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  • Prisoner of the Mind

    by kyle coare

    The prison of the mind, a place that breeds fear. This is a collection of poetry that touches on battles with mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, self harm and many more areas. It delves into the dark parts where mental and physical illness meet, and the resulting battles that come from such meetings. It dives into addiction, and the long road to recovery. This collection can be dark, but after the dark night comes a bright sunny day

  • Auld Sangs for Bairns & Wee Weans

    by John Thor Ewing
    Auld Sangs for Bairns & Wee Weans is a unique treasure trove of traditional Scottish nursery rhymes, containing more than 100 rhymes along with their music. All songs are presented in regularized modern Scots spelling, with a comprehensive Glossary as well as Notes and Introduction. The book includes 84 vintage black-&-white illustrations.
  • A Tender Force

    by Melissa Joseph
    At times deep and stirring, at other times quirky and whimsical, A Tender Force covers a landscape of memories and emotions in poetic form that leave us discovering more about the author as well as our own selves in reading it. With chapters touching on Tenderness, Connection, Doubt, Sensuality, Suffering, and Becoming, among others, Melissa Joseph delivers a labor of love that reveals both her literary talent as well as her heart. A collection of prose that you can pack-up and take with you li... more
  • Visions of Alba: Scenes from Scotland's History

    by Thor Ewing
    A sequence of twelve 60-word poems, each of which distills a moment when Scotland's fate hung in the balance - a turning point in history. Brief notes are provided for readers who want to learn more about the historical context of these Visions of Alba.
  • 50 Classic Poems Every Boy Should Know

    by Thor Ewing
    Too many boys think poetry is all flowers and fairies. Drawing on a thousand years of English literature, these are poems which have thrilled and stirred the blood of generations of boys and men.
  • Wisdom of the Celts

    by Thor Ewing
    The Wisdom of the Celts presents new translations from medieval Welsh and Irish manuscripts on the theme of wisdom. On each page, a single verse is beautifully presented, with an illuminated initial. This collection brings together ancient texts for the first time, in a unique combination of timeless wisdom and sublime poetry inspired by the natural world. Texts are chosen from proverbial lists of Threes (or ‘Triads’) found in Irish manuscripts, and from the poems of The Red Book of Hergest (th... more
  • A Conceptual Circus

    by Kenneth Jarrett Singleton
    TRANSFIGURATION I would expect nothing less. Carry your sword, my prophetess. Obstinate contumacy training. Find the objective that is more draining. More strenuous tasks will make you grow. Pain upon you I bestow. I’ll take it all and nothing less. I claim it back; I repossess. Tip the scale; Turn it over. Mark the unused; What’s leftover. The main part no longer exists; Despite the reduction, it persists. Continued movement; A quest... more
  • Poems from the Swamp

    by Josie Moon
    Poems from the Swamp is a collection of poems exploring the dark psyche of a troubled place inhabited by characters who are sympathetic outsiders. The poems explore what it means to be a scapegoat, what it means to live in a place that can be hostile and how those difficulties can be challenged and overcome. The poems invite the reader to enter the swamp and explore its many layers.
  • A Poet's Diary 1

    by Dean Zeviar

    Discover the cleansing of your mind, body, and soul today; using this one unique cleansing tool by Earnest Navar Williams aka Dean Zeviar.

    Experience the extreme changes in feelings. Take the emotional roller-coaster ride of your life, and feel the legendary catharsis like so many others.  In one single breath, the creatively simple words, rhymes, and rhythms of his poems read with sprinkles of poise. Simple Poetry with Perfect editing created the perfect foundati... more

  • Reaching for Dawn

    by Ann Christine Tabaka
    Reaching for Dawn is my sixth book of poems, which includes two books of Haiku & Senryu style poems. As my life has changed with age, my style has changed, and hopefully grown, since I first started writing rhymes and musings in the 1960's. I now see the universe on a deeper level than I did in my youth. Once again, I hope that you enjoy the journey as you travel with me into the inner depths of my observations, my mind, and my feelings. Maybe you will find a little of your own thoughts and f... more
  • The Empath Collective

    by Joe Potter
    The Empath Collective is a collection of poems reflecting life's various emotional states.
  • Monsoon on the Fingers of God

    by Sasenarine Persaud
    Set against the backdrop of the 2014 Scottish referendum, MONSOON ON THE FINGERS OF GOD continues an ongoing exploration of forms and improvisation on styles, rhythm/taal, and raagic moods in an examination of identity, history and human migrations
  • Crazy Shoes: A Book of Poems

    by Brenda Mota
    A collection of poems inspired by, and written for, children, but entertaining for everyone. Whether they are learning about themselves or the world around them, the silliest things are spoken by kids. They’re often extremely truthful and sometimes they're just plain funny! Through the eyes of a child, everyday things look very different.
  • Silent Pieces: Poems

    by Sabrina Hicks
    Sabrina Hicks has gone above the imagination in Silent Pieces. She mesmerizes the reader with a new passion as she introduces in her poems. "A Gift of Love" gives the reader a powerful revelation of God's love to the people. It shows the courage of one man to fulfill his Father's plan. The bond between the two individuals is like nothing in this world.
  • Cowboy Mike

    by Grandpa
    Cowboy Mike bounces on his Grandpa's knee then rides off on an adventure seeking justice and truth
  • From Her Lips

    by S.A. White
    WARNING: May cause tears The book is divided into seven chapters, and each chapter serves a different part of a women’s story. Deals with a different pain. Heals a different heartache. Speaks to a lonely heart. From her lips take readers through a journey of the most nerve wrecking moments in life and finds sweet revenge in the words because there is still love everywhere if you are just willing to try again. "It's like the chaos of longing went through a love triangle and came out next to milk ... more