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  • High Ground

    by Richard Authier Lee
    A month ago, Margaret's husband left. A week ago, her father died in a car crash near his coastal Maine home. She has come to retrieve his dog and belongings and stepped into a war for this strange little town's soul.
  • Oriental Vagabonds: A Tale of a Far East Tramp

    by Richard Regan

    The eve of World War 2. Hitler is finalising plans for the conquest of Europe and flexing his muscles in Spain, while the Japanese are poised to invade China, and eyeing off the resources of the East Indies and Indochina to fuel their war machine.

    Dangerous times, but there are still profits to be made by men like hard-bitten Skipper Bill Rowden and his vagabond crew, as they work their aging tramp steamer around the treacherous waters of the Far East. Uncharted reefs, tropical storms, ... more

  • The Carlswick Mythology (The Carlswick Mysteries Book 5)

    by SL Beaumont
    When Syrian antiquities are stolen in the Greek Islands, Stephanie and James find their vacation interrupted as they help their archaeologist friends recover the treasures. With a crime syndicate also hunting for the relics, Stephanie becomes the target of their search. Too late, she realises there is more at stake than just two ancient artefacts.
  • Stranded in the Wild

    by Gary Rodriguez
    Arrowhead, advertised as “the safest adventure camp in America’s northwest.” But an overnight raft trip proves to be anything but safe. In this riveting story of survival, sacrifice, and friendship four teen strangers are tested in ways they could never have imagined. Now they must learn to work together to overcome challenges and danger at every turn.
  • The Blood

    by Nancy Jackson
    The blood drew her. The richness of the red, the thick fluidity, the touch. She was drawn to the blood. But the blood never lasted. It changed color and dried up. The feeling faded as the blood faded… A killer in need of blood, intelligent and controlled, left no trace for Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents Randy Jeffries and Carrie Border. The agents were seasoned professionals, but this case was testing their limits. With threads of their personal lives threatening to enta... more
  • Cooper's Revenge

    by T.L. Williams

    by Jude Wilde
    Human trafficking. Fatal secrets. Unspeakable murder. In this thrilling sequel to Prescient: The Knowing, danger returns to Chloe Roussel’s doorstep with a vengeance. Years have passed since the Cullen House murder. The events that took place on the California coast seem nestled safely in the past. But when a horrible accident changes the course of her future and threatens everything she’s worked so hard to build, Chloe is once again forced to play detective in a frantic hunt to find the person... more
  • Energy Fix

    by R Read
    Conspiracy Theory or Cover Up? Dodgy energy companies are the cause of dozens of wild fires and citizen deaths. When a man is found dead in the warehouse she used to work in, there is no reason for Fiona to think it has anything to do with her or the new job she has accepted. When an anonymous letter arrives in the mail warning her to get out, should she stay and tough it, out or take an unexpected offer of severance as hush money and run for it?
  • Holly Garden, Pi: Red Is for Rookie Handcuffed in Texas Series Book 1

    by Anne Greene


    Tracking a kidnapper is an unusual assignment for a private investigator. But Matt is Holly’s lifelong friend. During the race to save him, Holly discovers a lot more than she bargained for. Matt’s in love with her.

    Holly’s world has never been more dangerous. Her mother’s convinced Holly will end up dead, so she hires a PI to protect Holly. She needs Stryker’s savvy and expertise and is eage... more

  • Julius Katz and Archie

    by Dave Zeltserman
    The award-winning Julius Katz mysteries have delighted thousands of mystery fans since first appearing in the pages of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine winning a Shamus, Derringer and two Ellery Queen's Readers Awards. 'Julius Katz' introduced readers to Boston's most brilliant, eccentric and possibly laziest detective, Julius Katz, as well as his sidekick, Archie, a tiny marvel of whiz-bang computer technology with the heart and soul of a hard-boiled PI. Now in Julius Katz and Archie's first fu... more
  • The Interloper

    by Dave Zeltserman

    A dark tour de force of non-stop action and tension.

    In Part One, The Hunted, Dan Willis, unemployed and desperate,  is recruited by The Factory. Trained to hunt down and kill insurgents hell-bent on destroying the country, Willis methodically and efficiently performs his job. But there’s a dark secret behind The Factory, and when Willis discovers it no one is safe.

    In Part Two, The Dame, Dan finds himself a fugitive and on the run. When a misfit group of crimi... more

  • The Cat and the Canary

    by B.L. Higgins
    Just as things seem to be settling down for Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr. John Watson, a new, unexpected client appears,  bringing with her a different kind of case, and her own kind of trouble. It's been hard enough for Dr. Watson to acclimate to becoming a werehound. Now, he has to deal with a new, undesirable partner-in-crime in the form of a sassy cat who seems determined to take his place in Sherlock's regard. Can Sherlock and Dr. Watson overcome this new threat to their partnershi... more
  • The Adventuress and the Predator

    by B.L. Higgins
    A glamorous and wealthy heiress, who is being stalked, harassed, and threatened by a heartless predator, seeks out the assistance of Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr. John Watson, Consulting Detective Werefolk. Will they be able to find and stop the predator, or predators, and save the woman from a fate worse than death? And will the strain of the investigation cost them their friendship, their secret, or, even, their very lives?
  • A Most Dangerous Prey

    by B.L. Higgins
    In a London teeming with average human beings, there are, lurking in the shadows, another species of human; one that lives in secrecy and fear, prey to the human predators who stalk them for pleasure. Only only one man stands between them and extinction. Meet Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, who, alongside his faithful companion and flatmate, Dr. John H. Watson, continues to fight crime in his own inimitable way, but this time, with a twist. Predator and prey, hunter and hunted, stal... more
  • Tales of the Dragonfly Book I: In Tandem

    by Tamara Ferguson

    2015 NIEA Romance Finalist