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  • The Absence Of The Loved

    by wade stevenson
    "Stevenson's poems, sometimes tender, sometimes an unnerving evisceration of the heart, explore the cost of loving too deeply, the things one loses to love, and the parts that are left to him when love has vanished. "The Absence Of The Loved" is both love lost and love redeemed Tissue required." P.J. Lazos, author of "Oil and Water"
  • The Truth

    by Talya Morgana Stein
    In The Truth: An Autobiography in Poetry and Prose Talya Morgana Stein shares her many struggles in their truth through poetry and prose. As she explores the condition that has changed her life, she explains what it has meant to her and the way in which she lives her life. Whether you have been affected by illness in your life, the searing honesty of this collection of poetry and prose reaches down into the fundamental qualities and emotions that connect us. You will be touched by the words and ... more
  • The Flowers Speak

    by Rosalee M. Smith
    "Heaven and Earth are full of Thee Heaven and Earth are praising Thee O Lord most high!" God speaks to us in many ways. He continually sends His messages to us through the lovely flowers. Flowers make it easy for us to listen to God, because of their quietness. We will only hear Him if we open our eyes and see, open our hearts and listen. "O' let me hear the speaking In accent clear and still, Above the storms of passion, The murmurs of self-will, O' speak to reassure me, To hasten or control, O... more
  • Pen Scratching Poets

    by Marilyn B. Wassmann
    This book is a collection of poetry and art works that is dedicated to all of our family members.
  • An Instance of Perhaps

    by Walter Schenck
    Contemporary, conservative, political poetry prior to the Presidential Inauguration along with faith inspired poetry in favor of one Israel, one Jerusalem.
  • Sapphire Dream

    by Jeanne Fiedler
    Sapphire Dream is a vision of a future world with no hate or violence. It is a series of poems and poetic meditations with love, harmony, beauty and joy. From her long hikes in the forest to the vivid dreamland she envisions, this book is a compassionate answer to grief, pain and separateness. Her heart delves deep into her psyche to heal herself and others who read it. Her message is an outstanding answer to fears and anxieties concerning humanity and the earth where she unfolds its problems an... more
  • Crush

    by Jill Niebuhr
    Times of struggle, loneliness, and conflict are common. Crush offers comfort in our difficulty. It offers hope that these times will pass, that we can get through anything, and it is very possible to live with love in our hearts and life. When you read how people that have passed touched Niebuhr's heart you will relate and lean on the good in people. You will remember we all have someone to look up to and not everything needs to be understood. We come to our truths in time. Crush offers up one a... more
  • Love Haiku

    by Nowick Gray
    A collection of love poems for her, a woman, a spirit called zen. What is love? At times romance, infatuation, metaphysical longing. Love hurts when unrequited, satisfies when it fills from within, reflected in nature's unconditional beauty. The haiku here follow the 5-7-5 syllable form. 
  • A Time for Love

    by Krystal Runkis

    Nothing can compare to the feeling of true love. You don't always find it when you are looking for it, and the effects of love make your veins run hot with fiery passion. In a heated exchange of free verse and spoken word poetry, you can step into the sensual world of true love at its deepest in "A Time for Love." Experience the happiness, pain and perseverance of two destined lovers finding themselves ever closer to each other in this exciting anthology of romantic poetry.

  • The Big Adventures of Tiny House

    by Susan Schaefer Bernardo

    The adventure begins when an old farmhouse gets salvaged and recycled into Tiny, a snug little house with a big heart -- and WHEELS! With the help of Big Truck, Tiny sets off across America to discover if he is still a real home.

    Tiny makes friends on the road, like Shiny the Airstream, Waverly the houseboat, and Buster the skoolie. He even goes to a jamboree! After thousands of miles, Tiny discovers that home isn't a place…it's a feeling in your heart.

    Th... more

  • All Lives Matter

    by Marvina Sims
    All Lives Matter is a compilation of various lifestyle situations expressed via poetry. Certain poems are Marvina Sims? personal testimonies. Marvina?s motivation comes from speaking directly with people and from worldwide occurrences. Be it diseases, substances, or divine intervention, everything in the world serves a purpose. Entities have either helped people, created barriers, or both. Accomplishments and devastations on one side of the world influence lives on the opposite end of the globe.... more
  • Poems from the Mind Of a Madman

    by Don J. Metivier
    Within this book are simple and deeply reflective messages. Every poem carries meaning for the reader to enjoy and philosophize with. Whether you are looking for poetry that delivers simple reading enjoyment or poetry that takes the reader to deeper levels of understanding. This book is for you. From life?s little curiosities to major ongoing world conditions, this book will provide the reader with an opportunity to scavenge through brilliantly thought out messages. The Poems from the Mind of a ... more
  • I Wake

    by Walter Schenck
    Powerful political poetry rendered in deep sarcasm against Obama, Kerry, and Hillary. The poems praise Jewish settlements in the West Bank as well as Trump. As always, Mr. Schenck has delivered a timely masterpiece of poetic revelation.
  • On the Night Before Christmas

    by Shelagh Watkins
    On the Night Before Christmas is a modern version of the classic poem, "'Twas the Night Before Christmas". The original poem first appeared in print in 1823 in the New York "Sentinel". Clement Clarke Moore composed the poem after a shopping trip on a sleigh. This version follows the theme of a father who awakens to the sound of reindeer. He runs to the window and sees Santa slip down the chimney, carrying a sack of toys with him. He watches as Santa fills the stockings hanging by the fireplace. ... more
  • When I Was a Child: I Was Always Afraid

    by Michael Cascio
    When I Was a Child I Was Always Afraid describes fears common to many children. What is especially lovely about this book is the way in which the father meets his son’s fears with respect, compassion, and skill, helping his child turn towards the things that frighten him. Together they investigate each fear to help the child see (and eventually feel) that the situation is safe. Working with (rather than hiding from) fears gradually enables children to release them. This sweet book will bring r... more