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  • A Celebration of Life

    by Ruth Anna Wright
    A Celebration of Life is a collection of poems where the author talks about her family, friends, co-workers, strangers and acquaintances. She writes about nature and how nature appears to her. She writes about man's inhumanity to one another, life and death, and man's need for recognition. Through these poetic words you will see the author's triumphs and losses, joys and pains, weaknesses and strengths, loneliness and struggle to free herself from that loneliness. She has put together her favori... more
  • With Every End There Is A New Beginning

    by Jane Makovicka
    Jane Makovicka was born in 1952 with an identical twin sister, growing up with 11 other siblings in a Catholic home. She spent most of her life living in Nebraska. She had lived in New Mexico where her 2 sons were born and raised. She had lived in Colorado as well. She began writing in 1984 inspired by people, places and things and situations. She is close to Mother Nature and down to earth as she appreciates all blessings that flow her way. She also finds life a true challenge where she cont... more
  • Notes From The Bonfire: Poems In The Age of Cornonavirus

    by Matt Nagin
    Notes From The Bonfire is Matt Nagin’s third poetry collection, a multimedia extravaganza, with photography by Andrzej Jerzy Lech and illustrations by Natasha Yearwood. In March of 2020, Matt came down with coronavirus and wrote these poems during the five weeks he was trying to recover. They cover a range of subjects, although the overarching theme is the dystopian suffering unleashed by this global pandemic. The book includes work previously published in Gravitas, The Organic Poet, and Poetry ... more
  • TubLove: A Poetry Art Book

    by Jacob Barnes
    TubLove is a collection of poetry layered with photography and sketch exploring romantic love while at the same time discovering and fostering an authentic love for self. Composed of six chapters; fill, submerge, soak, float, sink, drain, TubLove swims through the waters of love paralleled with the deep mystical healing powers of a hot steaming bath. A collaboration by Jacob Barnes with photographer, Mason Pippenger, and painter, Jonathan Randall Grant.
  • My Book of Poetry

    by Emily Cordle
  • Record of Poems Volume Two: Into The Storm

    by Mark "T.C." Bounds
    Record of Poems Volume Two is a combination of reality and fantasy. It will touch your imagination and yet there is a certain realism involved. It continues the journey, still trying to fulfill the dreams. It takes you through many lands and through love and heartbreak and even through war and beyond.
  • Record Of Poems Volume One: Anchors Aweigh

    by Mark "T.C." Bounds

    Record of Poems is a multi-volume collection of original poetry written and independently published by USN Ret. Desert Storm Veteran Mark "T.C." Bounds. It is about the journey through life and all it has to offer. It is about young adults finding their place in life and society and what they believe in. Record of Poems also serves as a record of my journey while in pursuit of my own dreams and goals recorded in sailors log journals since I first went out to sea with the U.S. Navy i... more

  • As the World Burns: Writers and Artists Reflect on a World Gone Mad

    by John W. Leys
    As the World Burns: Writers and Artists Reflect on a World Gone Mad is an anthology of poetry, prose, essay, and art inspired by the unprecedented events of the year 2020. It embraces fierce and raw creative works relating to life during the Covid-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump, and the economic uncertainty and horror of the last eight months. One hundred and fourteen writers and artists spanning ten countries and 30 states are represented in this powerful volume. It is both a sto... more
  • Craving Stardust

    by Morgan E Toll
    Craving Stardust is a poetry book that was put together from excerpts of letters and diary entries that reveal the in-depth emotions of loving someone unconditionally. With LGBTQ+ themes and raw devotions of passion and loss, the book is a hope to completely capture a moment in time and to grasp those feelings within the fibers of each page so that whoever reads them will feel the immense electricity and beauty within them and know for certain that they are not alone.
  • Make it a Double

    by Randall McNair
    Broken into five sections—The Status Quo, The Descent, Death in the Middle, The Rising, and Return with the Elixir—“Make it a Double” is a heartfelt, humorous recounting of what it was like to be stuck on a barstool year after year over a ten-year period, ruminating on one’s purpose. The second in award winning poet Randall McNair’s Bar Poems series, “Make it a Double” builds on the momentum of “Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon,” resurrecting images of McNair's dead kin, and his love ... more
  • Inkling

    by Kiana Lin
    One cannot fully contain the depths of a human consciousness in mere words, but this book of poetry provides an Inkling. Like a glimpse through the fog–while it briefly reveals a multitude of thoughts–the narrative of these free verse poems is always moving, shifting toward a fuller picture of growth and healing just beyond the mist. From being heard to dealing with grief to coming to a place of acceptance, this is a peek into a typically guarded heart and mind doing her best to process emot... more
  • Wizardry of Man

    by Bruce Charles Kirrage

    A man is like a stone thrown into water; its ripples and effects will be known equally to the very edge.

    However, after the ripples and effects subside; everything is as before. Calm returns and it is as if he hadn't been that stone at all.

    His legacy can only live on in what was written and shaped by him in the memory of others left behind after he has gone.

    To himself he is still there; deep down below the surface influencing and interfacing with all.

  • The Covid Chronicles

    by Roger G McDonald
    The microbe that stopped the earth From toilet paper wars to lockdowns to global politics The Covid Chronicles gives you a commentary on the Covid-19 pandemic like none other in verse, paintings, and drawings. Written mostly over Australia’s March to June 2020 lockdown, the work reflects on the novel coronavirus that shut down the planet. The chronicles examine the origins and impacts of the contagion from its first outbreak in Wuhan China, through the European crises, to the disaster in the U... more
  • AwakEnd

    by hydrus
    Tarots cards, much like poems, have the ability to paint a vivid picture of what once was or what could be. They delve into the subtleties that we all carry within ourselves and the secrets that make us who we are. AwakEND is an immersion into the world of tarot and its mysteries.Read it one way, then another, and let the words guide you into the meaning of each card. Allow chance and curiosity to accompany you on this incredible journey and let your heart awaken to hope even after having th... more
  • ENDvisible

    by hydrus
    𝙀𝙣𝙙𝙫𝙞𝙨𝙞𝙗𝙡𝙚 is a collection of poems about the endless feeling of being invisible while going through the emotions and sometimes cruelties of life.Illustrated by the author’s own photography, this book guides us through grief, loss and love in a dark and inspiring way typical to how Hydrus’s writing helps us cope with reality.
  • Finding Me: A Collection of Poetry

    by Chris Pepple
    Why do I write? Because I have to. The words are my connection with my spirituality, with the people around me, with love, with healing, with hope. I write to turn truths into poetry and fiction…to embrace diversity and capture the beauty and complexity of the people around me…to share the voice of the people we often fail to hear…to declare that all people deserve to have their story told. I hope that I inspire people to learn how to write their own stories in their own voice. Through these wor... more