A. White
    Warning: May cause anger The third collection of poetry from S.A. White comes after the success of from her lips. A straightforward and transparent look into the emotions you feel when someone lies to you. This journey takes you through the words leading a broken heart. Feelings that last long after the book is closed and put back on the shelf. Divided into four chapters and quotes by S.A., the sweetest lie is a twisted tale of the tongue, weaving, and wondering. A healing process with an emotio... more
  • Tilted Crown

    by S.A. White
    " Tilted Crown " is a collection of poetry about inspiring, motivating, love, and loss. These poems will help you find the beauty within yourself and free you from any fears. Most women know the heartache of love, but do they also know the setback in business. Success forms in all aspects of life friendships, business, and independence. Most poems in Tilted Crown are raw unfiltered, uncensored and simple. The deepest ones are empty and unfinished. The emotions or undefined.
  • It's Good to Be Here: A Book of Poems (& More)

    by R. C. Sherbrooke

    A book of rhyming poems for a rainy day. Don't get it wet though or the poems will all run away.

  • Fruit of the Earth

    by Jamie Wendt
    In her debut poetry collection, Fruit of the Earth, Jamie Wendt explores the traditions of her Jewish heritage through personal life-cycle events and Judaism’s historical roots. Many poems revolve around women’s experiences, ranging from modest dress to the wedding day and barrenness to new motherhood. The peace of the Sabbath and images of Israel’s beauty recur throughout the book. Wendt pays tribute to her loving grandmother in a series of poems focused around the passing-on of significant obj... more
  • Weaker Than Water

    by Katherine Gotthardt
    Gotthardt's exquisite poetry spans from 2002 through 2013, metaphorically documenting a journey through spiritual development, pain, survival and victory. Filled with puns, imagery and word play, these poems overflow with universal themes, offering new ways to consider the human experience.
  • Furbily-Furld Takes on the World

    by Katherine Gotthardt
    Furbily-Furld is furious! The poor little lizard who has lived on his home turf for years has been pushed out by a growing town. Then, through miraculous magic, Furbily is given the means to take revenge. But something amazing happens along the way. Find out what in Furbily-Furld Takes on the World.
  • Poems From the Battlefield

    by Katherine Gotthardt
    Poems from the Battlefield captures unique aspects of the Civil War in Manassas and Prince William County, Virginia. Using persona, metaphor, photos and quotes, Gotthardt brings readers from contemporary park experiences back to the days of the Civil War, offering multiple perspectives and rare insight. Gotthardt does not seek to relay details of history or battles. Rather, she offers a collection of powerful impressions, images, and emotion, as well as obvious bewilderment at how easily we invi... more
  • Bury Me Under a Lilac

    by Katherine Gotthardt
    A poetic journey from birth through passing, Bury Me Under a Lilac leaves death not proud, but steeped in the beauty of transformation, a natural movement to the next phase of personal and spiritual evolution. This is Katherine Gotthardt's fifth book in which vivid metaphor, powerful imagery and artistic structure liberate free verse from the expected, while keeping the poems grounded and accessible. “Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt’s poetry is always rich in word, imagery and emotional awakening. ... more
  • American Poetry: Poems for a Wounded Nation

    by Josh Hatcher
    Poetry cuts through America like deep rivers, carrying our joys, our sorrows, our stories from mountains to seas. Josh Hatcher writes his own American rivers, celebrating the love of family, mourning deep loss, and calling out a nation divided and broken.
  • W.R.E.a.C Havoc Enterprises presents... Just My Thoughts, Ladies And Gentlemen

    by Jamiyl Samuels
    A collection of short stories and poetry aimed to educate and entertain from the mind of Jamiyl Samuels. The author broaches controversial subject matter with the retelling of a fictional "driving-while-Black" traffic stop, jail through the eyes of an adolescent, and a strong opinion on the reasoning behind NBA superstar LeBron James' departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010. With the true story of his first week as a challenger on BET's televised Hip Hop battle 106 and Park Freestyle F... more
  • Shell Songs

    by James Miller


            Shell Songs is James Miller's first book of poetry. Most of the poems in the book have been previously published in America or abroad. Almost half of the poems in Shell Songs are written in meter while the other half are written in free verse. Although many argue that meter and free verse cannot coexist, James Miller's book shows how music, regardless of the style of writing, is still the fiber that binds all poetry. Ind... more

  • The Day The Swing Stopped

    by Lindsay Achtman
    "The Day The Swing Stopped" is a fun and diverse story encouraging children of all ages to put down the controller and remember the importance of outdoor playtime!