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  • My Dawn Is Only Five Hours Away

    by Dion Anja
    Dion Anja's first poetry collection explores the various shades of life from a young-adult woman's point of view such as love, death, nature, anger, and fairies. Fueled by her imagination and surroundings, Anja aims to resonate with your heart and soul because she believes poetry is a shared feeling regardless of place and time. All of the poems have been written in the chaotic atmosphere of the pandemic and this ephemeral state of existence urged Dion to self-publish.
  • As Do I: Myth, Magic, Madness

    by Colby Trotter
    “Poems to make you believe again.” For lovers of Milk and Honey, Pillow Thoughts or followers of Atticus and Nikita Gill now comes As Do I: Myth, Magic, Madness. Colby Trotter acts as a Cheerfully Melancholic guide in this debut micro-poetry series. He seeks to help you find your voice by guiding you to a level at which your darkest sides reside and then pointing out the light in those dark corners. This adventure of the heart will encourage you to better understand your own happiness on the jou... more
  • This Love Thang

    by Toki Swan
    The first poetry novel written about eleven friends on the path to finding love in each other's eye. Will their final path be too much for even them to bare. Each poem, chapter signifies their journey together.
  • Her Favorite Color Was Sunshine Yellow

    by Amanda Karch
    This book of love poems takes you on the journey of ups and downs that accompanies a relationship - the heartbreak of missing someone you love and the happiness that is strongest when you are together. But no matter the distance, that feeling of sunshine yellow is always there.
  • Grief Songs

    by Elizabeth Gauffreau

    "A beautiful, personal collection of family photos and poems that express the author's most inner feelings. Nostalgic and heartfelt, Gauffreau's poems are written in the Japanese style of tanka simple, thoughtful, and full of love. Filled with wonderful memories of the past. ~Kristi Elizabeth, Manhattan Book Review

  • Lyrical

    by James Strazza

    Lyrical is a book of poetry by James Strazza, a music producer, songwriter and talented musician who lost his ability to make music or use a computer due to very severe ME/CFS, a debilitating neurological condition. Strazza turned to writing poetry by speaking to his phone, writing his first poem in July, 2020. With help from his mother, Strazza began posting his poems on Instagram at In less than 6 months his poetry page gained more than 10,000 follow... more

  • Outsiders and Apparitions: Possessed Poems and Art for Family Picnics

    by Milan Sergent

    Outsiders and Apparitions: Possessed Poems and Art for Family Picnics by Milan Sergent is an eclectic book of poetry and art by an easily bored author and artist who broke free from boundary violations, conformity, and abandonment as a youth. The past now only apparitions: he is currently possessed with a mission to encourage expression without dull traditions, rules, or shackling expectations. The soul can be possessed, but the product it produces must be free to protest.

    The main titl... more

  • Bampa's Bedtime Stories

    by Bampa
    This charming book is a team project between father and daughter, Phillip (Bampa) Avery and Katie Willis. The tales within range from the strange and magical to the slightly creepy and the chuckle out loud funny, and cover subjects from fairies and fearsome beasts to a magical sweet tree. Written in rhyming couplets this book will be a read-out-loud joy for parents and youngsters alike.
  • Wading Through the Mists: Poems

    by Arline E Litchfield
    In her first collection of poems, Arline Litchfield attends the mind with an openness and curiosity that can only come from a firm resolution to heal. Wading Through the Mists is a delicate exploration of a suppressed psyche and the female warrior spirit. With a shifting lens held over military life, post-traumatic stress, and the natural world, she turns over stones that we ourselves have turned over many times before…or perhaps for the first time ever.
  • Tom, the Cat: The Life and Work of Tom Cat in Sonnets

    by Elizabeth Reinach
    Tom – the Cat is about the life and dubious works of a large tabby tom cat, who lives with the narrator, an indulgent and adoring finance director.
  • Spirit Songs, Images, and Uttered Nonsense

    by J. S. T. Botting
    A word from the Author They are the notes to free the songs that lie deep within your soul. They are the brush with which to paint images in your mind. They are the voice to express the joyful fantasies and silliness of your inner child. Words bring relief, greater understanding and joy into your life. They are the Spirit Songs, Images and Uttered Nonsense that you will find within these pages. If you find that you can relate to any of the Spirit Songs, then my purpose has been served. That purp... more
  • Poetic Confessions

    by Arilita Moore Joyner
    This is a drama-filled story of a young woman who is looking for romance in all of the wrong places who finds it and doesn't know how to nourish it. This was a young, sheltered, lonely mom who had to learn how to be honest with herself and to put her child first, to have the confidence to face her fears of growing old alone in the pursuit of finding the right young man who would put them first. In this poetic young tale this young woman learned to survive in an unbelievably cold world; she had t... more
  • Freedom

    by Gloria L. Foster
    A book consisting of a compilation of poems.
  • Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2: Some things are black and white

    by Amy Jean

    In Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2: Some Things are Black and White, Amy Jean continues to share the ramifications of repetitive historical missteps in an intense poetic clang. The poems hint at unknown universal truths, including direct indications that we currently do not have the freedom we assume we possess, nor are we privy to view reality. The implied impending euphoria holds the reader hostage, as she or he flips from page to page. You can feel the author'... more

  • Between Tads and Toads

    by Christine May

    Between Tads and Toads is an illustrated story in verse for adults about pretty frog Frederic who struggles to fit in with the pondling society of educated toads, dandy frogs and innocent tadpoles. Set by a pond in the idyllic British countryside, life is an endless parade of picnics, swimming races and all things nice, except for Frederic.  

  • Yeah I Said It:: Eric Clayton's Look At The World Through Poetry and Prose

    by Eric clayton
    Eric looks at the world through the prism of his black life in America. He expresses himself in poetry and prose. He explores the humanity of the world and faith. Anger and love blended together and compiled from his Facebook posts over several years. He grew up in Chicago around mostly black people the first 13 years of his life. He was exposed to whites in high school in a limited and sometimes hostile manner. He went to a predominately white catholic college in Northeast Kansas and that is wh... more