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  • Escape from the Crooked Castle

    by Robert W. Aldrich
    Robert W. Aldrich's literary debut is a collection of 49 emotional and vulnerable poems about his experiences with romance, healing, and nature.
  • sweet creature: poetry + prose

    by Vee Beato
    This book is composed of his honeyed, delicate, and zen koan inspired poetry and prose about soft realisations on falling in love, finding inner peace, and having lust for life
  • Poet in a Pin-stripe Suit

    by Jay M. Mower
    A sweeping foray—127 poems in 10 sections across several real and imaginary worlds, exploring a vast range of mental states, from clear-sighted judgment from a lifetime in the business, teaching and consulting professions to the muddle of minds affected by bipolar whirlwinds.
  • Foundlings and Other Misfits

    by Estelle Gilson
    From a writer whose honesty and humor find the beauty in the terrible, and the terrifying in the beautiful, come 41 poems and 15 short stories — the product of a lifetime of sharp-edged observation.
  • Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus

    by Susan J. Farese POETRY in the TIME of CORONAVIRUS The Anthology Edited by G.A. Cuddy Featuring 150+ Poets of the World.​ Now available on Amazon. ​ Proceeds from sales of the poetry anthology will benefit Partners in Health and Doctors Without Borders.
  • Love, the Moon and the Stars

    by Bessie Barbara Badge
    This is a collection of love poems that focuses on the intensity and sharpness of a new love. There is the initial sharp gradient of passion. This gradually morphs into a longing and ache which characterises human relationships: coming together, a silent battle of emotional will and parting. The poems epitomise the celestial feelings of love that a human being goes through, as well as the heightened awareness of the target of love which leads to love’s rose-tinted view. Each poem is able to brin... more
  • Arcade of Memory

    by Howard Giskin
    Short essays, poetry, and short stories drawing from the author's experiences traveling throughout the world. Themes touched on include memory, the act of making meaning, history, perception, the passage of time, emotions, death, and global culture.
  • Poetry For Lovers and Haters

    by Megan The Poet
  • A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

    by Hosho McCreesh

    DrunkSkull Books is proud to present an ebook version of Hosho McCreesh’s drunken Magnum Opus. Mammoth in size and scope, A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst is unlike any of McCreesh’s previous collections.

  • To Water Her Garden: A Journey of Self-Discovery

    by Samira Mahmoodi
    This is a story about healing. From recognizing pain, to unveiling its origins, only to discover the power behind your failures. This is a journey towards self-love and recognizing that everything you are searching for starts with you. All it takes is the courage to do the work.
  • Nonsense Poems for Kids

    by Antonina Novarese (illustrations), Edward Lear (text)

    This illustrated volume holds forty of Edward Lear’s limericks. Meet an Old Man with a beard, a Young Lady of Ryde, and many more of Lear's waggish and extravagant characters, beloved by generations of readers, young and old.

  • Melting ~ the ache of the heart, the breath of the soul

    by George Stumpf
    Melting's poems express humanity's raw emotion. A chapter each is dedicated to heartbreak, struggle and hope. This has been written over two decades of happiness and despair and uses both prose and verse to take you on a journey, challenging you to deeply connect with your inner emotions.
  • Poetaree: The Jurisprudence of Life

    by Aerle Taree
    PoeTaree: The Jurisprudence of Life is a compilation of dynamic poetry that was written while on the Lollapalooza, European and Australian tour with the pivotal group. From the Author: “Earth, Wind and Fire” is the title track to PoeTaree: The Jurisprudence of Life. It’s like I wrote the complete manuscript to one of their timeless hit songs. The eighth chapter of this book is to encourage you to write. PoeTaree is a collection of many topics I thought about while touring Europe, Australia a... more
  • Poets Unlimited

    by Alta H Mabin
    A fun-filled poetry magazine. The 1st issue of many more. This will be a monthly publication. All writers/poets contribute their work to be able to share their beautiful stories with the world.
  • Gravy

    by Patrice B. Jones

    I call my poetry unconventional and contemporary. Some of it is fiction, and some of it is autobiographical.

  • Travel in Time: A Life Story in Poems

    by Anisoara Laura Mustetiu
    Written to make you smile, dream, cry and shudder by the magic of love. Step out in time and touch with your spirit the Transylvanian mountains, hear the howling wolfs in the moon’ light and feel the dazzling depth of emotions.