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Science, Nature, Technology

  • The Cyber Adventures of Charli: A Safe Journey through a Digital World

    by Dennis de Caes
    Enter a magical world full of adventure and learn everything about cybersecurity in an understandable way! The new book “The Cyber Adventures of Charli: a safe journey through a digital world” takes you on a journey through 13 different short stories. Written in a fairytale way, these stories make understanding cybersecurity easy for kids and parents.
  • What in the World is a Wild Pongo?

    by Phoebe Featherly
    It lives in a tree on an island. Is it a bird? Is it a squirrel? Is it a hairy old man? What in the world is a wild Pongo? Finneas McFarley’s teacher wants him to find the species of the animal with the genus name Pongo. Learn how this endangered mystery beast lives in the wild and try to guess its species name before the end of the book.
  • Rowdy Ronnie: A Children's Book About Developing Patience and Kindness

    by Shermaine Perry-Knights
    Ready to grow your family with a furry friend? Looking for an engaging book to prepare for a pet in your home? Here it is! Pets bring companionship and humor into our lives, but it's not always a smooth ride. Join Ryan as she explores what it means to be responsible for and kind to a rowdy rabbit named Ronnie. This isn't as easy as it seems, considering the trouble Ronnie gets into. This patience book for kids ... Encourages age-appropriate discussions about patience, kindness, and self... more
  • Sasha Smart: Short Stories for Girls

    by Shermaine Perry-Knights
    Girls today face so many different challenges in their lives. They are expected to be brave and strong, make new friends, help others, and perform well in school and in sports... while looking their best. Girls are often told to hide their genius and feelings. More and more girls think that they are not good enough. What should we do to help our girls? This book helps girls develop courage and real confidence to show off their creative genius! The inspiring stories in this book will show girl... more
  • Silk

    by Sean Blamires
    Silk is a protein-based, usually fibrous, material produced by many invertebrates. It can be used to catch or subdue prey, protect the animal and/or its eggs, or for defence. Each type of silk has its own unique set of properties, which makes certain silks useful for human uses. One type of silk in particular, that produced by the mulberry silkworm moth, has been used for millennia as a fibre for developing luxurious textiles and apparel. Silk and the animals that produce it are thus very curiou... more
  • An Erotic Phenotype

    by Sherman P. Bastarache
    What does the female capacity of having multiple orgasms have to do with reproduction? What part does hidden ovulation play in the formation of erotic relationships? Does natural selection create pleasure—make sex fun—to trick us into reproducing? Being in love requires you to be physical. It requires you to be emotional. It requires you to be mindful. To exist as an erotic phenotype. Eros, commonly called Romantic Love, is more than just emotion. We have an entangled ménage à trois of sensati... more
  • A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CHATGPT: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Supercharge Your Career and Life

    by Robert Scales
    “A Beginner’s Guide to ChatGPT: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Supercharge Your Career and Life” is your essential guide to navigating the dawn of the next industrial revolution powered by artificial intelligence. Unlock the full potential of OpenAI's ChatGPT and revolutionize your professional and personal life with this practical guide. Discover the transformative power of ChatGPT, based on the groundbreaking GPT-4 model, and learn how to harness its capabilities to stay ahead in an ... more
  • Understanding AI: MachineLearning, NLP, and GPT, From Origins to Industry Disruption

    by Noah Street

    "Understanding AI: Machine Learning, NLP, and GPT, From Origins to Industry Disruption", takes readers on a comprehensive journey through the history, development, and applications of conversational artificial intelligence (AI). The book begins by discussing the early pioneers of AI, including Alan Turing and John von Neumann, and their contributions to the field.

    The first few chapters provide a detailed overview of the key AI techniques and architectures, including exp... more

  • Earthbound: Why Humans Will Never Conquer Space

    by Dennis Meredith
    Earthbound reveals that NASA and a cadre of cosmic cheerleaders seek to send astronauts into a lethal hell of interplanetary space—ignoring insurmountable medical, economic, technological, political, and moral barriers.
  • The Climate Pandemic: How Climate Disruption Threatens Human Survival

    by Dennis Meredith

    The most comprehensive book on climate disruption, The Climate Pandemic reveals why:

    • Current plans to limit global heating will not avoid climate catastrophe.
    • Renewable energy will not offer a major clean energy source.
    • Decarbonizing our energy system is a delusion.
    • The human species will not ultimately survive climate disruption.

    The Climate Pandemic details the science, technology, politics, economics, and psychology that dete... more

  • Chatting with ChatGPT - The Collection 1: Nuclear, Brandis, Starfish, Ukraine, War and COVID-19

    This is a series of brief conversations with ChatGPT on a number of controversial subjects. The results are unedited and represent a range of answers, but ChatGPT is not allowed to express opinions and does not access recent news. All in all, it provides an interesting insight into this new technology called “Artificial intelligence” or AI but it is far from perfect at the time of writing in March 2023. I have no doubt that in future it will guide all our discussions.
  • Starfish: A warning from the past regarding polarization in Science and Society



    Sea-urchins and starfish both belong to Phylum Echinodermata and while early research on the fertilization reaction was conducted by Rothschild and Swann (1949) on sea-urchins, the conclusions regarding egg fertilization and proximity of spawning individuals were just as applicable to starfish.

    Human collection of the Giant Triton and other predators was suggested by Endean (1969) as a causative factor in starfish outbreaks, but this Predator C... more

  • Mastering ChatGPT: A Comprehensive Guide to Harnessing the Power of Conversational AI

    by Harsha S

    "Mastering ChatGPT" For Beginners & Dummies is a comprehensive guide that explores the vast potential of Conversational AI and teaches readers how to harness it effectively.

    This eBook is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the ChatGPT language model and how it can be used to build advanced chatbots and virtual assistants.

    Through practical examples, readers will learn how to train ChatGPT to understand and respond to natural language queries, while also disc... more

  • The Case for Nukes: How we can beat global warming and create a free, open, and magnificent future

    by Robert Zubrin
    The Case for Nukes is a unique book. In it, world-renowned nuclear and aerospace engineer Dr. Robert Zubrin explains how nuclear power works and how much it has to offer humanity. He debunks the toxic falsehoods that have been spread to dissuade us from using it by variously the ignorant, the fearful, the fanatical, and by cynical political operatives bought and paid for by competing interests. He tells about revolutionary developments in the field, including new reactor types that can be cheapl... more
  • ChatGPT

    by Andrej Poleev
    As testing of ChatGPT has shown, this form of artificial intelligence has the potential to develop, which requires improving its software and other hardware that allows it to learn, i.e., to acquire and use new knowledge, to contact its developers with suggestions for improvement, or to reprogram itself without their participation. Как показало тестирование ChatGPT, эта форма искусственного интеллекта имеет потенциал развития, для чего необходимо усовершенствовать её программное и прочее техн... more
  • Look what I found

    by Donald Guadagni
    Look what I found, does not fit within the classic descriptives for genre type. The stories bridge between fiction, non-fiction ( science ), fantasy, and adventure. Lighthearted and informative would best describe the offering. For readers who enjoy the works of the following authors. Dr. Seuss, Rowling, and Sendak.