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  • One Dyke's Theater: Selected Plays, 1975-2014

    by Terry Baum

    Terry Baum’s Dos Lesbos (1981) inspired the first anthology of lesbian plays in the history of the universe—Places, Please!—in 1985. The ten plays in Baum’s One Dyke’s Theater span 40 years of making theater about lesbian lives, from absurd farce to gripping historical drama. Baum’s pioneering works have been lauded by critics and produced all over the world. HICK: A Love Story was honored as a Fringe Fave and selected for the Fringe Encore Series ... more

  • DOGS IN TOPANGA! 2000-2018

    by Jane Marla Robbins
    These poems, like the dogs they celebrate, and the poet herself, are variously funny, touching, charming, insightful, uplifting, and elegantly crafted. The author, Jane Marla Robbins, is the best-selling author of Poems of the Laughing Buddha and a finalist for a National Endowment of the Arts Poetry Grant.
  • Rhythms of the Eternal Uprising

    by William Wright
    Author of “The Slums of Nightfall,” William Wright, Jr. has penned another accomplished book of prose. ‘Rhythms of the Eternal Uprising,’ is a deeply reflective collection; the subject matter very relevant and timely. The reader will be carried away by the artful way in which the pieces flow from one to the next; however, it is the content which is compelling and reminiscent of what it is to live in precarious times.The poet speaks of lessons unlearned and revisiting the same subject matter as a... more
  • The Slums of Nightfall

    by William Wright
    The night sweeps herself over us, as she paints the world black. She joins us, hand in hand, with the wrath of anxiety. She shrouds us with deep despair and in her wake comes the onslaught of depression. At this point we are all in need of a little comfort, perhaps companionship, a guide to trudge through the long nights with, to bring home the glory of a fresh sunrise.We cannot see the bountiful stars amidst the burning rays of the sun, they are invisible to desperately seeking eyes. But we do ... more
  • The Anatomy of the Honey Bee

    by Briana Williams
    Briana Williams became a viral sensation at twenty-four years old as a single mother, who took her final exam while in labor and graduated from Harvard Law School with her one-year-old baby in tow. The world wondered how it had all been possible? Nothing about the journey was easy but without question worth it. The Anatomy of the Honey Bee is the intimate, and intentionally unguarded offering of the darker side of success and the chronicle of a haunting relationship, infiltrated by love, abuse, ... more
  • Washani Tales: Wyampum poetry

    by Tyrone Ross Thompson

    This book is the experience of a Wyampum and Nez Perce of the Columbia River. It's how I see the world and the impact from colonization to tribal policies that destroyed the homeland of Celilo Falls. In this book it details the tremendous pain of an array of issues. This struggle of identity, lost love, anger, family loss, and despair but writing has led me to save my self from the issues of indigenous identity but also helped me search for self-truth and personal power. The medium of poe... more

  • Dangerously Speaking

    by Jessica McLarty
    Change is constant and learning new skills teaches us communication techniques. Staying encourage is capable of being included in existence. Living comfortably comes with being able to express one self in ways that will heal the soul and record the moments. Spontaneity also helps keep this life refreshed. A relationship with are is one without waiting.
  • Continuation

    by Jessica McLarty
    Poetry that provides sensation through rhythmic intrigue.
  • Surfing Through the Mind: An Anthology

    by Claude P Perry II

    A collection of articles, poems, and short stories written over several years by the author.

  • Situationship

    by Osamase Ekhator
    "Situationship" by Osamase Ekhator centers around love and the ambiguity of "relationships with no titles". For some, the spontaneous and pure nature of situationships have led to the best romances...but for the rest of us, the hardest heartaches... The book is split into three chapters: "The Chase", "I Told You What This Was", and "The Let Out".
  • The Color of Love

    by Raymond Quattlebaum
    This book describes life in it's forever wonder, the flow of magic in it's forever form of love. The magnificence of life is the formula of her beauty an eye catching moment I call deeply The Color Of love. As life expresses herself and who she truly is the spectrum of her unbelievable beauty. that moment that makes you holler and wanting to dance knowing who you truly are within yourself share energy poetry in motion the harmony of unconditional love transformed into the high light of physic... more
  • Restored

    by Sylvie Croslard
    Poems about the power of healing and restoration in people, and creation, poems to God's glory.
  • Authentic

    by Sylvie Croslard
    Spirit led poetry reflecting a lived out faith, free verse.
  • The Safety of Edges

    by Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma
    The Safety of Edges ponders liminal times and spaces, tracing the borders between now and then, here and there, childhood and the grown poet. The edge of anything is both a limit and a possibility, an encounter either safe or risky. Pruiksma’s poems seek what it is one awakens to in the half light between darkness and dawn, an emptiness that is not empty, a “saying in the silence,” “a song we can’t see,” or whatever in movement might remain still. Pondering a world waiting to be whole, they retu... more
  • New Moon by Half: A Lifetime in Poetry

    by Scott Oury
    Drawn from material written over five decades this book brings together a remarkable body of work, a lifetime in poetry. Within these pages Scott Oury explores with honesty moments easily overlooked, and those difficult to ignore: family, love, the human connection with the natural world and beyond, an unoccupied space, a chance meeting in an airport, a forgotten wristwatch—and other instances of unexpected beauty. In the words of the author, “All of it, and much more—whatever captured my ey... more
  • I'll Show You Who's Boss Even If You Suffer And I Get In Trouble Selected Works of Karlos Rene Ayala

    by Karlos Rene Ayala
    I'll Show You Who's Boss Even If You Suffer And I Get In Trouble contains work selected from Karlos Rene Ayala's previously published books Womanhood (2008) Imaginary Men Love Imaginary Women (2014) Banana Pineapple Papaya Peach (2018) and new writing from his forthcoming book Come, Hear The Howler Monkey's Song