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  • The Poetic Vibrations of a Matured Butterfly

    by Arthur Lee Conway
    A poetic journey of prose poetry, thoughts, and parables about the quiddity of humankind. The cyclonic interactions and divisions that causes movement, and sometimes turbulent development on the road called Life.
  • The Rapids

    by Yogesh Patel

    Yogesh Patel raids diverse areas of experience and many literatures to make a ‘jazz of poetry’. These poems travel with a Freedom Pass and a crow-sharp eye through Greek, Indian, African and Chinese myth, via the error page and cryptocurrency, all the way to the milk round and disrupted ecologies. They play on connections and disconnections, acting as improvisations that bounce sound and light into the broken corners of the world. -Imtiaz Dharker



  • Second Harvest

    by Don Agey
    As in the first book, Eclectic Harvest, this is a stew of different styles of poetry; metric and free, and whatever other…uh style came to mind. Also, there are limericks and haiku; Japanese poetry.
  • Half Woman Half Grief

    by Maya Kalaria
    I’m not here to sugar-coat grief. I’m here to be transformed by it. This powerfully vulnerable book invites us to grieve. Having lost her mother at the age of nine, Maya has spent her life navigating her way through the myriad of emotions which surround death. In her debut collection of poetry, she maps her journey into the mysterious underworld of grief and the extraordinary lessons she learned in the darkness. Maya is a woman of colour, a poet, a writer, and has helped to support people’... more
  • Broken Pieces

    by Shah Asad Rizvi
    Broken Pieces – Tales of Heartbreak takes the reader on a deep, beautiful, and reflective journey to love’s other side. With his collection of one hundred sublimely written poems, Shah Asad Rizvi captures the full spectrum of love lost with words that will both resonate with and haunt the reader’s soul. A truthful and poignant telling, Shah does not shy away from the pain nor causes of broken hardnesses. Broken Pieces is akin to a master’s thesis on all the ways that a heart can hurt after lo... more
  • Hawaii Yacht Charter || PCK Nautical

    by PCK Nautical
    If you ever wonder about visiting Hawaii for relaxation and scenic beauty then you should consider a Hawaii yacht charter trip to the deep waters of Oahu. PCK Nautical has been serving people from the start. Our luxurious boat named Hondo is famous amongst the tourists. PCK Nautical offers various cruise tours during the daytime and evening. If you are on a honeymoon trip or dating trip we've got your back. Hondo is very suitable for weddi... more
  • You Deserve The Stars

    by Aaliyah Vines
    A poetry collection divided into two sections- the dark and the stars- Aaliyah Vines's debut poetry collection explores some of the darkest parts of her life. With themes of loss and love, breaking and healing, mental illness and self love, You Deserve The Stars is a love letter to her past self, and to the reader, reminding them that they deserve the stars... and that they just have to get through the dark to see them.
  • Echoes of Light

    by Jani Viswanath
    A rare and inspiring gift of short stories and poetry which will warm the spirit and uplift the reader as they appreciate a world woven with messages of love, compassion and hope. Echoes of light accentuates the basic, simple requirements for the happiness we so desperately crave, and the essential quality that we are all gifted with, to attain it. These Stories and poems are immersed with the myriad emotions of the magnificent human psyche ? kindness, hope, redemption; the magic of compassion,... more
  • My Story With Blue

    by Mayada Himani
    Full of all kinds of beautiful romantic blues, yet it’s the unseen red passion that screams out of this sensational and sensual book! Full of love, seduction and desire. Captured and framed from our day-to-day life, making the ordinary look surreal with so much depth in it. Transforming stillness into an everlasting moving emotion, triggering every drop of living blood inside of you. Rebirth! If you are looking to rejuvenate your life, then this book will bring the youth out of you. It displays ... more
  • Heartscapes

    by Raymond Pelly
    Heartscapes explores ‘the greater love’ we see in people and the world around us. The ‘heart’ poems are the prayers of a contemplative set in the context of a long life that has known tragedy and suffering as well as love and many friendships. Heartscapes also includes salty wisdom about real life, love poems, stories, eco-poems, poems inspired by animals, translations, poems in memory of loved ones – and much more. It thus resonates with all the living, human and animate that I encounter, as ... more
  • Lockers Speak

    by Brenda Mahler
    This book is a compilation of students’ thoughts. The words presented through verse stand-alone but together intertwine to create a glimpse of society. Youth bring to school more than their backpacks. They hold a unique perspective because with them they carry memories and dreams as well as every emotion, event, and person who influenced their identities, complicated by issues that may not be new to their generation but are enhanced by the 24/7 broadcasting of news and social media. Public sc... more
  • The Poetic Vibrations of a Matured Butterfly

    by Arthur Lee Conway
    A poetic journey of prose poetry, thoughts, and parables about the quiddity of humankind. The cyclonic interactions and divisions that causes movement, and sometimes turbulent development on the road called Life.
  • The Smallest of Bones

    by Holly Lyn Walrath
    A haunting ossuary of tiny poems covering a wide range of topics such as love, romance, relationships, queer sexuality, religion, death, demons, ghosts, bones, gender, and darkness. The Smallest of Bones guides those on an intimate journey of body acceptance, with sparse words dedicated to peeling back skin and diving bone-deep into the self. Raw, honest, and powerful, this collection is an offering to those struggling to find power in the darkness.
  • If I Were A Pony

    by Leonard Eckhaus
    If I Were A Pony depicts the bond between a boy and his pony. The book traces the touching relationship between the two as they go through the different stages of life and grow old together. It pinpoints the beautiful things the pony looks forward to doing with the young boy, such as sharing nuzzles and gallops, being fed and groomed, getting treats, and more. As the pony and the boy grow older, the adventures shared between the two change, but their bond remains strong as they continue to find ... more
  • Planting a Poetry Plant

    by Prabhjot Kaur Saini
    "Planting a Poetry Plant" is a poetry collection, which contains 34 poems of various themes written by the author during her entire writing journey so far; along with some notes by the author about those poems.
  • A Few of My Favourite Things

    by A. J. Ross-Etheridge
    Consisting of a selection of anecdotes, advice, laughter and love, this book of poetry is a real glimpse inside the writer’s mind. The author has written from the heart, taking her material from real-life stories, experiences and everyday observations. The author’s mum is one of the very unfortunate people suffering from Alzheimer’s, which is how this book came about. She needed to find a way to channel her emotions and raise money for Alzheimer’s research at the same time. Therefore, for every ... more