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  • Meet the Olympians: A Collection of Limericks on Greek Gods

    by Toby D
    This children's book is a collection of limericks about Greek gods. Meet the Olympians will help kids understand the nature of Greek mythology and Olympian gods in a fun way. Each page contains one limerick describing one Greek god or goddess, starting from Zeus: "Once was a big god on a mountaintop, Who could make the thunder start and stop, Defeated Cronus, Ruled over Olympus, His name was Zeus and that's a full stop."
  • The Story of Ulysses Cat: Homer’s Odyssey, a Children’s Adaptation

    by Toby D
    Ulysses Cat is a classic tale of epic adventure. Join brave Ulysses as he bravely navigates the perils of the sewer with his feline crew. In this captivating children's adaptation of Homer's Odyssey, Ulysses Cat is sure to touch hearts with his inspirational journey. With fun rhymes and vibrant illustrations on each page, your little ones will be enthralled by Ulysses' bravery as he goes to the Rat Castle, fights ferociously, and even meets the one-eyed giant rat. Let your beloved children climb... more
  • Healing Grace: Inspirational Poetry for Coping & Closure

    by Michelle G Stradford
    Healing words of comfort and encouragement for the strong souls working to overcome adversity and trauma. Healing Grace is a raw and inspirational collection of poems, affirmations, and meditations for those on a healing journey from heartbreak, adversity, and personal trauma. I am painstakingly making my way through the emotional ruins of a life of resistance, climbing over broken pieces of myself to reassemble a more durable existence. -Broken Pieces
  • About Time: Poems

    by Diane Mintz
    Poems of loving and living, and overcoming. "I want to write a poem as elegant as old lace, as simple and airy as a child's rhyme, as soft and loved as a stuffed animal, as welcoming as an old slipper, as easy to slip on. A poem in which I can open my most tender secrets to the trusted and compassionate reader who takes in the words knowingly, securing them...where she will turn to turn to them often for solace."
  • The Truth I Must Invent

    by Francis DiClemente
    The Truth I Must Invent is a collection of narrative and philosophical poems written in free-verse style. Employing a minimalistic approach and whimsical language, Francis DiClemente explores the themes of self, identity, loneliness, memory, existence, family, parenthood, disability, gratitude, and compassion. The Truth I Must Invent examines the conflicting web of emotions all adults face and the truths that lie in between. This poetic collection peels away the layers of our individual and u... more
  • Poetic Conduct

    by Candace J. Durden
    She is a poetic therapist with an authentic style, who invites the reader to listen, relate and heal. Poetic Conduct offers a professional counselor's approach to self-healing through poetry. The reader will explore the realness of written expressions of admiration, love interests, support, grief, loss, and healing.
  • My Stay with the Sisters

    by Cheryl Cantafio
    My Stay with the Sisters is a book of poems that explores the different emotions and feelings that come with loss. The poet, who lost her mother to pancreatic cancer, drew from her own personal experiences and re-imagined grief and gratitude as sisters. Grief and Gratitude welcome those who have lost someone dear to them to a home-away-from-home, where they can visit different rooms and the poems within to find a place to cry, scream, reminisce, and breathe. My Stay with the Sisters is an immers... more
  • The Good The Bad The Evil: Poems on Life, Exploring Life's Contrasts

    by Bresh Winston
    The Good The Bad The Evil; Poems on Life, Exploring Life's Contrasts, is a captivating and thought-provoking collection of poetry that delves deep into the complexities of the human experience. From politics and philosophy to spirituality and music, this book explores a wide range of themes, showcasing the depth and breadth of the human condition. Through his powerful and evocative poetry, the author, Bresh Winston, explores the stark contrasts that exist in life, from the bright light of g... more
  • How the Earth Holds Us

    by Mary (Maggie) Holman Tuteur
    The poems in How the Earth Holds Us span more than five decades in the career of Mary Holman Tuteur, a remarkable poet known to many as Maggie. As a protégée of Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney in the 1960s, Tuteur demonstrated a keen eye for imagery, a sensitivity to rhythm, and an open-hearted honesty, qualities that she would hone as her life and her work grew deeper and more complex. Themes of intimacy and exile, grief and ecstasy, mortality, kinship, and the resilience of the creative impulse t... more
  • Amoy Abroad: Mga Tula Mula sa Malayo

    by Lila Marquez
    Amoy Abroad: Mga Tula Mula sa Malayo is the first poetry collection of Lila Marquez in Filipino. It features the poems she had written while living in Kuwait and writing for various publications under her pseudonym, Armineonila M. Lila Marquez is a Filipina writer and artist. She lived in Kuwait for over 15 years where her articles, columns, comic strips and illustrations have been published in Kuwait’s local newspapers and magazines from 2007. Her literary writings and artworks have al... more
  • Line Breaker: A Collection of Poems

    by Lila Marquez

    "Line Breaker" is the debut poetry collection of artist and writer, Lila Marquez. It is about topics she's most passionate about such as social justice, immigration, nonhuman animals, labor issues and the environment. Lila Marquez is a Filipina writer and artist. She lived in Kuwait for over 15 years where her articles, columns, comic strips and illustrations have been published in Kuwait’s local newspapers and magazines from 2007 under the pseudonym, Armineonila M. Her li... more

  • Behind Her City Eyes

    by Sarah Erin
    Behind Her City Eyes is a collection of LGBTQ+ poems, which dissect the layers and what-ifs of an unrequited love. Told through the lens of New York City, each poem addresses aspects of self-love, discovery, and perception while also describing the harsh realities within fantasy and heartbreak.
  • Let Us Be So Familiar

    by Erin Agee
    Let Us Be So Familiar is part environmental reckoning, part love letter to the tender complexity of the present moment. It is about the nuances of our relationship to the earth, the raw gift of loss and grief, and the urgency of finding true connection with one another.
  • The Chaos of Me

    by Patrick S. Smith
    Chaos. The disruptor of the plans of our lives. It can destroy us, only to rebuild us into something else. In The Chaos of Me, Patrick S. Smith explains, in verse, the events that have shaped his life and his philosophy. From the highs of adopting a child, celebrating events, and the pain of September 11, 2001, he puts his feelings into words. Mixed in are his self-reflections and his wit, which can be chaotic.
  • Rise Above the River

    by Kelly Rowe
    The subject matter of the book is the sexual abuse of my brother at age 12 by a teacher, and the subsequent destruction of his life by the abuse he suffered. When I first wrote the poems, I wasn’t sure I would publish them, because the issues dealt with are so private and so dark, but I now believe these stories need to be told, particularly for victims who in many cases cannot speak for themselves.
  • The Devils Book of Sonnets: 50 Sonnets that are a delightfully adult take on life's absurdities

    by dp
    The Devil's Book of Sonnets, is a collection of humorous and delightfully distasteful poems. Each sonnet is paired with an iconic painting transformed into a meme that adds a visual layer to the reading experience. In this collection, I take the strict structure of the sonnet and use it to explore taboo and risqué topics, pushing the boundaries of what is considered tasteful and acceptable. My intention is to provide a fun and entertaining read, not a deep literary experience. These sonnet... more