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Science, Nature, Technology

  • Alien Invasion Book One Portal

    by Nickensley Germine
    After aliens invade the planet, a group of teens are tasked with stopping them before its to late.
  • Containing Big Tech

    by Tom Kemp
    The path forward to rein in online surveillance, AI, and tech monopolies Technology is a gift and a curse. The five Big Tech companies―Meta, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google―have built innovative products that improve many aspects of our lives. But their intrusiveness and our dependence on them have created pressing threats to our civil rights, economy, and democracy. Coming from an extensive background building Silicon Valley-based tech startups, Tom Kemp eloquently and precisely weav... more
  • Neuromined

    by Robert Grant
    Are advances in technology working for us or against us? When our phones become our keys to access everything, will our lives be more convenient or more at the mercy of whoever can hack into our devices? Will self-driving cars help us maximize our time and get to our destination safely, or will they erode the autonomy and freedom we feel when we drive ourselves? What happens if the government, in the name of public health, gains access to the data in our handy fitness trackers and uses it... more
  • Information Crisis

    by Julia Soplop
    The rapid and ubiquitous spread of information has failed to remedy one of humanity’s most enduring challenges: making accurate sense of the world. Instead, a constellation of factors influencing how we interact with information—and, in particular, scientific information—has prevented us from digesting and adequately confronting many of the greatest problems of our time, from climate change to pandemics. The book, an essential read for non-scientists and scientists alike, offers both an analysis... more
  • Rowing to Baikal

    by Peter W. Fong
    Rowing to Baikal chronicles the journey of a thousand miles across Mongolia and Russia—by horse, camel, kayak, and rowboat. It's about the fish and wildlife that call the river home. About the personal risks of prolonged flooding and sudden snowstorms. About the human history of the region, from the Bronze Age to the fall of the Soviet Union. About the old gods and legends that haunt the mountains. And about the disparate possible futures for one of the most starkly beautiful places on earth.
  • Two Little Raindrops: An exciting story inspired by nature: An Earth Science educational adventure

    by Adele Lamothe
    Two Little Raindrops is a fun rhyming story that introduces the water cycle and helps children to discover the magic of rain. Upon jumping out of a cloud, two quirky raindrops, Splish and Splash, find themselves separated from their family. Together they embark on a lively adventure in search of a way back home. With uplifting rhymes and vibrant illustrations, readers are taken along to explore the beauty and power of nature. The water cycle is introduced in a way that is easy to reme... more
  • Jeremy and the Beetle Takedown

    by Sallana Brown
    Jeremy explores a nearby forest to observe insects in their natural habitat. But why does the ash forest look so different than before? Jeremy and his friends will have to ask a lot of questions, consult their knowledge of entomology and research invasive species to find out. The new STEM-themed book by Sallana Brown explores the world of science in an engaging way, perfect for young minds.
  • A Hiking Solo Guide

    by Bob Klann
    Group hikers move over—the solo trailblazers are here to stay! Embrace the call of the wild with "A Hiking Solo Guide: Just Me, The Trees, and My Thoughts (Help!)"—your ultimate partner in the quest for wilderness solitude. If you've ever dreamed of hiking solo or are just tired of colleagues nabbing your snacks, this guide is your savior. Solo hiking is an exquisite mix of peaceful reflection and sheer determination, teaching lessons only Mother Nature can serve. This guide is your compass t... more
  • It's Not EWWWW...It's YOU!

    by Sharon Leya

    Welcome to Professor Ewe's classroom, where you’ll embark on a delightful journey through the fascinating (yet grossest) functions of the human body.

    Professor Ewe is an Einstein-like female sheep who shares just as much excitement for the intricacies of the human body as she does for the art of teaching science.

    Enjoy a laugh-out-loud exploration that will leave you and your child in fits of laughter, as Professor Ewe delves into some of the quirkiest things our bodies ... more

  • Топология субъектности

    by Андрей Полеев
    Техника представления информации о внешнем и внутреннем мире постоянно развивается, и сейчас она достигла уровня отображения реальности в многообразных её проявлениях и измерениях, прежде недоступных человеческому восприятию. Язык, текст, фотография, звукозапись, а теперь ещё и техника искусственного интеллекта для моделирования человеческой субъектности и её описания в доступной для человеческого понимания форме, стали эпохальными событиями в теории информации. Однако несмотря на то, что на дан... more
  • On the Origin of Artificial Species

    by David R. Wood
    Charles Darwin’s natural theory of evolution is one of the greatest ideas in history. His theory enabled mankind to partially perceive the patterns in nature. However, the greater pattern has remained undiscovered until now. With the decoding of ancient Greek mythology and philosophy, the pattern of evolution has been fully revealed. In his book On the Origins of Artificial Species, David R. Wood has completed the work begun by the ancient Greeks and progressed by the family Darwin. He has dis... more
  • Portrait to Landscape: A Landscape Strategy to Reframe Our Future

    by Alexandra Steed

    "Portrait to Landscape: A Landscape Strategy to Reframe Our Future" is a groundbreaking work authored by a renowned landscape architect. It challenges us to fundamentally alter our relationship with the natural world, presenting a holistic approach to healing the earth by addressing both symptoms and underlying causes of environmental degradation. Using the metaphor of a narrow self-focused portrait versus a wide-angle landscape view, the book sheds light on the profound impact of o... more

  • My First Science Alphabet

    by Isla Wynter
    From A for Anatomy to Z for Zoology, this picture book gives a playful introduction to biology, chemistry, astronomy, earth sciences, and physics. Combining colourful illustrations with simple explanations and entertaining facts, My First Science Alphabet is the perfect gateway for young minds ready to discover the captivating world of science. Written by a former science journalist, the book is perfect for curious children eager to explore the mysteries of the world and spark their interest... more
  • Global Warming: The Great Deception

    by Guy Mitchell
    “Global Warming:The Great Deception-The Triumph of Dollars and Politics Over Science and Why You Should Care”is the definitive work on the subject of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming. Guy Mitchell, a businessman with the mind of a scientist, takes a holistic approach and combines scientific analysis with an in-depth review of the political and economic aspects of the subject. He uses proven science and scientific facts to refute every claim of the climate alarmists and proponents of the m... more
  • Nurse Florence®, What are Emotions?

    by Michael Dow, RN, MS
    Jean, Condi, and Sonia sit with Nurse Florence in the cafeteria for lunch. They ask her to discuss what emotions are. Nurse Florence uses images from the internet on her phone to discuss the topic. The girls are amazed at how the brain works.
  • Teachings of the Great Outdoors: Exploring Nature, Robin Finds Herself

    by Danisha Dumornay
    Stand tall like the trees, flow like the rivers and enjoy the journey as you climb mountain tops. Tapping her fingers quickly on the kitchen table, Robin, a curious and thoughtful young girl shared: “Mom, I don’t know how to answer this homework question about what I want to be when I grow up.” On a quest to discover her true calling, Robin's worries catch her mother's attention, and sensing her daughter's uncertainty, her mom proposes an adventure in the woods to find answers together. As t... more