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  • Elemental Natures: Selected Lyrics, Sequences, and Artwork with New Poems and the Essay "The American Voice"

    by Lance Lee
    Elemental Natures draws together thirty years of poetic practice, with substantial selections from six previous books of poetry, including the sequence “No One Comes For Penelope— ”, a retelling of the end of the Odyssey that teases the reader with confl icting views of time and reality. The essay, “Th e American Voice”, looks at three iconic American poets, Walt Whitman, Robinson Jeffers, and Robert Lowell, emphasizing an entirely different viewpoint of what is unique to the America... more
  • In Solitude: Thoughts and feelings of an 11 year old during the coronavirus pandemic

    by Apala Banerjee
    Before the December of 2019, no one knew of COVID-19. No one knew how this tiny virus, somewhere in China, would turn the world upside down. No one knew that COVID-19 would claim the lives of several hundred thousand people worldwide. No one knew that COVID-19 would prevent people of the entire world from setting foot outside their homes. It was a tiny virus that disrupted the world. I sat at home, during shelter in place, while the news caused earthquakes in my head every time the TV was o... more
  • When The Mystic Meets A Starfish

    The collection of poetry "When the mystic meets a Starfish" illustrated the stirring and enchanting poems. In this world where we all have lost to feel the magic of true love in life, my poems aim to be a perfect panacea for all the aching hearts who lost their hope in divinity. It will inspire people to traverse through the infinite darkness and feel the mystical light till eternity. I only wanted to convey and share “The Deepness” with readers. I encourage everyone to know about the deepness a... more
  • The Rake

    by Shannon Tate Jonas
    A new collection, containing 61 poems, including one that earned Honorable Mention in the Steve Kowit Poetry Prize 2018. Lyrical, inventive, and alternating focus from the imagined to the actual (asking the reader to choose which is more real), these poems paint an interior landscape as vivid as the view outside the window.
  • Little Luna

    by Alita L. A. Powell
    Why I Like Poetry The beautiful thing about words is they take on their true meaning when we need them most. No other time than when the words fill and spill onto that page have they arranged in the same staged way in my mind. Once out in the world, they're ready, awaiting the perfect, inevitable timing for someone to find their silver lining, and mould their own meaning to each sentence's syncopated syllables. So read away. Take what you nee... more
  • (Not) Another Love Story

    by Jackie Bluu
    First comes lust, then maybe love, then all of your emotions come out to play. Through the journey, however, you might find that you end up falling in love with yourself. Written in a series of poetry entries by the protagonist, this book is bound to resonate with fools of love and hopeless romantics everywhere.
  • The Fate of Our States Is Great

    by Bill Jordan
    Immerse yourself in a unique journey through United States history. With sections covering significant events, important people and the presidents, this collection is guaranteed to bring you back to history class and help prepare you to win the fight during trivia night as you rhyme your way through time.
  • 24

    by Johannes Saca
    "24" is a collection of 24 poems examining life's most integral and universal themes, ranging from time and perception to fear and identity. It is ultimately a call to action for inclusivity and respect in culture and society, and a reminder to live with purpose, authenticity, and integrity.
  • Beyond the Veil

    by Allyssa Izetta
    "Beyond the Veil" is a collection of poems that takes the reader on a journey through the emotional highs and lows we go through as we expand our consciousness, face our shadows, and awaken to a new reality.
  • Waiting on the Monsoons for His Desert Soul

    by Redwulf Dancingbare- pen name for Ralph Greco
    I have just published my first book, 7 days ago. It is called, ”Waiting on the Monsoons for His Desert Soul” and is written under my spiritual healing name- Redwulf Dancingbare. It is a poetry book, often with a storytelling format, of 88 poems crafted over the last 10 years from my every-Sunday-morning-gathering of the Zuni Mountain Poets. It is primarily reflections on my life, its many odysseys, and some of the lessons taught to me. It also has poetic portraits of others (real, composite, an... more
  • Bottled Memories: A Journey through Addiction and Early Recovery

    by David Ritter
    These stand-alone poems were written over many years. While individually they describe the conflicts associated with alcoholism, when read together they reveal a more complete picture of the destruction, depression, and chaos of addiction, as well as the peace, hope, and joy of recovery. Although most of these poems pertain to my life, it is my hope that other people will relate to them also. It’s not only my story but the story of so many others.

    by Brenda Mohammed

    The poems in the poetry book SOOTHING POETRY: in English and Spanish by Author Brenda Mohammed are didactic, fun to read, and full of hope and insight. The Spanish versions were translated by Dr. Arabella Persaud, a College Professor of Los Angeles in the USA. Dr. Persaud also wrote the Foreword to the book. The collection has interests for every reader and is enjoyable reading to help us reflect on our everyday experiences. The observant eye of the author makes us look afresh at human n... more

  • A Road Travelled: Poetry to Delight

    by Brenda Mohammed
    A ROAD TRAVELLED is the author’s 25th published book and her third book on Poetry featuring a wide range of inspirational poems on Love, Love’s woes, Travel, Happiness, and effects on life during lockdown at the time of CoVid 19. The Book Cover was designed by Mary L Schmidt and depicts the author’s inclination to write poetry during light-bulb moments. Besides Poetry to delight by the author, you will find amazing tributes for Author Brenda Mohammed from fellow authors: Shiju H Pallith... more
  • Dreams of the Heart: A Poetry Collection

    by Brenda Mohammed
    Dreams of the Heart: A Poetry Collection, is a selection of unique poems written by award-winning author Brenda Mohammed. The author will transport you into several different worlds with her mesmerizing and tantalizing poetry. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this book if you need to lift your spirits
  • Roses for the Canyon

    by James Thomas Fletcher
    "Beautiful and haunting images" David Roby, author of Unseen Character “If you love poetry, read Fletcher’s work; if you hate poetry read Fletcher’s work” Stephen Sanders, author of Songs for a Mechanical Age “Profound simplicity” Barbara Blanks, author of Traveling Sideways “His poems mirror our world .... Kindly. And whimsically.” Cathy Earnest, author of Another Bone “A much-needed clarity“ D.A. Gray, author of Contested Terrain “Rhymes to flutter... more
  • Poems from Terra

    by James Thomas Fletcher
    “It may be profligate, but is it not life?” asks Lord Byron. This is poetry with an edge. Combining grit and grandeur while mingling religion and sex, science and spirituality, this intense examination of life reveals the author's struggles with the nature of reality and existence, in language both simple and complex, erudite and approachable. Showing influences of Bukowski, Poe, Cohen, and a tinge of Greek mythology, the author examines wonder, pain, love, and fantasy. "The Lizard and ... more