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  • Without Fear of Infamy (Annual Scurfpea Publishing Poetry Anthology)

    by Jennifer LeBlanc
    Each year since 2010, Scurfpea Publishing has produced an anthology of poems. It’s a juried competition with a different editor each year and no entry fee; consequently, each anthology has a distinct flavor all its own. This anthology includes poems by: Charles Luden, Katie Alexander, Steve Boint, Lin Brummels, Raymond Byrnes, Jennifer Carr, Craig Challender, Susan Spaeth Cherry, Kevin Cole, Jason Freeman, Jerome Freeman, Brit Graham, Monica Gulbrandson, Roberta Haar, Carol Hamilton, Constance H... more
  • Chandigarh Call Girls

    by Aditi Gupta
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  • Ángel Del Brasil: Cien Poesίas para Roberto Carlos

    by Soledad dos Rios
    El poema titulado “Capricho” explica cómo fuera concebida esta obra … caprichosamente, respondiendo a una voz interna. El libro es un tributo al cantoautor brasileño Roberto Carlos, cuyos temas y canciones impactaran de un modo intenso y singular a la autora. El libro es también una petición a quien consideró el mayor candidato para plasmar musicalmente su poesía primogénita, “Ave Sin Nido,” en honor a su madre fallecida.
  • Lock Away the Monsters

    by Joseph Olsen
  • Between Us and Imagination: New, Selected, & Revised Poems

    by Joseph Olsen
    Between Us and Imagination is an artistic feast for the senses! It is a hearty book of poetry and art that truly moves you from your mind and into your heart. The book comes to life with fun, elemental rhyming schemes that create a natural primal beat through the lines and overall tempo. The merging of intellect and emotion details common themes that interest the reader to explore deeper meanings in the realms of love and romance to the curious intricacies of the universe. Olsen takes us on an h... more
  • Metamorphosis of Rhythm

  • She's you She's me

    by Hend Suhail
  • The Bush Rodent

    by Charles Joseph Mloka
    The Bush Rodent is the author?s second poetry anthology in English focusing on various social, familial, economic, and cultural issues that are common in various societies. The author discusses them using simple language and different forms of poetry. This is a revised edition, which has been prepared to meet international standards and to reach a wider audience.
  • Poems Mostly of the Sea

    by Jenne Kaivo
    A collection of poems, in a variety of styles and tones, some dealing with deeper philosophical themes and others being spooky for fun.
  • Why it’s Worth Hiring Our Female Chandigarh Escorts

    by nikitarawat
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  • The Broken God

    by Laura Roklicer
    The Broken God is Laura’s first published book released by united p.c. publishing and distributed across the UK as well as in the US. It is a poetry collection that challenges all those worldviews and systems that do not play in favour of human satisfaction but rather keep us separated and unfulfilled. There is some beauty of tragedy, tragedy of love, bluntness of loss, and reflecting questions of existence in there, too. These are not poems about the beautiful landscapes of the world. These... more
  • On the Healing Road

    by the Poet Dena
    Therapeutic poetry is what the Poet Dena has offered us. It?s a compilation of poems describing living with and healing from depression and emotional trauma. Dena?s work takes us through many significant times in her own life, times that will especially strike chords within many adoptees. There is also a glorious, joyful side to this poetry. Eminently readable, perhaps your own new favourite poem is within On The Healing Road.
  • Singing and Dancing Across Liberia

    by A. J. Kandakai
    This book of genuine and authentic Liberian songs shall serve as a primary source material for the general, as well as serve as an instructional tool by music teachers of young Liberians enrolled in institutions of learning scattered across Liberia. An additional dream of this author is that music lovers in diverse communities such as Clay Ashland and Cebu City, Bomoja and Birmingham, and the depressed areas of West Point and metropolitan Washington, DC, can assemble their dancing partners on da... more
  • Paradox

    by Incognito
    What do you feel when you say I? After thinking about that for some time the next question would be “who is the one aware of yourself?” Most people would respond by saying “me” but in the same way you can’t look into your own eye without using a mirror, and fire cannot burn itself, there’s a separation between the observer and the self. Someone gave you a personality, nationality, and a belief system that became the role you play. The book Paradox is a collection of thoughts that simply shows th... more

    by Alexandra Psaropoulou
    FLYING 1,2,3,4,5,6 is a collection of poems. Each book is one long poem accompanied by the poet's graphic design on each page, therefore making the poem appealing and easily read by a wide audience. It belongs to the category of visual poetry. There is a main theme running throughout the series in which the poet wishes to share "The Flying" she experiences herself. The series continues up to FLYING 9.
  • loverboi.

    by Ricardo Bouyett
    Loverboi. is a collection of spoken-word poems and prose that weave in and out of the process of healing from trauma and heartbreak. I invite readers to celebrate self-love, romantic love, heartbreak, reconciliation, and the universal journey we all take part in that ebbs and flows through the constant cycles of growth.