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  • Winter Solstice: A Memoir in Poetry

    by Diana Howard
    We take our memory for granted. Dementia will steal it in ways most of us could never imagine. Winter Solstice by Diana Howard burrows deep into the heart-rendering poetic journey of a daughter trying to love and help her mother who is slowly losing her memory. Through poems and vignettes written over a period of 15 years, the reader will enter a world of denial, confusion, shame, fear, humor, sacrifice, patience and love - finding solace and empathy with an experience many of us go throug... more
  • Iggy Wiggy Tricka Tops: The Really Silly Poetry Book

    by Nikhil Tharakan
    Wonder what kids dream about every day ? This collection of 50 short & delightful poems for young readers was written by a 5th grader discovering the world one day at a time. The poems, which range from insightful pieces like “Plants”, “Mom’s cooking” and “Procrastination” to silly ones like “Grizzly” and “How to not write a poem” beautifully captures the thoughts, imaginations and challenges of most 10 year olds. Some of them are happy, some depressing, but most are just outright silly. T... more
  • Mettle & Flesh

    by Claire Turton
    ‘I realise with quite a fright this page is now my portal for as you read the words I write I become immortal’ Mettle & Flesh is a collection of poetry encompassing observations on life, and how we see ourselves within it. Born from personal experience, the poems span across topics ranging from love, loss, ageing, trust, bad dates, and the inner thoughts we usually keep to ourselves. The poems range from contemplation to rage, from disappointment, to questioning the status quo. Within them, you... more
  • Goodbye (Hello)

    by Ilyssa Goldsmith
    Goodbye (Hello) is a love letter to the stranger, the lover, and the beloved. It is a recovered poem written for the person we may meet once, perchance never to meet again. In her first poetry collection, Goldsmith re-imagines the fine line, which exists between all hellos and goodbyes. Here, the poet raises a new provocation—one which appears to be nostalgic and old. It is just this: every goodbye is secretly an unmet hello in disguise.
  • Bells in the Night

    by Richard Betz
    “Betz has waited all this time for his first book of poems and for us readers it’s worth the wait, as these poems reflect the humble inner and outer lives of the author in poetic detail and profound musings, each poem being the image of what he sees in those binoculars he peers through in the author photo at the end of the book . . . From the NC mountains to the Outer Banks, Betz brings many and varied perspectives and subjects of interest, showing an inquisitive mind and a keen eye, from Shakes... more
  • From the Farther Shore

    by Edited by Alice Kociemba, Robin Smith-Johnson, and Rich Youmans
    From the Farther Shore: Discovering Cape Cod & the Islands Through Poetry features 118 poems that journey throughout the Cape, the Elizabeth Islands, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. Edited by Alice Kociemba, Robin Smith-Johnson, and Rich Youmans, the anthology brings the region to life, focusing on famous landmarks and people, traditional industries, historical episodes, and the natural beauty that have made the region a world-renowned destination.
  • Sparks and Disperses

    by Cathleen Cohen
    The poems in Cathleen Cohen’s Sparks and Disperses reckon with contemporary life through the perspective of visual artists. Drawing on an ancient Kabbalistic myth of the “shattering of vessels,” Cohen explores issues of fracture, healing, and creation; the challenges of poverty, isolation, and the pandemic; and how we can find meaning and joy through artmaking. By building a poetic mural made of cracked ceramics, household items, and glass shards, Cohen promotes healing through continuity and ho... more
  • Maybe Colours

    by Matthew Bennett Young
    'Maybe Colours' is a meditation on possibilities and was the basis of a course developed in Sweden to support and specifically promote a new EQ curriculum (emotional intelligence) in schools there. It is a meditation on possibilities through the theme of having many sources of the 'same'. Essentially Maybe Colours was written with a view to encouraging tolerance and understanding – the word “maybe” is a “pivot” for perspective-taking, enabling us to consider other possibilities for meanings, con... more
  • Twb

    by A.L. Mabe
    This is a collection of poems that explores the intimate connection between us, our world, the divine/universal forces, the potential of past lives, and the cycles of life and death.
  • Shadowgraph

    by John C. Wunsch
  • Breaking Birds

    by H.M.Roberts

    Breaking Birds is chilling psychological thriller written entirely in poetic verse. When friendship turns into obsession you learn that having the soul of a poet doesn’t mean you can't have the heart of a killer.

  • A Stubborn Forest

    by Lucas de Kretser
    A debut collection of poems and flashes. Several pieces were previously published in Pandora's Inbox and Box, and The Drabble. Contents: 'The Gods' Greeting, She Speaks, Night Scented Stock, By the Water Gate, When the River Freezes, Fish, Banshee, Opposite of Love, Tangerines, Regina Mater, The Pretender, Bring Another, Empty Sky, Four Walls, Las Vegas Sand, Autumn & Her Golden Leaves, In from the Snow, Canada.
  • Whispers on the Wind

    by CM Cancel

    "Whispers on the Wind" is a poetry chapbook reflecting on life as a queer, Caribbean living through grief, battling mental illness, and experiencing the beauty and destruction of love.

  • Grace in the Dirt: Poems, Songs, and Other Reflections on Life

    by Cory Kruse
    From Cory Kruse, author of the critically acclaimed A Dream of Darkness, comes an incisive collection that will delight, inspire, devastate, and uplift you. Told in spare, accessible entries, Grace in the Dirt is a lyrical memoir that delves into life’s ever-changing seasons, leveraging the author’s own history to explore the complex, and often contradictory, nature of the modern human experience. Specifically, Kruse covers an expansive breadth of deeply personal topics, things such as lo... more
  • Bath Water

    by Wendy Tabitha Wachtel
    A poetry collection artistically created to be read by relaxing in calming bath waters. Imagery and ideas created through poems that the author believes are good to pair with refreshing spa day or refreshingly long night baths. Things to think about for your bath by candle light and even some relaxing music playing after a long day. Let your mind wander through the imagery and sensations that bring the bath alive in these imaginative poems.
  • The Poetic Vibrations of a Matured Butterfly

    by Arthur Lee Conway
    A poetic journey of prose poetry, thoughts, and parables about the quiddity of humankind. The cyclonic interactions and divisions that causes movement, and sometimes turbulent development on the road called Life.