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  • Growing Flames, Fury & Lavender

    by Emmanuel Kane
    Emotional words a soldier on the battle front conversing with his fiancée and reminiscing the world he has left behind, one still saturated with fury, uncertainty and love all operating together.
  • Life Span: A Collection of Poetry

    by Deanna Repose Oaks
    Life Span is a collection of moments, expressed through poems. Moments when NEW LOVE becomes OLD LOVE. Moments when a screwed-up FAMILY LIFE becomes EMOTIONAL WRECKAGE... Moments when FRIENDSHIP, heals all wounds and NATURE POEMS calm the heart. A full life wouldn't be complete if you didn't stop to smell the roses and make some CULTURAL OBSERVATIONS. All of which are expressed through the poetry enclosed within. Enjoy!
  • Kiss the Earth

    by Neal Sehgal
    KISS THE EARTH is a collection of poetry, prose, and photography about finding peace within one’s self, perseverance through adversity, and reverence for all that surrounds.
  • Elegy for a Butterfly

    by Neal Sehgal
    ELEGY FOR A BUTTERFLY is a collection of poetry, prose, and photography that is woven together to tell a story of love, loss, and letting go.
  • Shitolian

    by O Persaud
    Shitolian is a collection of my poetry, the third book in a series of 4. Its themes explore politics, religion, spirituality, racial divides in today’s America, and lessons learned through my meaningless existence thus far. I must inform you that the book does contain some adult language. It is my personal statement to this divided America. It is a 76 page manuscript consisting of 5,038 words, it was published through Kindle Direct Publishing on April 13, 2019.
  • When Words Were Not Enough:the poets of World War I

    by Thomas De Angelo
    This collection offers 127 poems by over 50 poets, and represents some of the most significant and poignant examples of the poetry of the First World War.
  • Bohemian Swan

    by Alexia Swanepoel
    Compilation of poems written before 1997 and within the last couple of years, plus a short story called "Miscarriage."
  • Tapestry

    by Edward Schwartz
    This is a book of poetry for those of you who are tired of unintelligible verse. This is the common man talking?a father, husband, and a community member who finds humor and pathos in everyday happenings with a little philosophy thrown in as an afterthought. I take a thought, a word, or an interesting line and create a story around it, usually ending with a twist or just a good thought. This story is about our life and our marriage of fifty-nine years.
  • The Silver Pen

    by Jan Voth Dubbs
    This author uses words as a sculptor uses clay. She doesn?t change the shape of the word; it?s the surrounding words that contain the poetic surprise. She explains that she personally likes to be surprised by a word that doesn?t usually follow another. It is a way to startle the reader into looking deeper into the thought. There are times when words can even pour forth like oil and fill in cracks left by others? hurtful words. Some of these poetic frames become like a waterfall of individual poe... more
  • The Unraveling

    by Tarian Marks
  • Poems I: A Spiritual Collection ISBN-13: 978-1985323681

    by Lisa A Lachapelle
    A book of poems by Canadian writer/author Lisa Lachapelle who is a Spiritualist, as also featured in One Truth, Many Voices about Interviews with 108 Living Gurus (by Sony Mervin). This book of poetry captures the essence of spiritual study and celebration of knowledge. There is a story within if you can find it. Lines within start scribed from the heart hear the song of a mystic in poetry. Finish within reason the season to be joyful. The dialogue of the soul calls out to stillness where words ... more
  • One Dyke's Theater: Selected Plays, 1975-2014

    by Terry Baum

    Terry Baum’s Dos Lesbos (1981) inspired the first anthology of lesbian plays in the history of the universe—Places, Please!—in 1985. The ten plays in Baum’s One Dyke’s Theater span 40 years of making theater about lesbian lives, from absurd farce to gripping historical drama. Baum’s pioneering works have been lauded by critics and produced all over the world. HICK: A Love Story was honored as a Fringe Fave and selected for the Fringe Encore Series ... more

  • DOGS IN TOPANGA! 2000-2018

    by Jane Marla Robbins
    These poems, like the dogs they celebrate, and the poet herself, are variously funny, touching, charming, insightful, uplifting, and elegantly crafted. The author, Jane Marla Robbins, is the best-selling author of Poems of the Laughing Buddha and a finalist for a National Endowment of the Arts Poetry Grant.
  • Rhythms of the Eternal Uprising

    by William Wright
    Author of “The Slums of Nightfall,” William Wright, Jr. has penned another accomplished book of prose. ‘Rhythms of the Eternal Uprising,’ is a deeply reflective collection; the subject matter very relevant and timely. The reader will be carried away by the artful way in which the pieces flow from one to the next; however, it is the content which is compelling and reminiscent of what it is to live in precarious times.The poet speaks of lessons unlearned and revisiting the same subject matter as a... more
  • The Slums of Nightfall

    by William Wright
    The night sweeps herself over us, as she paints the world black. She joins us, hand in hand, with the wrath of anxiety. She shrouds us with deep despair and in her wake comes the onslaught of depression. At this point we are all in need of a little comfort, perhaps companionship, a guide to trudge through the long nights with, to bring home the glory of a fresh sunrise.We cannot see the bountiful stars amidst the burning rays of the sun, they are invisible to desperately seeking eyes. But we do ... more
  • The Anatomy of the Honey Bee

    by Briana Williams
    Briana Williams became a viral sensation at twenty-four years old as a single mother, who took her final exam while in labor and graduated from Harvard Law School with her one-year-old baby in tow. The world wondered how it had all been possible? Nothing about the journey was easy but without question worth it. The Anatomy of the Honey Bee is the intimate, and intentionally unguarded offering of the darker side of success and the chronicle of a haunting relationship, infiltrated by love, abuse, ... more