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  • Shades of Justice (Detective Madison Knight series Book 9)

    by Carolyn Arnold

    The line between good and evil isn’t always clear…

    “Tremendous! A double homicide, decadent scandals, and smooth prose—Shades of Justice is the perfect combination of mystery and suspense.”  –K.J. Howe, bestselling author of Skyjack

    Detective Madison Knight has risked her badge—and her life—in the pursuit of justice before, and she just might need to do so aga... more

  • Sons of the Pope

    by Daniel O'Connor

    In Brooklyn, before the murders, before the miracle, before the 1940s were gone forever, there was a tree. If only they let that tree alone. If that sycamore tree had been allowed to stand, then maybe Biaggio Falcone never would have been the head of the Campigotto crime family. Perhaps little Joey Salerno would not have been born like that. Joey’s father, Sal - just home from World War II - probably would never have gotten involved with the New York underworld, and his wife Mary wouldn... more

  • The Big Bopper Rises

    by Reb MacRath
    At an alt-right college, a professor plummets to his death. A simple insurance claim denial supposedly drove him to suicide... ...a plausible story, but one man doesn’t buy it. Gestalt Insurance’s top investigator Chief Armstrong is going undercover as the new kid on campus to investigate a tragic mishap. Back in the classroom, his 5’4" stature and ability to lie and cheat with the best help him fit right in. But as he gets closer to his classmates, it’s clear they’re on edge about somethin... more

    by J.T Cali
    Attorney Elodie Jacobs is done keeping quiet and swallowing the toxins of abuse from her cheating husband. She throws him out of her New York townhouse. Elodie adopts thirteen-year-old twin brother and sister from a shelter in New Orleans. The twins were abandoned at birth. Up to that point, they have lived in four different foster homes. Meanwhile, the current national news is about the upcoming presidential election, and it looks like Senator Jackson of New Orleans, one of the nation’s tycoon... more
  • Shadow Tag, Perdition Games

    by L.E Fraser
    On a hot Louisiana night in the Bayou, a horrifying act of violence precipitates the destruction of a family. Under the shadow of an ancient cypress tree, a killer rises from the ashes—the omnipotent judge and executioner of the unworthy.
  • Death Hub: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller (Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles Book 7)

    by Edwin Dasso
    From USA Today and Amazon International Bestselling Author Edwin Dasso comes the Seventh book in the Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles. Jack Bass, MD, discovers that new medical technology can work wonders...if it doesn't kill you first. Jack is working feverishly with two of his favorite past students to figure out what is behind the chaos of medical technology gone crazy. Is it a bigger issue than anything they could have imagined? Although, this book is part of a series, it is easily en... more
  • In the Line of Ire: A Jack Bass, MD, Thriller (Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles Book 1)

    by Edwin Dasso
    Jack finds himself the target of a blazing hatred His commanding officer blames Jack for his own failings. Jack becomes a scapegoat of his malicious jealousy and hatred, and he is intent on making Jack pay – with his life! In the cross-hairs of an egotistical man without remorse Fighting for their lives, Jack and his new love – Major Lori Darden, RN - learn just how dangerous it can be to raise the ire of a psychopathic boss. Jack must fight back to prevent his world from turning to ash rig... more
  • no man

    by rale miller
  • China Girl (Intel 1 Book 6)

    by Erec Stebbins


    Raw and powerful writing...passionate and unafraid...edgy, powerful and filled with non-stop tension. A politically charged nightmare that explodes off the pages in a terrifying tale. This one deserves a spot on that must read shelf. Just save room for the entire series.” -Tome Tender

    "Erec Stebbins is back with easily th
    ... more

  • I Escaped The World's Deadliest Shark Attack: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis, WW2 (I Escaped #3)

    by Scott Peters & Ellie Crowe

    A young sailor is trapped in the ocean, surrounded by hundreds of man-eating sharks, during the deadliest attack the world has ever seen. Can he escape?

    From multi-award-winning Ellie Crowe and Scott Peters.

    16-year-old Josh is thrilled to be a crew member aboard the mighty USS Indianapolis. But when a Japanese torpedo strikes in the middle of the night, it tears the warship in half. Josh is thrown from the deck and plunged deep into th... more

  • Ballast Point Breakdown

    by Corey Lynn Fayman

    On a cool winter evening, a speedboat hurtles across San Diego Bay and crashes into the ballroom of the Admiral’s Club. As guests flee the ensuing fire, a woman crawls from the burning boat and screams her last words: Arion has returned! Before long, guitar-playing detective Rolly Waters is on the case, connecting the dead woman to a Navy diver who disappeared twenty years earlier and the twisted wrecks of the lives he left behind.

    The fourth novel in the Rolly Waters mystery series.... more

  • Desert City Diva

    by Corey Lynn Fayman

    A darkly humorous noir mystery featuring laidback, guitar-playing private investigator Rolly Waters.

    Rolly Waters has many reasons to regret going out for Mexican food at 2.30 in the morning. Not least because then he would never have met dance-club DJ Macy Starr – possibly the most infuriatingly unpredictable and secretive client he has ever taken on. Macy Starr wants Rolly to find out what happened to the young woman she knew as Aunt Betty, the woman wh... more

  • Black's Beach Shuffle

    by Corey Lynn Fayman

    Rolly Waters is a recovering rock musician and part-time private eye. One night his band performs at a blowout party for, a fast-rising Internet startup that has the city of San Diego talking. When Rolly returns after hours to retrieve his guitar from the host’s mansion, he finds a dead body floating in the swimming pool. His discovery sets in motion a series of intrigues that drag him into the surreal world of culture, as well as the dark heart of his own uneven pas... more

  • Border Field Blues

    by Corey Lynn Fayman

    Murder, sex, politics, and classic rock guitar collide in this original and compelling mystery set in the backcountry along the San Diego-Tijuana border, when a violent encounter between a young border-crosser and an angry bandit creates a secret and shocking bond between the boy and the bandit’s dumbfounded daughter. But when recovering guitarist and reluctant private detective Rolly Waters arrives at Border Field Park early one morning, he’s only there to help his bird-watching ... more

  • Strokes of State

    by Bruce Abelman
  • West of Sin

    by Wesley S. Lewis
    Jennifer Williams hoped her budding relationship with her newly single boss would make this year’s real estate conference bearable. Then she caught her boss in bed with a coworker and sped off into the desert, leaving the conference, the hotel, and the Las Vegas Strip in her rearview mirror. Lost and alone, she stops for directions at a small-town truck stop and disrupts a robbery in progress. Her presence threatens to escalate the situation, until another bystander—a man running from his ow... more