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  • Tales from the Trails

    by Melissa K Melton
    Running adventures in poetic prose Collection of stories from the trails and the roads. A slice of life from a runner?s point of view Of endurance, strength, and a flair for tutus. Spicy and real-life accounts of race reports, training runs, and nature hikes A simple message to savor the journey and get outside. The highs and lows, the ups and downs, from 5Ks to 100 miles Stories of fellowship, friendships, conquering fears, sharing smiles. Raw and real emotions Poetry in motion. Combining passi... more
  • Upside-Down Jellies - 28 Animal Poems

    by Suzanne Werkema

    Do penguins like people? Who's the boss - a big rabbit or a little cat? Can your pet elephant do homework? Why do sea otters break stuff? Which is ickier, cobwebs or spider webs? Could you live on dog food? In Upside-Down Jellies, kids ages 8 to 12 can find answers to all these questions. The book's 28 animal poems are rhymed and unrhymed, short and long, silly and serious. The animals include pets, backyard visitors, wild critters, and others. All the poems have vibrant, lively illus... more

  • Just Wondering - 40 Poems for Smart Kids (You)

    by Suzanne Werkema

    Why do crabs walk sideways? Does hammering cinnamon sticks cause hunger? Can geometry carry you to outer space? Why’s there a hideout built into a restaurant wall? What should you do if a baseball bat flies toward your head? What can you hear in a totally silent room? Just Wondering—40 Poems for Smart Kids (You) is for students ages 9-12 who enjoy thinking. Some of the poems are serious, some light. Some rhyme, and some don’t. All forty assume that kids think widely and intelligently. Vivid, ... more

  • Land: poems

    by Tammy Takahashi
    The poems of Land explore our bodies and selves as terrain to be navigated, accepted and loved. Where estrangement meets intimacy, where lost youth meets the inevitability of aging, where fear meets hope, where doubt meets empowerment, where the natural world and the elements as our precious teachers meet our readiness to dive right into our lives—these are the intersections that lie at the heart of this collection, which uncovers a great paradox of our times: adrift, we long to feel truly, c... more
  • Glimmerglass Girl

    by Holly Lyn Walrath

    Glimmerglass Girl is a collection of poetry and images about womanhood and femininity. This debut collection from author Holly Lyn Walrath explores life, love, marriage, abuse, self-harm, the body, death, and alcoholism through the lens of a woman’s heart. It takes readers through a speculative and fantastical world of fairy tales and unicorns where femininity is as powerful and delicate as a glass-winged butterfly.

    “Tensile and luminous as a glass-winged butterfly, Glimmerg... more

  • Fireworks in a Sleepy Sky

    by Michael Reffold
    A poetry collection - meditating on love, loss, mental illness and life in general. Fireworks in a Sleepy Sky is the debut poetry collection from Michael Reffold, an English Literature and Creative Writing graduate (Lancaster University, 2011) living in London. Michael has written in his spare time for most of his life and has also experimented with novels and short stories but always comes back to poetry. All rights reserved by the author. For more poetry, Michael can be found on Instagram as r... more
  • Drinking Poetry

    by Chloe Gilholy
    50 poems celebrating various forms of teas and coffee.
  • Unusual poetry life

    by Marko Hesky
    The luck came across, one day and I wrote about it, then came bed days and I wrote about it. Also one day I saw a sinner, one day a lover and one i saw a rainbow. The poetry is when you see it, you can not go against it
  • Aurora

    by Amelia Aster
    Aurora is a moving journey of a growing mind that talks candidly about important issues silenced by society. Through prose, Amelia Aster explores sensitive topics such as sexual and physical abuse, mental illness, and coming into your own despite the heartbreak. It is a dedication to all the lonely and broken. We are with you, you are not alone.
  • Beyond the Wire

    by Gary Galsworth
    Beyond the Wire (Close Hand Press, 2016), is a collection of poems by Gary Galsworth. It was written over a period of many years. Poetry was a private craft Mr. Galsworth kept to himself, until recently. His poems show him to be a straightforward teller of stories; an explorer who candidly delves into the nuances of love and loss, beauty and pain, change and reinvention. His poems weave an oft times chaotic past with the fine threads of resilience and optimism.
  • Life in Suspension

    by Helene Cardona
    A tour de force of language and phonetics; a deeply felt and deeply spiritual collection which explores the universal human experience from a very personal point of view. This is intimate poetry, and yet it transcends the mundane through its lyricism and its glory in language. Hélène Cardona's pen moves from the human to the divine and back in a single sentence, and the result is uplifting and magical. In this bilingual edition of her poems, Cardona is our contemporary ecstatic, time-traveler, ... more
  • Beyond the Wire

    by Gary Galsworth
    A collection of poems by Gary Galsworth, Beyond the Wire, (Close Hand Press, 2016) was written over a period of 50 years. Poetry was a private craft Mr. Galsworth kept to himself, until recently. His poems show him to be a straightforward teller of stories; an explorer who candidly delves into the nuances of love and loss, beauty and pain, change and reinvention. His poems weave an oft times chaotic past with sturdy threads of resilience and optimism.
  • The Prettiest Star

    by André Darlington

    The Prettiest Star is a sequence of lyrical poems that tell the story of great love, loss and longing. 

  • Unraveling Light

    by Elayna Mae Darcy
    A soul put to paper through scribbles and prose. A book with a heart that beats even though it's been battered. Darcy's debut collection of poetry becomes more than just the written sum of her experiences. It is a celebration of surviving them.
  • One Bird a Day

    by Tracy Youngblom
    In a year-long cycle, the book explores the myriad ways observing the natural world opens up windows into the human world.

    by Prabir Das
    A collection of translated poetry originally authored by twenty-one legendary poets of twentieth century Bengal, India. Each poetry accompanies a biography of the poet and a lavish full color illustration. The evolution of Bengali poetry during the post-renaissance era is clearly evident in the collection. Printed on premium art paper, hard bound with dust jacket. A collector's edition.