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  • The Rat-trappist

    by Brad Ramsey

    This is the fourth book in a series called Old Ruins, preceded by 1. The City Being a Pastiche of Book One of George Crabbe's The Village. 2. The Flowers Celandine: A Pastiche of Sundry English Verse for the Drawer of the Hostess on Call. 3. An Evening Pastiche: In Homage to William Wordsworth. 4. The Rat-trappist, much less of a narrative ballad, contains odes of in of an affflicted conscience, in a man recalling the separation from a woman he lost, and the type of woman w... more


    by Brenda Mohammed
    In the Introduction, Florabelle Lutchman stated, “JUST FOR YOU, written by Author Brenda Mohammed can lighten up your darkest hours. It can prove to be the bright candle in a dark world.”When a book is relatable, we are transported into a virtual paradise. Brenda’s 34th publication entitled “Just for You” contains poems that will amuse, encourage, give hope to all, and will surely develop a sense of wonderment in the reader. They are well written with great imagery, rhyme, and rhythm. Each poem ... more

    by Brenda Mohammed
    CHAOTIC TIMES: POETRY VACCINE FOR COVID19 consists of poems composed by two sisters from Trinidad, Author Brenda Mohammed and Author Florabelle Lutchman. The book will be a reminder for ourselves and for future generations to read what it was like in the year 2020. The poems within are also therapeutic for the suicidal, depressed, abused, and hopeless.
  • B08QG4M97V

    by Brenda Mohammed
    SWEET MEDLEY: A POETIC JOY contains a medley of poems by Author Brenda Mohammed on varied subjects of life, love, and nature, as well as a number of tributes she received from members of the forum, ‘How to Write for Success’ of which she is Founder, and Motivational Strips, where she is Regional Director - Operations. The Foreword was written by Dr. Vandita Dharni, Author/Poet, who stated, "The Book, ‘Sweet Medley: A Poetic Joy’ encapsulates a feeling of warmth, love, and compassion. The poet B... more
  • DarkEnd

    by hydrus
    DarkEND is a small look into the world I call my reality. Through poems, photography and art, I try to capture the ups and downs of this voyage we call life, and sometimes I refer to it as just existing. Embedded in my words are stories of emotions and feelings that range from the darkest of moments to times of having some type of hope for resolve. Life is raw and ever-evolving, and we always seem to put ourselves last overall. Time proves to be quite relentless. I hope that we all find common g... more
  • The Curtain Raiser

    by Adeboye Oluwajuyitan
    The Curtain Raiser, is a collection of poems. The poetry within is divided into five sections and relates with different aspects of my life including Racism, Passions, Realities, a new dawn, and a love story. In this book, I write poems in three different languages. The majority of the poems are in English; however, I devote a poem apiece to Russian and to Yoruba. The Curtain Raiser is a prelude to my upcoming book, 'The Miracle Mind and a World beneath what we See'; a memoir which captures my c... more
  • Reduction Fired

    by Jennifer Yeates Camara

    In this collection spanning over 20 years, Jennifer's was inspired by traits from some of the standouts of classical world poetry.  As a result, her poems often uniquely feature tight, condensed lines over rich imagery and rhythm. Calm and lingering, the stirring content's coupled with purposeful word placement. 

    Reduction Fired is set out in 4 sections, each named for a season that represents a period in time.  Specifically, they are grouped loosely in ... more

  • Poems of a West Coast Pariah

    by Lois C. Henderson
    Poems of a West Coast Pariah: Modern Haiku 1 is a collection of modern haiku (which liberates the form in terms of number of syllables per line and number of lines) on various aspects of Lois C. Henderson’s existence on the West Coast of South Africa, during the late summer of 2021. Living on the banks of the Berg River, in a small fishing village known as Velddrif, she explores the environment and her thoughts about the life around her, both in a positive and in a negative light. The sections o... more
  • How to Bloom

    by Tatyana White-Jenkins
    How to Bloom is a collection of poems about the enthralling, complex, grueling, and beautiful journey of growth.
  • The Curse of Prometheus 1994

    by Stephen W. Sweigart
    This book of poetry is based in the form of Medieval plays, and surrealist art. Sweigart has studied Middle English, Renaissance, Romantic, and Modern poetry and all are used in the poems.
  • Delightful Complex

    by Samar Mirghani
    Delightful Complex is a collection of poetry that burst from the cravings of seeking joy through accomplishing unique personas. This factor play substantial role in overcoming the existential glitches permitting the survivors to stop procrastinating and level up promptly.
  • Poems of Love

  • The Restaurant Reviewer's Lament

    by Rick Sanford

    A book of lyric prose. Part love story, part dietary advice, part murder mystery.

    Rick Sanford is a singer/ songwriter with roots in the Seattle music scene before moving to London and then settling in New York City. Inspired by a rich mix of wordy folk-rock and psychedelia, he has written and performed a wide variety of musical styles on both coasts. Rick has written and recorded 12 studio records, some of which provide material for this collection


  • A Passing Bell

    by Paul Kane
    This collection by Paul Kane about the untimely passing of his wife performs the work of mourning by giving a shape to grief. Utilizing the poetic form of the classic Persian ghazal, A Passing Bell takes its place alongside other modern works on death and consolation, such as Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking and C.S. Lewis’s A Grief Observed. We are taken through the deep process of grieving, in all its ebb and flow of emotion, its agonizing sorrow and sense of despair, to further sta... more
  • Welcome To Hell

    by Liam Xavier
    Welcome to Hell is a collation of memories and experiences across what many see as the most unstable time in our life: our twenties. WTH attemps not to approach it from a linear perspective, but across the central evolutionary aspects of adulthood - Fear, Contradiction and Clarity. Life is not simple, nor emotionally chronological and WTH shows that through emotive poetry and prose, painting a picture of a tumultous, but ultimately positive time in a young mans life.
  • Look at the Boy That Looks Like a Fox

    Look at the Boy That Looks Like a Fox is for and about every child that's ever said, "Watch me do this!" It's about a boy who, like all of us, wants to be seen and known; a boy who, even though he is fast as a fox and as clever as a fox and so very much like a fox, is not actually a fox but only a boy with mischievous eyes. ...Or maybe that's just what a sly fox would want you to think.