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  • Cell of the Mind

    by LaQueisha Malone
    LaQueisha Malone is back with another compilation of poetry that relates to love, happiness, relationship issues, and different emotions that will leave you captivated. Sometimes these emotions can be overwhelming, and hold you hostage. Not all emotional captivity is unpleasant. Some emotions can be virtuous such as, love, happiness, joy, and peace. In Part One, Held Captive, her poetry reflects the different types of emotions causing a person to become depressed, sadden, hurt, or even betra... more
  • Underneath My Soul

    by Yolanda De Iuliis

    A life collection of poetry by Yolanda De Iuliis, published September 2015.  Written over a 10 year period of her life.  This book gives you an insight in the process of growing up and becoming an adult through poetry.

  • SnowPoems

    by Ronald Paul Speakes
    SnowPoems is a book of related poems that explores the cultural and historical landscape of an era rife with the potential for death and renewal – basically the three score and ten years following World War II, when the horrors of the Holocaust and Hiroshima hid behind the blue skies of space exploration and the viridian-screen of computer/cinema simulation. A work comprised of fifty-two poems with a four-section poetic narrative that weaves them into a life, the life of a generation, based ... more
  • The Ministry of Silly Poets: "I am not a poet!"

    by Martin Rothery
    I am not a poet! That is what I keep telling myself anyway! A poet is someone that takes the literary form very seriously and it would appear that I tend to be quite the opposite. I just enjoy playing around with words to create something enjoyable to read, something to make people laugh, something to make you think or just say “what was that?”. Who cares as long as it provokes a reaction? Yes, sometimes they are a bit of fun, sometimes a bit grim, sometimes thought provoking, but at the end... more
  • The Lighthouse Above the Graveyard: A Surrealist Seance

    by John Thomas Allen and Alan Gullette
    The collaboration of two poets becomes a surrealist seance that lasts 25 days. This is the record.
  • Even After That

    by Judith de Wilde
    Losing a loved one is a painful, life changing experience. No one can really know how you feel. Even After That travels through the grief over the death of a loved one to the path of healing and recovery. The collection of easily read and understood poems deals with everyday events and the feelings a survivor may encounter. The book is illustrated with photographs inspired by the content of the poems. In the words of the recently widowed author, “For those of you who have been torn apart from yo... more
  • Rocket-Bye

    by Carole P. Roman
    Carole P. Roman travels to the stars, orbiting the moon and rocketing past planets in this adorable journey to the far reaches of the galaxy. A beautiful bedtime poem, this verse is sure to delight any child before they go to sleep.
  • Captain Perseverance

    by Brod Bagert
    Captain Perseverance, ordinary kid turned superhero, discovers the superpower that turns the dread of struggle into the joy of success. Learning to read, long division, science fair, band—“I break the chains, I fly sky high, there’s nothing I can’t do!” With high-energy illustrations and text that sings from the page, Captain Perseverance inspires young readers to discover the power of grit.
  • Reflections

    by Gary Miller
    Reflections: Home and Abroad is a stunning new collection of his poetry—reflections of his wide-ranging travels, observations, and general musings.
  • Memories of No Consequence

    by Bhaskar Dasgupta
    This book is a collection of writings, which include a play and several poems written for the family. Umrao Mary Jaan (based on the Urdu novel written in 1899 by Mohammad Hadi Mirza) is the tragic story of a talented, beautiful, courtesan from the court of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah in Lucknow. The story is told through the eyes of a Victorian woman ,Mary Jane (Mary jaan) ,whose life runs in parallel and is inexorably inter-linked with Umrao Jaan’s life and shared tragedy. The story unites the differe... more
  • Twists and Turns in the Hearts, Minds, and Lives of Women

    by Joan Hough Harrington
    With exuberance and joie de vivre, author Joan Hough Harrington explores the twists and turns in the hearts and minds of women in this unique compilation of her writing. By turns romantic, sad, amusing, and philosophical in tone, Harrington's work considers a wide range of topics, including friendship, familial and romantic love, inspiration, conflict, and everyday life. Her clear perspective relies on neither rose-colored glasses nor the murky lens of disappointment and depression. In her ve... more
  • Life Behind the Wheel

    by Clay Brooklin
    … Twenty years now running, uniform is turning gray, Resistance to the window not hindering the way. Windshield and wipers tuned to living key. The road to Bridgeton calling; its tree line speaks to me … Clay Brooklin spends the majority of his days behind the wheel of a bus. In his first collection of poetry, he offers a whimsical glimpse into his daily observations as well as his imagination as he introduces several entertaining fictional characters. From a cotton ball highway to an eerie lak... more
  • Jonestown Lullaby

    by Teri Buford O'Shea
    At age nineteen, author Teri O’Shea joined Peoples Temple in California led by Jim Jones. A member for seven years, she escaped Peoples Temple three weeks before the massacre in Jonestown, Guyana. The raw and powerful poems in Jonestown Lullaby explore her experience in Jonestown and the aftermath of her survival. A personal confidant to Jim Jones for seven years, O’Shea writes about the harrowing nightmare of Jonestown with an intensity and passion seldom captured in poetic form. Teri was the l... more
  • Poetry Unplugged

    by Irene Brodsky
    Just step inside to find something for everyone! My words fall from my lips to reach your heart in such a nice way. My poems are eye-opening, never boring and a variety of everyday happenings. Poetry is my best friend. It snuggled up to me and gave me a kiss when I was not looking. Poetry, I like you! You wake me with words so true, I have to get up and write it all down! Love, Irene.
  • Wonders Down Under

    by M. M. (Jane) Estes
    Have you ever wished you could go somewhere that you have read about or heard about to see for yourself what it is like? That is how this book began. After spending one school year (ten months) on the island of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands where the reef was part of the back yard and the lagoon was just around the corner, the longing to see the Great Barrier Reef kept creeping in to haunt the author. Over 50 years later, the opportunity came along. There was only one day allotted for the vi... more
  • Galaxia

    by Alex Andor Skanavis
    Galaxia begins conceptually where Isaac Asimov's Foundation series ends. (“Will we have time to form Galaxia?”) Confronted with the task of expanding the last garden on a future war-ravaged Earth, Kreon and his tribe receive assistance in the form of silent, underground allies: the mycelial (mushroom) kingdom. They soon discover these organisms are more than simply catalysts of plant-life, but also trans-galactic portals of intelligence. Composed with poetic style combining the visionary inspira... more