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  • The Place We All Go

    by Blair Black

    “Sometimes, it’s not about forgiveness—it’s about revenge.”

    FOR JESLY ALLBROOK, a promising district attorney in downtown Dallas, it’s been one helluva year. Between being plagued by a malevolent voice riding shotgun in her head and burying the client she and her ex murdered, life can’t get any worse.

    So when an assassin foils Jesly’s would-be-suicide by shooting her off the rooftop of Dalla... more

  • The Happy Month

    by Marshall Thornton
    In the third book of the Dom Reilly series, Dom is happy. He and his boyfriend, Ronnie, are working on the co-op they recently bought, he has good friends, and things at The Freedom Agenda are working out well. Having decided to take the Larry Wilkes case, he and attorney Lydia Gonsalez need to find a way to get their client out of prison. Meanwhile, attorney Edwin Karpinski asks Dom to look into a fifty-year-old murder. While juggling the two cases, he also deals with a nagging injury, a surpri... more
  • The Mountain Mystic

    by Russell W. Johnson
    Since succeeding her dearly departed husband, Bill, to become Jasper County’s first female sheriff, Mary Beth Cain has closed more cases than any three of her male predecessors combined. But nobody bats a thousand in the cop game. Nobody. And, ovaries aside, Mary Beth knows she’s no different. There’d been a handful of unsolveds during her tenure, victims and families denied their justice, and each and every one of them gnaws at her soul. She thinks about them late at night as she sips her whisk... more
  • Cost of Malice

    by H. Mitchell Caldwell
    Dive into a thrilling legal drama in which prosecutor Jake Clearwater navigates murder, morality, and justice. It is a must-read for mystery fans. Follow a riveting tale set in the heart of the criminal justice system, where the brutal murder of Tracie Switzer plunges seasoned prosecutor Jake Clearwater into a vortex of legal battles and ethical quandaries. As Clearwater delves into the complexities of the case, he confronts the harsh realities of law and order, challenging his beliefs a... more
  • The Highway Gray

    by Kyle J. Brown
    Forging a deep friendship with a wise and ancient raven, a young loner unwillingly leaves behind the familiar in both time and space, embarking upon the journey of a lifetime, in search for the truth.
  • Mine: Untold Secrets

    by William Davis
    Laura Martial and her two daughters, Adrienne and June receive word that her estranged aunt Katie has died under suspicious circumstances, and Laura is her sole heir. Katie’s wrecked truck had been discovered by a young man from the Farmer’s Cooperative, but it takes a small group of searchers to find her body in the woods of her remote western farm. Unknown to Laura, Lloyd, a local hunter and poacher, aids in the search and is attacked by a strange primate species none of the other searchers... more
  • A Lie for a Lie

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    Gripping—Twisting—Shocking An action-packed thriller that keeps you guessing until the end Boyfriend cheating? A bully wreaking havoc? A classmate plagiarizing? Don’t get mad. Get @Revenge. At Milford High, if you’ve got a problem, message @Revenge, and they will take care of it with an embarrassing public comeuppance. But when the school’s star basketball player falls victim to a dangerous prank orchestrated by Revenge, the consequences are life-threatening. Sabrina Richards, ambitious M... more
  • Farewell Performance

    by Donna Huston Murray

    Returning home to star in a movie about going home, Jan Fairchild stirs up old resentments galore. When the actress is found dead the morning after a nostalgic pajama party, several of her former high-school girlfriends become suspects—including Ginger Barnes. The homicide specialist the police bring in seems unusually eager for the amateur sleuth’s observations. Is that because she's his #1 suspect?

  • Alone Along Writers' Roads

    by Tom Wood
    In Chicago, Davis Quigley has grown tired of his career as a beat broadcast reporter where the story rarely changes, and lands a publishing deal for his debut novel that aims to question the ultimate purpose of justice. Meanwhile Catherine Dallas’s first novel becomes a best seller practically overnight while she is still attending college in Massachusetts– launching her into the national spotlight. Over in Connecticut, Brady Harvey writes a self-published memoir while serving a prison sentence.... more
  • Year of the Rippers

    by Gary Genard
    Jack the Ripper was the ultimate killer. Or was he? This is the shocking novel that reveals the truth about the world's most famous murders.
  • Doctor Lucifer

    by Anthony Lee
    During a global cyberattack, a computer hacker tries to kill a doctor's patients, just by remotely altering medical records. Dr. Mark Lin, a proficient but cynical and disillusioned internist, is the target of this scheme, scrambling to avert one medical crisis after another with the help of the hospital's IT specialists.
  • Exposure

    by Jan Sayer
    Nova Scotia - Canada - October 2012 'a cold place to die' One morning David Kettle finds a woman unconscious in the snow in his garden. As she is rushed to the hospital in a coma, he struggles to figure out why she was there and whether he knows her – something he must do quickly, as time is running out and evidence is mounting up against him. The focus changes abruptly when the police discover a link between David and the woman. Can David prove he is innocent before his life is shattered... more
  • The Fall and Rise of Henry Milch

    by Marshall Thornton
    In the third book of the Wyandot County Mystery series, Henry is very excited: He’s just bought a car—and his old roommate in Los Angeles wants to get an apartment with him. But then, when he stops in at his doctor’s to pick up an Oxy prescription (he’s titrating down, honest), he accidentally trips and falls on the doctor’s corpse. That leads to his being a person of interest in the murder. Now he has to clear his name before he can even think about returning to LA. As he does, he has to ... more
  • Parallel Circuit

    by Wanda Vargas
    When Detective Castiel (Cast) Chavez discovers that one of his cases has been published as a fiction novel, he sets out to find the author. Furthermore, the novel reveals missing details of an unsolved murder plot that he can use to finally close the case. What Cast does not know is that author Achaia Imala is a clairvoyant cursed with visions of crimes as they happen. Tormented by what she sees, Achaia has closed herself to the world and her only means of support are the novels she writes based... more
  • Sniper's Day

    by Dave Lager
    Outgunned and outclassed, Ro Faces Her Deadliest Adversary Yet On the books, Airman First Class Wade Meese was ‘only” an Air Force counter sniper assigned to protect the giant Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan. Off the books, he was one of the deadliest and most feared shooters in that war torn hellhole. Most of his eighty-plus kills went unconfirmed because he operated alone and in places he was never officially in. The Taliban-sponsored drug smugglers who were his targets along ... more
  • Rise and Fall of FAVOS (ISBN-13 979-8883956101)

    by Author Lucy Brown Rise and Fall of FAVOS on AMAZON Books, page 129 The goals: Clearly defined, each with a specific timeline for achievement. The Strategies: The approaches they've taken to edge closer to their aspirations. The Outcomes: Recorded with unflinching honesty, documenting both triumphs and trials. The Reflections: A dedicated space to ponder the journey's lessons and the progress made. Evenings are filled with the acknowledgment of small victories and the constructiv... more