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  • San Diego Poetry Annual 2018-19

    by Susan J Farese
    This edition features 353 poems by 328 poets, including Juan Felipe Herrera, Marge Piercy, Maria Mazziotti Gillan, Chris Vannoy, Jan Beatty, reg e gaines, Lizzie Wann and the finest poets in our region. Special sections include POEMS FROM JUVENILE HALL, POEMS BY VETERANS, NATIVE POETS and the STEVE KOWIT POETRY PRIZE honorees. A companion collection, FRONTERA / BORDER: MAGENTA, offers 43 bilingual poems written in Spanish and translated into English. The KIDS! SAN DIEGO POETRY ANNUAL completes t... more
  • Raw Thoughts: A mindful fusion of literary and photographic art

    by John Casey
    In RAW THΦUGHTS, John Casey unfolds a compelling and viscerally honest exploration of mindfulness and spirituality through a symbiotic fusion of poetic and photographic art. A singular and provocative approach, Casey combines literary and visual abstraction into emotive and cognitive catalysts for introspection. Each successive poem-photo pairing—each ‘raw thought’—builds on an underlying philosophy that compels us to assess and adjust what and how we think, with the aim of improving our lives—a... more
  • The Bible According to Eve

    by Hadassah Alderson
    The Bible According to Eve: The Women of the Torah retells the stories of the women of the Hebrew Bible in the first five books. It begins with a poem about the Eve of the books, moves through the story of Eve's loss in Cain's murder of Abel and the tale of Noah's wife to the stories of the patriarchs' wives of Genesis. It follows with poems relating to the stories of Moses's family and laws of Leviticus, Numbers, and the other books of the Pentateuch. Boldly told from an all-female perspective,... more
  • Just Beyond the Hill

    by Diane E. Dockum
    Just Beyond The Hill is a selection of poetry, and short prose from the poet?s private journals spanning over 25 years. It is an assortment of snap-shots, observations, emotions, memories and moods from both true experience and imagination. Though these poems span years, they are relevant and universal in their scope. As in a photograph album, they are seemingly random in order, where time is frozen in sharp focus, or where the subject is perceived, just out of camera shot. There is a sense of l... more
  • The Colors of Me Too

    by Maya And Jello
    A collection of poems written as I was inspired by my own life experiences.
  • The Colors of Me

    by Maya And Jello
    A collection of poems written as I was inspired by my own life experiences
  • The Dilemma

    by Danielle Holian
    The Dilemma, is the follow-up book from Danielle Holian, that spins a tale of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, split into three chapters to discuss this journey in poetry form.
  • Beautifully Chaotic

    by Danielle Holian
    Beautifully Chaotic, is the debut book from Danielle Holian, which discusses the trauma of sexual assault, heartbreak, feminism, and learning how to survive through thriving times, split into four chapters in poetry form.
  • Secure in God

    by Rita Malsch
    Secure in God is a collection of thoughts about coping with life and its joys and difficulties. Trust in God and reliance upon His grace and love offer all souls hope in His concern and grace. Included are twenty pieces from my collection of paintings, drawings, and needleworks.
  • Before the Distance

    by Pasquale Trozzolo
    Poetry Chapbook of poems about living in the time of pandemic.
  • Out Of The Whirl

    by Ron Sanders
    Out Of The Whirl is a collection for lovers of dark poetry.
  • Stories from the Heart

    by Nastassia Fifer
    In 2008, the author had written fourteen poems and songs that were inspired by events and circumstances which she had experienced in life. They were sitting idly on a shelf. One day she came up with the idea to create a collection of writings that would be a reflection of herself: a glimpse into her life through her personal experiences, perspectives, and memories combined with a unique wit and humor that she could share with the world.
  • Matters of the Heart: Sequel to Stories from the Heart

    by Nastassia Fifer
    Matters of the Heart is the continuance of personal life events reflecting on intimate encounters concerning love, faith, friendship, family, career, and one's life purpose. This book will astutely engage readers with a critical thought-provoking perspective, conveying an unapologetic stance regarding recent past and present experiences. Brace yourself for a phenomenal journey into the heart of a writer who is fearless in the pursuit of truth and happiness.
  • Beowulf

    by Matthew Hutchinson
    Out from marshes, beneath misty tors, Grendel came skulking, God’s wrath upon him. The terrible ravager intended to steal man-pieces in that mighty house. He moved in darkness toward the drinking-hall … Before Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, and Wagner’s Ring Cycle, there was Beowulf, the original high-fantasy epic tale of heroes, monsters, dragons, and political upheaval. In a new rendition of the Old English poem, Matthew Hutchinson shares a fresh and stirring adaptio... more
  • An Expression of Love

    by Dave Rouhier
    This is a book of love and life. What is love? I have explained it in these poems: love for your mate or sweetheart; love for your parents and siblings; love for humanity; love for nature; and most of all, love for God. Along with these are poems about life situations. They will open your mind and touch your heart. The topics include poems of honesty, kindness and peace of mind to name a few. Love, and peace of mind, come from the deep stillness within yourself. Love is a facet of your Being, in... more