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Science, Nature, Technology

  • Dasha on the Trail

    by Gwynne Margaret Bruck
    Dasha on the Trail is a hike through Southern California’s rugged landscape as seen from eyes and snout of a lighthearted pup, Dasha. She sniffs out animals on the trail like mischievous ravens and her leash-free cousins, the coyotes. She longs for freedom but knows a tame dog might not know all the tricks of this untamed world.
  • Hearing & Seeing Chinese

    by Robin Lawrence
    Learn Mandarin characters with your baby through artistic visualizations. This high-contrast book is sure to catch your baby’s attention and help them start recognizing Chinese characters early!
  • Crush Math Anxiety With Drones

    by Jeanne Holmberg

    Crush Math Anxiety With Drones, Succeed In Math By Nurturing A Growth Mindset Through Drone Stories is a short read packed with information, inspiration, and drone whimsy. For many students facing the challenges of remote learning in grade 7 through grade 10, this book will lessen math anxiety, fill gaps in learning and retention, and promote math discourse. Cutting-edge research, inspiring messages, and exciting advances in drone technology are included. Mathematics is so ... more

  • Kelvin and the Age of the Universe

    by Yuri Heymann
    This booklet is a collection of texts from author in the realm of cosmology and quantum physics. A variety of themes are covered in the book, as the cosmic-distance duality, wave functions and particle-wave duality, the Roche sphere and Archimedean buoyancy as key principles underpinning cosmic transparency, the connection between Bohr model and Larmor formula, the ladder to the hypersphere as a sequence of space geometry, the connection between the cosmic horizon and Bohr radius, ring theory, e... more
  • What Would the Parrot Say?

    by Gail Koelln
    Wild parrots are in danger! It would help them if we remember to ask ourselves, “What would the parrot say?” This book will help you to understand why this is important and all about these beautiful birds. You will also discover some of the ways you and your friends can help wild parrots. Some of the money raised from selling this book will be used by One Earth Conservation to save endangered wild parrots.
  • A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse

    by Vítězslav Kremlík
    Public media is awash with the deteriorating state of our planet. Every new climate report shows a worse scenario than the one before, and the prophesized outcome is always the same—worldwide disaster. In A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse, Vítězslav Kremlík delivers a refreshing and objective analysis of the history and science behind climate change. Books about climate change frequently endorse a narrow, often malicious angle of total indoctrination or abject denial of the official story. Kr... more
  • About Spiritual Energy: Your Guide to Perpetual Joy

    by Walter Broach
    You are a spiritual being walking around in a physical body rather than a person with a soul. Think about it. It will give you a brand new viewpoint about life.
  • Love, Empathy, and Project Management

    by Rohit Romley
    Project Management isn't all about completing tasks and hoping for success. You can lead the best team in the world, yet still, fail because of a lack of communication. This is because you forget that Project Management also involves building a strong human connection with your team and the stakeholders. This book written by a seasoned project manager, Rohit Romley, covers not just the "What to do" but also the "How to do" of building that strong connection with your team both emotionally and... more
  • Chemical Engineering Made Simple: Process to Progress

    by Diana Tran
    Most items we use every day are the result of a chemical engineering process—from food and beverages, to deodorant and even toilet paper! This book introduces you to the How and Why behind chemical engineering processes, using objects and items you can find in your own home!
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate-C02 Exam Guide 2020-21:: A New Approach to Pass the AWS SAA-C02 Exam in 2020-21

    by Allison cope

    Getting your AWS Solutions Architect certification, in particular, can help you to stand out among the competition. Not only can it help you find a job in general, but it can help you get one of the top-paying jobs. The advantage here is that no programming knowledge is needed, and no prior AWS experience is required. It is certainly a great investment in your future that is worth making. This is the latest last-minute AWS Solutions Architect Associate's exam prep guide based on the C02 v... more

  • Everything About Astronauts - Vol. 1

    by Marianne Jennings
    This collection of over 600 entertaining & surprising facts is all about astronauts. Inside, teens and adults will discover topics like what it takes to become an astronaut, how astronauts trained to go to the Moon, little-known facts about famous astronauts and so much more. At the back is a fun, short quiz to test how well you really know astronauts.
  • At the Back of Your Mind

    by Amogh Sukhthankar
    Covid-19 has no doubt drastically changed the way we behave; now, we are more careful when washing our hands, more diligent about wearing masks, and more cautious when interacting with people indoors and outdoors. Our minds have also changed in response to the pandemic, trying to grapple with overwhelming emotions and anxiety. What hasn’t changed is how we view the roles of psychology and neurobiology during the pandemic. Both of these academic fields can explain what went well and what went poo... more
  • The Full Extent

    by Richard Botelho
    In the early 20th century, discoveries in quantum mechanics proved Consciousness is the ground of all being. This finding contradicted scientific materialism, which posited matter as foundational; instead, matter results from Mind. Moreover, Consciousness was antecedently linked to a First Mind, the universe a mental and spiritual construction of a Divine Being. The Full Extent expands on these quantum truths and considers their spiritual implications, positioning the human future.
  • 26 Bugs: An Incredible Insect ABC!

    by Craig Macnaughton
    From Atlas Moth to Zorapteran, look under rocks and high up in the trees for squirmy, six-legged squishies! Toddlers and kids of all ages will love learning their ABCs with this curious collection of wings, antenna and pinchers! Get ready to meet some creepy-crawly creatures!
  • Semester, Year, or Summer Abroad?

    by Otis Anderson
    Suggestions for Choosing the Right Time to Study Overseas The length of time and season to study abroad is determined by a combination of academics, the destination country, and most importantly personal preference. Once a university student makes the decision to study abroad, the next step in the process is to find a program that suits his or her interests. But when choosing that program, the time of year and length of program are crucial factors to think about. College major, country, indi... more
  • Interactive Technology: 10 Strategies for Using Response Systems to Engage Students

    by Otis Anderson
    As with all technological tools, there are strategies and methods which are more effective than other techniques. The following are best practices for using a personal response system in a classroom. Clicker Assignment – numbering each PRS remote eases tracking and accountability. Assigning each student a specific remote organizes tracking of answers and ensuring student responsibility. Easing organization, distribution, and storage by using a clear calculator pocket chart hung on wall near t... more