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  • The Other People: This Is My Friend, My Good Friend

    by Thomas Jewusiak
    Two men and a woman are waiting in a large modern conference room for a fourth person who is late. They are in a bit of a panic because he has never been late before. This fourth person, as the play develops, seems to be someone of immense power upon whom they are dependent for their own authority. As each of these characters in his own way breaks down certain unpleasant truths emerge further fueling their disintegration
  • Taker of Lives

    by Leslie Wolfe


    How can you outrun a killer you won’t see coming?

    They are the most violent, blood-thirsty, and vicious of criminals. While hunting for them, FBI profilers call these monsters UNSUBS, short for unknown subjects of ongoing investigations. At any given time, in the United States there are more than fifty serial killers at large, preying on vulnerable, unsuspecting victims. 

    Until yesterday,... more


    by Chris Bauer
    Whatever happened to Jane Roe's baby? Norma McCorvey, of Caddo-Comanche heritage, did not terminate the pregnancy that led her to become the anonymous plaintiff of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court women's rights case Roe v Wade because in 1971, when the motion was first argued, abortion in the U.S. was illegal. The Jane Roe real-life child would now be a woman in her late forties, the potential of her polarizing celebrity unknown to her. A religious rights splinter group has blackmailed its way i... more
  • Deadly Frost

    by TJ Shipley
    Deadly Frost is a very dark high-octane thriller about a delusional serial killer with a mission and the man who got in his way. Captain Talus Frost, (Frosty), an Air Force flyer and part-time martial arts instructor ends up fighting for his life when he interrupts hulk-sized serial killer, David Allen Zane, (Daz) in the process of kidnapping his next victim during an attack on Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska. Daz is a psychopath who believes bringing death is his destiny, and gift. When Fr... more
  • Fast Bang Booze

    by Lawrence Maddox
    After seeing Frank deliver an impressive ass kicking in a bar fight, Russian mobster Popov hires him to be his driver. What Popov doesn't know is that when Frank is sober, he's inhumanly fast, deadly, and mute; when Frank is on the sauce, he's a useless twenty-something wiseass. Double-crossed in a drug deal gone bad, Frank and Popov have one night to recover their stolen cash or get wiped off the map. Frank's special abilities put him in the spotlight, and he struggles to keep it all togethe... more
  • Story Time with Ava

    by Ann Deprés

    Story Time with Ava is a collection of thirteen short, suspenseful tales written for Ann's animated youtube series also titled, "Story Time with Ava." 

  • Faceless

    by Ann Deprés
    Just as 'Ignorance of the law' will land you in jail, naively rousing ‘malign spirits’ will unleash hell. A lesson that Bella, a native Michigander, learns firsthand when she ends up caught in the cross-hairs of a ‘psychotic apparition’ with a murderous appetite.
  • Innocence

    by Mireille Pavane

    “Who am I, detective? A principal? An accomplice? An accessory? Or innocent?”

    A long time has passed since heiress Claire Leighton left the cocoon of her idyllic childhood. Yet the tendrils of the past still linger. Old sins, as they say, cast long shadows—and the innocent are as much in danger as the guilty of being ensnared in the tangled web of love, greed, lies, wickedness, and murder.

  • The Organ Growers: a novel of surgical suspense (McBride #2)

    by Richard Van Anderson
    In the second book of the McBride trilogy, Dr. David McBride enters the story having committed an egregious act that transgresses both moral and civil law. Left with no semblance of a normal life—his family, freedom, and humanity stripped away—he resigns to accept his fate and face whatever punishment is forthcoming. But, David McBride is too valuable a commodity to languish in prison, and he soon finds himself caught between opposing forces—a corporate spy representing a Russian biotech firm, a... more
  • The Organ Takers: a novel of surgical suspense (McBride #1)

    by Richard Van Anderson
    Failed surgeon David McBride is in exile from the surgical community after making a costly error in judgment. Down but not out, he perseveres and is given a second chance to establish a career in surgery. But, as McBride stands on the threshold of a new life, the malignant underside of his fellow man intervenes. Under the threat of violence, David is forced to perform illegal organ harvests in a makeshift operating room hidden in a dilapidated meatpacking warehouse in lower Manhattan. Unable to ... more
  • Priceless: Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery & International Adventure Series

    by Paul Aertker
    This third installment in the international action-packed Crime Travelers series from Amazon-best-selling author Paul Aertker is a mind-opening adventure for elementary and middle-grade readers of Gordon Korman, James Patterson, and John Grisham. Lucas Benes faces his greatest challenge yet when he finds a secret message from his mother hidden inside a sunken cargo container. In a near-death scuba diving experience, Lucas and the New Resistance kids learn that Good Company CEO Siba Günerro —... more
  • Diamonds Are for Never: Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery & International Adventure Series

    by Paul Aertker
    The exciting sequel to the CRIME TRAVELERS SPY SCHOOL MYSTERY & INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURE SERIES | Also available: BOOK 1: BRAINWASHED & Book 3: PRICELESS After sabotaging a mass kidnapping in Paris, Lucas Benes faces a new and perilous threat from Siba Günerro and her anything-but-good Good Company. When a briefcase-toting kid from the Falkland Islands joins the New Resistance Spy School, 14- year-old Lucas learns the truth about his mother and becomes a boy on a mission. Lucas and... more
  • Brainwashed: Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery & International Adventure Series

    by Paul Aertker
    AR Points from Renaissance Accelerated Reader® Parents, teachers, and librarians will appreciate the worldwide geography and appropriate language for ages 8 – 14. BRAINWASHED marks the explosive beginning of the Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery and International Adventure Series! While sleeping on the roof of his father's hotel-spy school, thirteen-year-old Lucas Benes finds a baby alone and learns that the Good Company has restarted its profitable brainwashing business. Brainwashed (Crim... more
  • Murder at the People's Theater

    by Laura Shea
    Starting a new job in the producer’s office at the prestigious People’s Theater, Erica Duncan soon discovers that the position holds more drama than expected. In search of its next big hit, the theater is presenting Michelangelo: The Musical, focusing on the life and loves of the artist. When an unassuming co-worker is found murdered in the theater lobby, her body posed in a copy of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Man, this is the kind of publicity that the show does not need. At the People's ... more
  • Jear the Book

    by Germaine Foster
    Jear the Book is a growing global sensation about life as we know it! A fictional novel based on startling facts, it tells the story of Jear, a public defender that falls in love with a woman only to discover her warmth, touch and embrace leads him to a new realm. Jear lives his life, day to day before he slowly begins to notice that the symbol of being alive is a confirmation that he is in hell.
  • Fatal Flip. A Home Renovator Mystery

    by M. E. Bakos
    Flipping houses can be fatal! When Katelyn finds a dead body in her first renovation project, she seriously doubts her decision to "follow her bliss." After getting fired from her steady job, her plan to flip houses takes a hit when she becomes a suspect in the murder. After all, possession is nine points of the law, isn't it?. Especially, when it's a dead body. A light, humorous mystery with home improvement tips.