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  • The Redcap: A Sam McKay Novel

    by K.M. Hardy
    Sampson Angus McKay and his team are back to work: when a friend of Director Copper’s asks for their help in solving the murder of the beloved Annabelle Matheson, the team assumes this cold case will be a simple open and shut matter. As they investigate, they meet the inscrutable thief Charlotte Whitney, who has a secret just as checkered as her profession. With her reluctant help, the team learns that there is more to the murder than they initially expect, which leads them to William ‘The Redca... more
  • Wolfe Trap

    by Matt Cost
    Wolfe Trap is Cost’s debut novel in a new series surrounding a PI, Clay Wolfe, in the fictional coastal town of Port Essex, Maine. Instead of a large white shark threatening the populace, it is heroin being smuggled through lobster traps that is endangering the town. What evil lurks in Port Essex, Maine? Clay Wolfe is a former Boston homicide detective who has left the police department to return home to Maine to care for his elderly grandfather and open a private detective agency. Haunted... more
  • Trail of Deception

    by C.L. Brees
    THE CORONER RULED HER DEATH A SUICIDE. UNFORTUNATELY, THINGS IN CEDAR LAKE ARE NEVER SO CLEAR-CUT. Lindsay Ross. The outspoken, hold-nothing-back school newspaper editor had dirt on everybody in the little Saskatchewan town. The girl with an endless list of invisible enemies. The girl DS Anderson and Gemma found hanging in the sawmill outside town on that May evening in 2009. Her death made front-page news for weeks, but she was just another grim case of suicide by the end of the investigatio... more
  • Where No Man Pursueth

    by Micheal E. Jimerson
    Young Ray Elliott comes of age in the South during segregation enforced by Jim Crow laws. The murder of a leading citizen presents him a series of fateful decisions, turning a hard scrabble farmer’s future like a kaleidoscope. He makes a fateful promise to protect a fugitive from lynching, whatever the cost. Meanwhile, bank president Richard Watersong uses the distraction of his father-in-law’s murder to embezzle money and abscond to Cuba with a pregnant girl named Queen. His disgra... more
  • moyroy1403

    by moy roy
  • Reservation for Murder: A Kyle Callahan Mystery

    by Mark McNease
    In the 6th book in the series, Kyle Callahan and his husband Danny Durban have decided to leave New York City to start a new life in the idyllic river town of Lambertville, New Jersey. They open a bed and breakfast, and soon discover that murder and mayhem are waiting to check in. There’s a writers conference in town, with big names and big egos heading for a clash—and a killing—of titans. No sooner has the ink dried on the guest registry than Kyle finds himself pursuing another murderer, this... more
  • Eye on the Prize: The Art of Deception

    by KC Avalon
    Tragedy strikes Marco's life and his dreams are shattered in the blink of an eye. Life gives him a second chance. His sense of entitlement allows him to believe that he deserves more than anyone else. Money, greed, and lies deceive everyone involved while Marco has his eyes on the prize.
  • A Lesson in Reunions and Murder

    by David Unger, PhD
    The seventh in the series takes place in Palm Springs, California, where the Inaugural Comedy Conference is underway and I've been asked to be a presenter. While murder is no laughing matter, plenty of people were enjoying themselves while I got tied up in trying to solve the mystery. 
  • One London Day

    by C.C. Humphreys

    July 30th 2018. It’s the hottest Summer in fifty years and Joseph Severin, a respectable North London businessman, has taken on a lucrative side job. He’s doing the books, old school, (because these days the only trail you can’t trace is a paper one) for a rogue MI5 outfit, the Shadows, headed by clever, psychopathic Sebastien. When the game is rumbled, he sends their hitman, Mr Phipps, to kill Severin and get those books back.

         &n... more

  • Faithless: A Jane Doe Thriller (Jane Doe Cycle Book 1)

    by Steven Ramirez
    In a secret lab, a woman awakens from a bizarre dream. She’s alone, immersed in a tank with wires and tubes. The other test subjects are dead—drowned in black water. Her only memory is dying from her wounds during a night raid in Afghanistan. Something brought her back, uninjured. Men in gray suits try to end Jane. Each time they shoot her, she heals. Leaving a trail of bodies, she runs. Now, she must discover who these men are and why they want her dead. But a debilitating fever rages inside Ja... more
  • Project Renaissance: White Wings

    by Brian Gates
    Detective Booker Vaux arrives home to discover his family has vanished without a trace. No DNA has been found by forensics, and no one witnessed the crime. Aided by an Anonymous hacker, a conspiracy emerges that points to Solis—the largest corporation in existence and creator of the AOL, a contact lens that augments reality—as the perpetrator. With questions of how and why Solis would kidnap his family wracking his brain, Booker heads west with his partner Sam to uncover the mystery. The gamb... more
  • A Mistake Incomplete

    by Lorenzo Petruzziello
    A NEO-NOIR CAPER SET IN MODERN-DAY MILAN. An incompetent thief makes another attempt at burglary. A hopeless bartender struggles to manage her last patron. The pair reluctantly work together to figure out why a man they presumed dead may have returned, while a lonely tourist inadvertently gets in the way.
  • The Export

    by JK Kelly
    Matt Christopher was an FBI Special Agent with an incredible intuition and a passion for going after abusers of any kind. Once his pursuits took him too close to the richest and most powerful in Washington he was given a choice - face a conviction and jail time for a crime he didn't commit or leave the country and work overseas. That was the day he became THE EXPORT. On a personal excursion to see Base Camp on Everest his talents are put to use when a murder is discovered but weather and an ... more
  • The Tenant

    by Keith Veverka

    For Alex Mason, the landlord of a luxury apartment complex in northwest Philadelphia, his newest tenant, a professional young woman with excellent references, is almost too good to be true -- a stroke of good luck.

    But then, as a series of mysterious incidents unnerve the other residents and cause damage to the property, Alex suspects his perfect tenant is the culprit.

    Hindered by the state's laws and lacking evidence for law enforcement to intervene, he undertakes his own inv... more

  • Hiding in Plain Sight

    by Lorhainne Eckhart
    A long-buried secret that was never meant to be uncovered could suddenly put a target on both Detective Mark Friessen and Billy Jo McCabe.
  • When the Luck Runs Dry

    by Stephen Hayes
    Given up for dead, Patrick Farley returns home to pay a gambling debt to the Mob, but finds he’s been framed for murder. His luck’s run dry so he makes his own, and it becomes a dangerous game filled with sex, drugs, violence and betrayal. Can he hold on to the beauty he also finds waiting for him here in the heart of this broken- down city, and follow its path back home?