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Science, Nature, Technology

  • A Bee or Not a Bee?

    by Audrey Sauble
    Did you know that not all bees make honey? There are 20,000 species of bees, and only a few of those bees are honeybees. What about the other bees? And the bee mimics that look like bees and may even help pollinate plants too? In this nonfiction picture book, kids get to meet some of the other, less well-known bees, while also learning about insect identification. It's time to learn what makes a bee a bee and discover the bees that live in your own backyard!
  • Nature Norm's North Woods

    by Norman Weeks
    The land of wolves, moose, bears, and 10,000 lakes. Nature Norm’s North Woods is an anecdotal natural history of northeastern Minnesota, based upon the author’s forty years’ experience there. Nature Norm first describes the woods-and-waters setting from the vantage point of his cabin on Pelican Lake. He then surveys the wildlife in the area and relates various animal encounters. Next, he conducts hiking and canoeing excursions. He concludes with a consideration of the human impact upon the no... more
  • The Wright Engineers: Inventing the Airplane

    by Brian Page
    Inventing the airplane was not easy. Nor was it a feat of genius. Wilbur and Orville Wright were successful where so many others failed because they were engineers. The Wright Engineers: Inventing the Airplane, puts the reader elbow-to-elbow with the brothers as they solve the many technical challenges that finally led to success. They even faced discouragement, Wilbur lamenting, “Not within a thousand years would man ever fly.” But with determination and good engineering practice, the brot... more
  • 2023 Avalanche Catastrophe Risk Analysis

    by Wayne Adams

    Wayne Adams attended Haskell Indian Nations University and the University of Kansas for Meteorology. Wayne graduated from Haskell Indian Nations University in 2009. He currently attends Unity College and is a senior there. Wayne is working toward a Bachelor's Degree in Climate Science. He has had many books published on LULU Books, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Wayne has had a winter forecast book from 2021 - to 2022 return with great accuracy for months in advance climatology forecasting... more

  • Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer's Theory of Life

    by Daniel G. Vintner

    ★★★★★ "Imaginative, thought-provoking, and incredibly thorough!" - Reader Review
    ★★★★★ Literary Titan Gold Book Award September 2022

    The evolution debate has been raging on the outskirts of academia for two centuries, and the sides have never been further apart than they are now.

    “Science versus religion” and “evolution versus creationism” was what the audience heard for a long time.

    In the twentieth century God was brought dow... more

  • Climatological Statistical Tornado Forecasts in Tornado Alley 2023

    by Wayne Adams
    On November 11, 2012, Wayne Adams forecast a tornado six months in advance to the street. He sent an email to the American Meteorology Society President and a snail mail letter to the National Severe Storms Laboratory. He was successful in this forecast and received an email back from theNational Severe Storms Laboratory explaining what the next step was to bring this new way of forecasting to science. Again on March 1, 2021, Wayne sent an email to the National Weather Service in Tulsa forecasti... more
  • Zoology's Greatest Mystery

    by Gary Meaney
    The 101 fascinating natural wonders in this beautifully illustrated book will forever transform your view of the animal and plant world. Come with Gary on a jaw-dropping journey across nature's most amazing and bizarre. You will learn about the mould that solves mazes, why the giant panda is lucky to be alive, how a fish with no mouth eats, why your brain is afraid of snakes, and why one microscopic creature is the most puzzling mystery in all zoology.
  • Making Mental Might: How to Look Ten Times Smarter Than You Are

    by Bernard M. Patten
    Doctor Bernard Patten―erstwhile Memory Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine, founder of the first memory clinic at the Neurological Institute of New York, and author of scientific papers on memory therapy and memory problems―wants to help you to a better mind, a better memory, and, consequently, a better life. Memory degradation happens to everyone. Even people in good health forget where they park their cars or leave their reading glasses. Some draw a blank entering their PIN. Is the s... more
  • Survive the Century

    by Sam Beckbessinger, Christopher Trisos & Simon Nicholson
    Survive the Century is an interactive story that positions you as the senior editor of the world's most popular and trusted news organization. You have the enviable power to set the news agenda and figure out how the world should respond to climate change. What if you invest in green technology and cut taxes? What if you rewild half of the world's agricultural land? What if you unleash your inner supervillain and spark WWIII? What if you block out the sun (just a little bit)? Along the wa... more
  • Mr. Robert's Madagascar

    by Robert Bullock

    Mr. Robert's Madagascar is a story of the founding of an unknown land—Madagascar—by Diogo Dias and encountering its bizarre endemic wildlife. Diogo Dias was a Portuguese explorer and captain for one of Vasco de Gama's Second Armada ships.

    The book begins when Dias' ship is blown off course and separated from the fleet. He is not sure if the remaining crew will last because they have been decimated by the storm and disease. However, the c... more

  • Modern Sustainability Master Guide

    by kolee the practicalsaint
    If Louise Hay and Jacques Cousteau had a book baby, this Modern Sustainability Master Guide would be it! This is a book about taking simple steps to regenerate a loving earth! The long awaited merging of science and spirit is upon us- this is the very essence of modern sustainability. If we are to continue as a human species, we must immediately look into: ① What the problems on planet earth are and why the problems exist in the first place, ② What we can ACTUALLY do, right now, to be a par... more
  • Noella Environmental Education Science Comics: Volume 1

    by Louis Yuen

    Noella Environmental Education Comics are based on real research and catered to Schoolchildren! It's for the parents who want their children to learn more about climate change and how they can help Noella make the world a better place. With roots based in academic research papers from world-class institutions and delivered in a fun, light, and approachable manner. Volume 1 features work from Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, and Yale.

  • Brilliant Creations - The Wonder of Nature and Life

    by John Phillip Jaeger
    Dissecting the ‘what ifs’ in the realm of science and knowledge, John P. Jaeger’s ‘Brilliant Creations’ is a transformative assessment of some of Nature’s most outstanding features. Jaeger begins with possibilities yet to be discovered by humankind, exuding his appreciation of fundamentals completing this Universe—discussing the Earth’s constitutions, to the wonders of our abilities, down to the microscopic atom and its composition; dabbling the interconnectedness of it all. Brilliant Creation... more
  • Learn Python through Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales

    by Shari Eskenas

    Learn Python programming basics quickly and delightfully with classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales like you’ve never seen them before- written as computer programs! For kids and adults alike.

    When you run this book’s Python programs on your computer, you’ll see the nursery rhymes and fairy tale stories printed out on your screen! As you turn the pages of this picture book, you will:

    - Learn to code with your favorite nursery rhymes and fairy tales translated lo... more

  • The Legend of the Summer Snowflake

    by Professor Stork
    In The Legend of the Summer Snowflake, the Sky Watch team saves a baby dolphin stuck in a floating patch of plastic and keeps other animals, swimmers, and boaters safe from the debris. This book series delivers a powerful and positive message for children about the environmental challenges facing our planet and how we can work together to overcome these challenges. On a hot summer day, a snowflake falls from the heavens landing in the palm of Cloudia's hand, giving her the power of the r... more
  • Your Whole Body

    by Lizzie DeYoung Charbonneau
    A book for families who want their children to learn about their entire bodies, including the genitals. Your Whole Body helps parents teach their children the names of genitals in a comfortable way by seamlessly weaving in the explanations and illustrations for private parts as the book explores the body from head to toes. Written for ages 2-6, the vivid illustrations show children in everyday situations while providing detailed drawings of individual body parts.