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  • Night Sweats: How Moral Philosophy Failed

    by Michael Bernhart
    Sally and Max Brown are faced with two of the most difficult adversaries they've had to combat: cancer and a gang of ruthless criminals who harvest and trade in human organs. The action takes place in Switzerland, Jordan, and France.
  • Ms. Dee Ann Meets Murder

    by Patsy Pridgen
    New to the small town of Narrow Creek, Dee Ann Bulluck feels doomed to a life of genteel poverty and boredom--until the murder of the town's two-timing, drug-dealing playboy. Tempted by the $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case, she decides to investigate. Searching for the killer's identity, Dee Ann finds more than she anticipated, including her niche in Narrow Creek.
  • The Colony

    by Nanette L. Avery

    They weren't always friends, not until they found out they had something in common. And then they started to wonder; how many others were like them; others with the same secret. That's how it started, with a secret, and then it grew into The Colony. So begins the tale of a boy, Yoshi, a girl, Saachi, and their caricature of a mother, they call Henrietta. But behind the closed doors of what appears to be an ordinary row house on an ordinary street, the reader finds the children's s... more

  • Guilty Knowledge

    by Linda Griffin
    She’s a witness. She may be lying. And he’s falling in love with her. Detectives Jesse Aaron and Camille Farris have no leads in the murder of Rosa Logan when pretty blonde Sariah Brennan claims to have seen the killer—in a vision. Unfortunately the man she identifies is dead—or is he? Sariah is an unsophisticated small town girl, but her background and her motives are mysterious Jesse is increasingly convinced that she has guilty knowledge of the crime, even as he finds himself more an... more
  • Missing Uncle Izzy

    by Wendy Milton
    Where is Ben Faversham's uncle? What happened to the students who vanished whilst treasure hunting at Farewell Manor? Can Ben solve the mystery of what happened to the manor's owner, Alfie Henderson, who disappeared without a trace in 1983?
  • Finding Cathcart: Book Five of Zach's Story

    by Wendy Milton
    Zach visits Shady Glades Rest Home and meets the mysterious Mr Cathcart, who's suffering from amnesia. Who is he? Can Zach and his friends unlock the secrets of this old man's past? What dangers may lurk there?
  • Vendetta When Vengeance Wasn't Enough

    by Frank McRae
    After solving two of the most challenging cases of his career, Lieutenant Ed Cassidy finds himself, his wife and young son at the center of a vicious plot to avenge the horrific loss of a loved one. The maniacal chemical engineer, Melanie Taylor, was brutally murdered short of exacting her brand of vengeance, on those she held responsible for killing the object of her affection. Now the deep love and bond known only by close identical twins is the driving force behind the surviving sister’s hei... more
  • The Russian Heist

    by Robert White
    A Russian thug from New York City waits for word from his crime family that it’s safe to return to “Little Odessa.” Bored with hiding out in the rustbelt Midwest, he discovers a plot to rob a county airport where millions in in small denominations sit shrink-wrapped and bundled on pallets waiting for military transport planes to fly in and deliver the money to some of the darker corners of the Mideast. The mastermind of this audacious enterprise is the “inside man,” a disgruntled armored-car gua... more
  • Dead Cat Bounce

    by Robert White
    Butchie Parmenter is in big trouble. A housing inspector for the city of Brockton, Massachusetts, he’ll turn a blind eye to some slumlord’s code violation now and then, but this is murder—and he’s in it up to his eyeballs. When he agreed to help Odraye Suggs, a so-so professional boxer and part-time drug dealer, look for some hidden cash rumored to be hidden in a building he condemned, he didn’t expect to find it so fast tucked in shoeboxes behind an old refrigerator. He certainly didn’t expect ... more
  • The Case of the Wrong Cream and Echoes from Cape Verde and America

    by Tiffany Silva
    Born in the USA on July 4, 1945, from parents from the Cape Verde Island, it was hard for Tiffany to go unnoticed in life. Although of extraordinary beauty, she never placed importance on her physical appearance but rather on inner qualities, qualities she had to learn to refine and renew in order to survive on three continents. She learned the infinite and free gift that the Creator has given to each and every person: the ability to be born again an unending number of times, and that through pa... more
  • Inside the Walls Ray's Story Tax Fraud: Book 2

    by Sylvia Russell
    Ray a reputable Certified Public Accountant with his own business is manipulated into helping Jason open a Tax Preparation Firm.Jason Librarian at the Local Correctional Facility along with inmate Christopher have a profitable business filing fraud tax returns. Ray is innocent and vows to clear his name while serving time for a crime he didn't commit. Can he prove he is innocent and negotiate a early release? What will the effects be on his family. What will he return home to?
  • Will's Adventure to the Candy Mountain

    by Dr. Gerry Haller
    Will's Grandmother has told him about the Candy Mountain since he was small child; One night Will is awakened by the conductor of a train, He is told to hurry and get ready to catch the train. What train? The train to the Candy Mountain of course.On the train he meets a boy named Quin, and the decide to go on the adventure together, Will can hardly believe he is going to the Candy Mountain. Together there are many decisions to make. Each one is more mysterious then the last What wi... more
  • Condor (Miranda Chase #3)

    by M. L. Buchman
    The Antonov AN-124 Ruslan “Condor”—the heavyweight champ among production cargo jets. Russian tanks, American firefighting helicopters, rescue submersibles, satellites, city-sized power transformers...the Condor hauls them all over the world. But when one lifts a top-secret payload rated as too dangerous, the US government decides it must take action. Untraceable action. Call Delta Force? SEAL Team Six? No. They call Miranda Chase, lead crash investigator for the National Transportation ... more
  • Thunderbolt (Miranda Chase #2)

    by M. L. Buchman
    The best ground-attack support fighter jets ever built—the A-10 Thunderbolt “Warthogs”—are falling out of the sky. The Air Force brass repeatedly schemes to decommission this low-tech jet. They’ve been blocked by soldiers, pilots, and Congress…so far. The “Hog” lies at the crux of a high-tech struggle for power. An interagency skirmish that now rapidly descends into a battle fought on a global scale. Miranda Chase, air-crash savant for the National Transportation Safety Board, and her team... more
  • The Last Disciple

    by James Holmes
    The Time is Near. The last thing Special Forces operator John Sunday expected to find taped to the body of a dead terrorist was a woman's portrait. The last thing Kat Devier expected to find beneath the paint was a lost gospel claiming the body of Jesus Christ is in a cave in Jordan. The clues lead to a cold, clay jar sealed in mud and kept hidden in the darkness for thousands of years. But what’s inside? And why does a man who cannot die walk the earth in search of it? The Last Discipl... more
  • "Will's Adventure to the Candy Mountain"

    by Dr.Gerry Haller
    Will's grandmother has told him about the Candy Mountain, a reward for very good children, since he was a small child. One night he is awakened by the Conductor of a train, "Get up Will we must hurry to catch the train." He meets a boy named Quinn and they head off to an adventure that has many surprises, mysteries, and decisions to make. What will they find? What decisions will they have to make?