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  • A Soldier's Thoughts, Memories, and Prayers

    by John B. Carter

    Life—individuals from across the globe have referred to it in countless ways, expressing the vast expanse of life’s little indiscretions through different idioms. Yet, through the eyes of this old soldier, life has been—and still continues to be—a journey molded by past experiences and guided by ghosts, with gentle whispers of encouragement. In A Soldier’s Thoughts, Memories, and Prayers, readers have the chance to travel through the struggles of life as seen by ... more

  • Heartfelt Treasures

    by Dorothy Hall-Ramey

    Heartfelt Treasures, Dorothy Hall-Ramey’s first book, is heralded for its spiritualness, simplicity, warmth and colorful wording. It is a book of 101 poems written from the author’s hometown of Homer, Louisiana. This book tells the author’s life story as one of eight children struggling for a better life. It also tells of Dorothy’s romantic, spiritual and heartfelt side.**This collection of poems is projected toward today’s families. This book will enrich your li... more

  • Love Letters to a Paper City: Poems of History, Myth and Un-Forgetting

    by Melinda Thomas
    This collection of poems explores the relationship between humans and geography, that tender place where history, myth and the senses merge in a flash of understanding. In this book, Ms. Thomas creates a new world out of the existing one, a place populated by pantry moths, snakes, bats, mountains--and also snarky Chihuahuas, thieves, suicidal fish, and even Buddha. Whether we find ourselves in a bakery, church, factory of ally--alone or with others, these poems invite us to experience what is ... more
  • Moon Full of Moons: Poetry of Transformation

    by Kat Lehmann
    Moon Full of Moons paints a journey from happiness lost to happiness found. This beautiful collection of poems is sequenced with the Moon's phases, which provide a touchstone for personal transformation. The book as been described as self help expressed as poetry.
  • American Sports Legends: Your Turn to Score

    by D. A. Jennings
    The target audience for this book is the sports enthusiast, those wanting to read powerful stories that go beyond the podiums of glory, and those who like a challenge. Readers are challenged to identify each of the sixty-eight American athletes, their sport, and highlighted event through various poetic styles. The book covers twenty-three different sports between 1912 and the present.
  • Built Up Emotions: Vol. 1

    by Erica Womack
    Poetry i had written from when i was 8yrs old through high school. Built up emotions is exactly how it sounds. Different feelings i had that i was never able to express out loud so i wrote everything down.
  • Excavating the Sky

    by Konstantin Kulakov

    In his debut collection of poems, Excavating the Sky, Konstantin Kulakov labors to relate the inner spirituality of his Russian background to the fragmentation of a market-driven New World. Whether it is his failed Muslim-Christian relationship, his dance with natural science, or his struggle to expose continued US raciality, Kulakov seeks the contradictions in everything, "mixing words to bring-out sparks." What emerges is a spiritual language that resists t... more

  • Quiescence

    by Barbara L. Thomas
    Quiescence speaks to the reader with well-earned wisdom, traveling from Thomas's Montana nest through ghosts, skies, seas, and meadows. We become "old as time," yet young with the "happenstance" of those spiritual creatures apprehended only in memory, lyric, and dream.
  • Love, Life, and Politics: The Way of the World

    by Poetically Correct
    This book is a display of the ups and downs, and the roller coaster effects of love. The trials and tribulations, and obstacles of all of life's adventure. And the things politicians and the government don't want you to know. We all search for love, and hope to hold on for dear life, but sometimes that's not the case. Sometimes however it is the case and we can live happily ever after. Life can be hard on us, and sometimes we just need someone to lift us up and help us through hard times. There ... more
  • Pizza, Mermaids and Girldick: Transition Odes and Other Musings

    by Christina DiEdoardo
    Could you write twenty-four poems in twenty four hours--with one poem per hour--without rest or sleep? Christina Ann-Marie DiEdoardo did--and here's what she created.
  • To the Freemasons and Other Verses

    by Robin Elliott
    An original and interesting collection of poems from a modern man.
  • A Poet Playing Doctor

    by Daniel Klawitter
    Daniel Klawitter is a poet capable of great sweetness and formal grace, a poet who can imagine that “We are little dramas encased in flesh— // As we discover the heart of silence,” but do not be deceived. Klawitter is also a poet of sly humor, who imagines communists responding to Marx’s comments about modest loving that “In the midst of class struggle / there’s always time to snuggle.” But again—do not be deceived. At the root, Klawitter is a passionate poet who loves life deeply but also embra... more
  • In Spite of Everything: A Book of Poems

    by Curtis Robbins
    For centuries, people have loved tales shared by poets—Homer, Chaucer, and many others. In the late nineteenth century, people were mesmerized by the tales of traversing the Bush Country of Australia as told meticulous detail by a deaf poet named Henry Lawson. In this collection of verses, poet Curtis Robbins—who is himself deaf—shares a tale of a group whom very few hearing people know about or understand.**The poems in this collection present a story told daily among deaf people. They focus on... more
  • Receptive Sentiments: A Poetry Chapbook

    by Nadia Benjelloun
    A short poetry collection that incorporates an insight into the modern world while using the literary style of classics that have used creative and imposing usage of symbolism, personification, and analogies. The poems in this book explore the various aspects of human emotion, life as perceived by different points of views, and humanity itself. Along with those are arbitrary poems that hold great meaning and entire stories behind them and are somehow connected, along with hints about the author'... more
  • Microchip + Tribulation

    by Audrey Andujar Wright

    The most effective "Cloud Server" tested throughout time and bearing Spiritual Gifts is the cloud of God's Presence. It comes with spiritual gifts, is FREE and leads to life eternal.

    Your sensations of comfort are not dependent upon programmed behavioral responses for mandatory compliance or making payments to any system.

    The Comforter is the free gift you get when you accept Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your Lord and Savior.

    This book touches on ... more

  • Project X

    by Audrey Andujar Wright
    This compilation of poems is rolled out as one long poem which spans the journey of the spiritual growth of an adulterous woman in a nation spinning, while facing unspeakable adversity with grace and love. It also deals with individual spiritual growth and transferring love from a man to God, and also with National Politics in the USA and the threat of ISIS. It is not only poetry, but also draws influence from "Spoken Word" traditions.