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  • A Medium's Birthday Surprise (Becky Tibbs: A North Carolina Medium's Mystery Series Book 1)

    by Chariss K. Walker
    Becky Tibbs is a medium from Asheville, North Carolina. She helps ghosts with their unfinished business and is very good at her job. Nothing much can surprise her, but on her 26th birthday, Becky gets the surprise of her life. Join Becky as she solves ghostly mysteries in this clean, cozy mystery.
  • Hard Cider Abbey

    by K.P. Cecala
    Deep in the heart of West Virginia’s Appalachians, a tiny monastic community with medieval French roots is known locally for the deliciously fermented cider it produces. But when a beloved older member is found dead in nearby Heart-Break Forest, the abbey’s youngest and lowliest monks—Brothers Emerick and Odo—find themselves unraveling an ugly secret that could impact not only their lives, but the future of their abbey. Hard Cider Abbey is a classic who-dun-it in a contemporary setting, suitable... more
  • Wrath Of The Jaguar Man (The Curse Of Inca Gold Book 2)

    by J.A. Kalis
    A fast-paced treasure hunting adventure full of unexpected twists and turns that will take you on a roller coaster ride into the depths of the Amazon jungle, to Paris and harsh, semi-arid plains of south western Spain. When Didier embarks on a quest to recover a stolen artefact, a mysterious golden figurine which belonged to the Jaguar Man, a once powerful sorcerer in the great Inca Empire, he makes another stunning discovery. Meanwhile in Ecuador, a group of ruthless treasure hunters sets ... more
  • Terminal Rage

    by A.M. Khalifa
    A suspected terrorist with a deadly score to settle cons the US government to do his job for him.
  • The Right to Life (A Casey Cort Novel Book 6)

    by Aime Austin
    What wouldn’t a woman do for her daughter? Ready to start a new practice free from the stress and moral ambiguity of criminal law, Casey Cort accepts lucrative referrals from the Hudson Adoption Agency. But when she’s ready to finalize her first adoption, she learns the child’s origins are murky… After escaping a brutal home life, Alile Rubidari is denied asylum in Britain. To avoid being deported to Africa, she ventures into the shady world of illegal au pairs. But when she comes to care ... more
  • Rise of the Taishaku

    by W. Lee Radcliffe
    An operation to break up a major smuggling ring that supplies hard currency and cutting-edge missile technologies to the North Korean regime goes horribly wrong. The event rocks Japan which, in the midst of a political transition, finds itself the target of Pyongyang's increasingly hostile words and actions. And for Trinh Archer, the American operative who spearheaded the effort, and for her Japanese partner Ryutaro Nishi, the failure becomes deadly personal. Meanwhile, Wilson Bennett, the US... more
  • Relentless

    by Mike McCrary
    He had the time of his life. Then it turned into a nightmare. Davis Briggs is a kind-hearted family man who dreams of building a better life for his wife and two beautiful daughters. With his family’s future at stake, Davis travels to LA to promote a new business. While he tries to unwind at the hotel bar, a slick, charming stranger asks Davis one simple question: “Are you ready to have the time of your life?” Davis wakes up the next morning with no memory of what happened the night before... more
  • Cry Baby Cry: A Street Stories Suspense Novel (Volume 4)

    by Debra R. Borys
    “Run, Bella, run.” Joy at seeing her disappear in the darkness. Joy and loss that they would never see each other ever again. “Lily, go.” Zara’s bound hands pushing her forward. “Run. Now. Be brave for the baby.” Then bloody fingers spreading across white cotton. These are the last memories of Lily May Beckett as she escapes her father’s domination, but she can never be free from the trauma of what he has done to her. Lily tried to be a good girl and change her ways, but when the path to forg... more
  • Box of Rain: A Street Stories Suspense Novel (Volume 3)

    by Debra R. Borys
    Cousins Shorty Davis and Booker T Brooks grew up in pretty much the same circumstances: single mother, too many siblings crowded into a small ghetto apartment. So what makes one kid choose violence as his method to survive living on the streets and the other choose education? Chicago reporter Jo Sullivan doesn't know or have time to worry about it. She's dealing with her own issues when her estranged father comes to Chicago to participate in a cancer clinical trial. When a severed head turns up ... more
  • Bend Me Shape Me: A Street Stories Suspense Novel (Volume 2)

    by Debra R. Borys
    Snow Ramirez hasn’t trusted anyone in a very long time, not even herself. Memories of her childhood on Washington’s Yakama Reservation haunt her even on the streets of Chicago. When her squat mate Blitz slits his own throat in front of her, she knows it’s time to convince someone to trust her instincts. Blitz may have been diagnosed bi-polar, like Snow herself, but no way would he have offed himself like that if the shrink he’d been seeing hadn’t bent his mind completely out of shape. Normally s... more
  • Painted Black: A Street Stories Suspense Novel

    by Debra R. Borys
    Jo Sullivan just wanted some new material for her column in Winds of Change, a weekly rag willing to dust the dirt off the seamier side of Chicago. Then she meets fifteen-year-old Lexie Green, with her haunting eyes, eerie tale, and the terror that sends the girl fleeing into the night. When Lexie disappears, Jo finds herself haunted by her own dark past and unable to ignore the anonymous faces of youth on the streets, Together with Cry, a street graffiti artist and friend of Lexie, Jo uncovers ... more
  • What Lies Beyond the Fence

    by L. C. Hayden
    For Bronson, this was going to be an easy assignment. Find Roger and Norma, the teens that stole an important book and return it to its original owners. But when Bronson locates the book, Roger reveals the truth behind the book’s existence—a truth so shocking that Bronson is forced to help them escape. Then Ellen, his partner’s ex, gets kidnapped and Bronson is forced to decide who he will save: Ellen or two stranded teenagers who depend on him for their survival. Who will he choose? His decis... more
  • Rally on Two

    by Scott Zucker
    In Rally on Two, Hank Bennett was happily married with a young child until he loses everything in a devastating accident. While trying to cope with the realities of his new life, Hank is also trying to manage an ongoing law practice. While struggling to make it day to day, he is assigned a pro bono criminal case where a young boy is fighting to prove his innocence and he takes on a whistle-blower case which may finally provide the answers to explain a family’s untimely death. Hank’s chance at re... more
  • Crossing the Line

    by Ellen Wolfson Valladares
    Laura, who died thirty years ago, enlists the help of a tenacious high school reporter named Rebecca, who is very much alive. Rebecca, although skeptical and conflicted by her supposed encounters with a spirit, determines to learn the truth about Laura’s tragic death. As the clues unravel and their worlds collide, Rebecca finds herself at a dangerous crossroads. Laura, now pulled back into everything she left behind when she died – her old high school and memories of her life and death—has ... more
  • Something Fishy: A Sanibel Island Mystery (Sanibel Island Mysteries) (Volume 2)

    by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff
    When reporter Guin Jones's ex-husband shows up on Sanibel Island, she knows there's something fishy going on. Indeed, within 24 hours of Art's arrival for a sales conference and fishing expedition, his rival disappears and Art becomes Suspect #1. And it's up to Guin to keep him out of jail -- and out of her bedroom. Can she do it? The second book in the Sanibel Island Mystery series, SOMETHING FISHY once again features modern-day Nancy Drew Guin Jones, her sometime nemesis, Detective William... more
  • A Shell of a Problem: A Sanibel Island Mystery (Sanibel Island Mysteries) (Volume 1)

    by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff
    The first book in the Sanibel Island Mystery series, A SHELL OF A PROBLEM introduces readers to investigative reporter Guin Jones, who has left cold, gray New England and a failed marriage for warm, sunny Sanibel Island, Florida, along with her two faithful feline companions, Flora and Fauna. But all is not sunshine and seashells on Sanibel. And soon Guin is hot on the trail of a priceless missing mollusk and a murderer. Along the way she finds buckets of shells and suspects and a little romance... more